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For Revelation, films are a backdrop to a wider conversation.

Revelation commenced its formal life in 1997 in the basement back room of the Greenwich Club, Perth’s legendary jazz venue.

The festival was designed to showcase ideas “at the front of” contemporary independent films and find a place for them in a conservative cinema and social environment. Amongst the new works lived curated archival programs that highlighted pivotal – often hidden – creative points over the decades.

All were presented on very beautiful, very analogue 16mm from the back of the room. No projection room, no digital sound. Experimental idea, 1 person, 2, projectors and 12 films.

Today, the event includes over 200 international films presented at cinemas and bars across Perth and Fremantle. Combined with our moving image art collaborations at galleries across Perth and our XR:WA games and VR expo, Revelation attracts around 22,000 patrons in 5 days.

It sees over 500 films submitted for selection from local and international filmmakers and features world and Australian premiere films of all genres. It has a particularly strong representation in experimental and documentary films.

In 2014 Revelation introduced the monthly Australian Revelations program designed to explore the best in new and archival Australian Cinema.

Revelation maintains its focus on signature driven works and embraces audiences of all ages, tastes and backgrounds. Like the films it presents, the event maintains a vitality and enthusiasm for the industry quite unlike any other film festival in the country.

Since its creation, it has developed a reputation as Australia’s leading independent film event and continues to actively advocate for Australian screen culture practice in a still conservative exhibition environment.

It maintains an ethical partnership agenda, has an open mind and has a strong social justice program at its core. Rev is a registered non-profit organisation.

Finally, although no longer associated in anything more than spirit, we must acknowledge our founding sponsors REVelation Magazine and its Founder Peter Collins. As purveyors of counter and youth culture, REVelation Magazine maintained an energy and powerful connection with its readership, making it one of the country’s most progressive publications.

We are and have always been about cinema, ideas, politics, personality, history, access, equity and diversity.

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