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The ‘Life in Pictures’ short film competition is an innovative collaboration between the Department of Communities (Communities), arts, and the community to encourage discussion around ageism and to promote positive ageing.

Ageism refers to the stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel), and discrimination (how we act) towards others or oneself based on age. Ageism is everywhere, with studies showing that one in two people are ageist and anyone can be affected by it. This type of prejudice is also unique in that it can be self-directed.

This internalised ageism can prevent us from participating in activities. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’? Of course, you can! To age doesn’t mean that we stop doing. It brings experience and knowledge and a different perspective.

Thinking positively about ageing contributes to longevity, so changing the narrative on how we speak and behave to ourselves and to others, will benefit us all. Education and intergenerational activities both contribute to reducing ageism by highlighting the impacts of language and behaviour on a person’s wellbeing and by bridging the gap between generations.

The short films created for ‘Life in Pictures’ will help encourage discussion, interaction, and understanding about aspects of ageing and ageism, looking at the ways that ageism can be reduced, and bringing to light stories of ageing positively.

Project Co-Ordinator: Keith Smith

Entries will be received in three categories, with prizes tailored to each category:
  • 17 years old and under (either individual or group (school) winner)
  • 18-59 years old
  • 60+ years old

Entries Close on Friday 28 June at 5.00pm

  • Entries are restricted to Western Australian residents or registered organisations only.
    • Parties affiliated with Communities, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, the Office of the Minister for Seniors and Ageing, and sponsors of ‘Life in Pictures’ will not be eligible to enter.
  • There is no cost to enter.
  • All costs associated with the production of each entry are the entrant’s responsibility and cannot be claimed.
  • Entrants are responsible for clearance of any copyright or permissions relating to the film and its content, including filmed (actor) performance, archival images, sound effects and music.
  • Films of any type – for example, documentary, drama, animation, music video, or experimental – are welcomed.
  • Films must be a maximum of three minutes long including credits.
  • All films must be made specifically for the ‘Life in Pictures’ short film competition.
  • The film cannot have been commercially released or submitted to any other short film festival worldwide.
  • Entries are welcomed from individuals, groups and organisations including schools, local governments, retirement villages, aged care facilities, community groups, film schools, university groups, families and any other collective.
  • Films are to be submitted into only one of three age categories:
    • 17 years old and under (either individual or group (school) winner)
    • 18-59 years old
    • 60+ years old
  • Organisations should enter the category that best reflects the median age of the film’s production team.
  • Entries in the 17-year-old and under category require either parental/guardian permission and/or permission from the student’s school.
  • Multiple entries from groups or individuals are welcomed.
  • Revelation reserves the right to not consider films that include deliberate product placement/branding for an agenda for the financial gain of the company, this includes logos in credits (although written credit is acceptable) and ‘location’ product placement or any other visual representations.
  • Private or for-profit organisations are welcome to enter the ‘Life in Pictures’ short film competition.
    • Private or for-profit organisations are encouraged to consider donating prizes awarded through ‘Life in Pictures’ to a not-for-profit or community organisation.
  • All entries must be accompanied by an entry form to be considered.
    • If submitting multiple entries, each entry must include a separate entry form.
  • Entries must be submitted online using the submission panel below
  • Films in each category will be assessed by four judges, including a representative from Communities.
  • Each category will have a different judging panel.
  • Each judging panel will shortlist five films before selecting a winning entry for the nominated category.
  • Shortlisted films may receive additional awards at the discretion of Revelation and Communities.
  • With the selection structure, there will be up to six films provided with prizes.
  • Revelation, Communities, and the judges will strictly not engage in any correspondence regarding the selection process.
  • The winners of each category will be rewarded from a prize pool.
  • In the instance of a group entry being selected as a category winner it is the responsibility of the group to determine allocation of prizes between film participants.
  • Revelation reserves the right to award no prizes should overall entry quality be deemed to be below acceptable screening/content quality.
  • More prizes may be added throughout the call for entry period.
  • Shortlisted films in each category will be screened at a special presentation event during this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival.
  •  Shortlisted films will be made available in a special category on REVStream for up to three years post event.
  • All other submitted entries, with the exception stated below, will be viewable on REVStream for a minimum of 12 months. This period may be extended at the discretion of Revelation. 
  • Revelation and Communities reserve the right to exclude from REVStream any films which are deemed not to be in the spirit of the competition.
  • Revelation will provide entrant contact details of shortlisted films to Communities.
    • Entrant details will not be shared or given to any other organisation.
  • Ownership of the submitted films will be dually held between the entrant and Communities.
  • Entrants may enter their films in other film competitions after ‘Life in Pictures’.
  • Shortlisted films may be used in whole or in part by Communities in public education and exhibition programs for a period of three years post event. This includes on Communities social media and online platforms and at professional development events such as conferences.
    • Entrants will be notified of any intention to use films, either in whole or in part.
  • Usage outside of public education and exhibition programs, for example advertising, will be negotiated with the entrant on a case-by-case basis. No payment will be offered for this type of use.
  • Entrants may be requested to complete an evaluation survey by Communities regarding their involvement in the ‘Life in Pictures’ short film competition.
  • Unless opting out, entrant contact details will subscribe you to Revelation Film Festival monthly newsletters.
  • Winners in each category may be invited to take part in media opportunities.
    • Winners in each category may decline an invitation to participate in media opportunities.
    • People under 18 years of age, as entrants or winners, will require parental/guardian permission before participating in photographic or media opportunities.
  • Communities will announce winner’s names and publish this information on its website and social media channels as well as provide this information to the media. This information may also be published on the Revelation website.
    • Shortlisted films and entrant names may also be listed online.
  • All individuals and groups taking part in the competition are not authorised to release information on finalists or winners prior to Communities announcement.
  • All individuals and groups taking part in the competition should be mindful that their social media activity does not reflect negatively on the competition.
  • Films should be shot to the highest possible resolution with the available equipment – 1080 p High Definition video (1920 x 1080) is the preferred minimum acquisition resolution. Filmmakers should be aware that if their film receives an award, it will be shown on a cinema screen.
  • Films can be shot on any recording device – phone, tablet, DSLR, video camcorder or anything that can record and store a moving image.
    • Entrants are encouraged to finish their film on any editing software of their choice – from mobile phone solutions to professional editing platforms.
  • Revelation will undertake all necessary film classification paperwork and lodgement.
  • If selected as a shortlisted film in each category, filmmakers will be asked to supply at least two stills (one portrait and one landscape) from the film. These are best taken during the filmmaking process.
  • Once selected, shortlisted films should be supplied in a digital format to the highest possible resolution – 1080 p High Definition video (1920 x 1080) is preferred as minimum resolution.
    • Revelation will use these files to convert the winning films into cinema-ready files at no cost to entrants.
  • Revelation or Communities are not liable for any accident or other incident and/or liability related to the production of the film.


Filmmaking Basics with Life in Pictures Co-ordinator Keith Smith

Interested in joining the Life in Pictures conversation?  New to filmmaking, or need to brush up on some skills? The documentary form is easy to work with and doesn’t require an extensive filmmaking kit. Join Life in Pictures Co-ordinator Keith Smith as he draws on many years of teaching film practice to get you excited about docu-storytelling. Get some storytelling tips, hands-on practice and share your ideas with like-minded film adventurers. 


Storytelling for Life in Pictures with Keith Smith Tuesday 28 May 7.30pm – 8.15pm

New to filmmaking or just looking for some storytelling tips? Join Keith Smith for an introductory session and Q and A

Recommended viewing before the session:

Join with this link (click here)


Practical Documentary with Life in Pictures Co-ordinator Keith Smith Tuesday 4 June 7.30pm – 8.15pm

Learn the practical processes of documentary in the field

Recommended viewing before the session:

Join with this link (click here)



Tuesday 23 April 10am-12pm Joondalup Library

Saturday 27 April 10am-12pm Joondalup Library

Tuesday, 30 April 4pm-6pm Fremantle Public Library

Tuesday, 7 May 4pm-6pm Victoria Park Community

Saturday, 11 May 10am-1pm Fridays Studio 

Tuesday, 14 May 11am-1pm Maylands Library

Interested? Join The Competition!

Entries close Friday 28 June 2024 at 5.00pm

Please refer to the Conditions of Entry (click here) to confirm eligibility and other competition conditions.

For more info please e-mail: Keith Smith at 

Join the Facebook Group to chat more about the competition (click here)

STEP 1. Fill in this form. 

STEP 2. Please upload your film to Revelation’s WeTransfer site. Please name the file with the film’s title and enter the entrant’s name in the “Message” panel.

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