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This month’s Australian Revelations celebrates the late, great John Clark in the classic piece of Australian cinema.

 Sam Neill and Zoe Carides stars alongside Clark in this story where the road to love is never smooth and where a strange trip down cemetery lane gives us one of Australia’s most memorable film sequences. Romance, crime and dry comedy abound in as Director John Ruane also sharply mixes more than a pinch of social commentary around multi-culturalism in Australia.

Join us for this special screening - they alway sell out and you'll be able to enjoy complimentary wine and nibbles!

Read more here.

Buy tickets here

Date: Monday May 29th

Place: Backlot Studios, 22 Simpson St, West Perth

Time: 6.30pm

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If you're wanting to submit work for consideration for our July edition it's too late! 

Entries have closed for the main program but we are accepting films in our Revel-8 Super 8  and Life in Pictures filmmaking competitions.

There's lots of great prizes to be won and lots of fun to be had.

Click here for Revel-8 details.

Click here for Life in Pictures details

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  • MAR


There's really only a matter of days to go before the close of our international Call For Entries - and we want yours!

We're getting films from the 4-corners of the globe including a notably large selection of experimental work which is great to see.

We're open for anything and a quick look at our archive will give you a great idea as to our taste and diversity.

If you're keen to enter we can't have made it easier by embracing the online submission portals of Withoutabox, Film Freeway and Film Festival Life

Alternately you can enter via our own secure online portal here or the old fashioned DVD way here.

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It's here and happening!

In a unique collaboration between the Department of Local Government and Communities, ScreenWest and Rev, the Life in Pictures filmmaking competition is designed to stimulate discussion and examine creative responses to ageing in the community.

We're looking for 2minute films across three categories - under 17, 18-59 and 60+ - that look at what ageing means and hopefully highlight some of the achievements and positive contributions seniors make in the community.

The brief is broad and entrant will be in the running to receive up to $6,000 in cash and prizes in each category. There's cameras, computers, editing software, Screen Forever Conference registrations to win and the list goes on...

Entries close May 31st so there's heaps of time to get get an entry to us. We welcome entries from community and other groups, schools, nursing homes and we welcome all perspectives from all backgrounds.

The winning films will be screened during the Revelation event in July and used in public education programs by the Department of Local Government and Communities - so lots of people will see your film.


Email us here or call 0448 007 233 for more information.

Take a peek at the Guidelines here  online.

Download the PDF of the Guidelines here.

Enter your film right here via our online entry portal if you've loaded it onto YouTube, Vimeo or another service.

Enter your film via Film Freeway which is a one-stop-shop of entry form and upload.

Download the entry form as an PDF that you can fill out online or with a pen (remember them?) if you want to send us something through the post.

Read all about it and see some examples of short films that deal with ageing here.


The Life in Pictures short film competition is a creative collaboration between the Department of Local Government and Communities, Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Screenwest




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We're out hunting for films and part of our program team is on the ground in Austin at SxSW to bring some of the brightest and best new US independent cinema to you hot out of the lab.

It's a fantastic program with a good contingent of Australian's including the great local number Hounds of Love.

We're big fans of this laid back but super busy event and can't wait to hit Perth audiences with some of that special and unique Austin style...

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  • FEB


One of our favourite Rev events is the Revel-8 Super-8 filmmaking competition. With nothing like it in Australia (that we know of) and one of the few Super-8 competitions in the world, Revel-8 is a collision of filmmaking and music composition using the most analogue of film formats as the medium.

Join the Analogue Renaissance and let Revel-8 help you enjoy the retro-splendour and tactile pleasures of grassroots celluloid filmmaking on cool Super 8 cameras.

“It’s a bit of a new era for film” says Revel-8 Director Keith Smith, “The recent excitement around celluloid in the Oscar nominations has got a lot of creatives thinking more widely about film as an artistic pallette. Super 8 is a great way to have the film experience, and Revel-8 is here to make that happen!”

We make the Super 8 journey easy by providing a film cartridge as part of the registration fee and providing advice and support.

Use the theme ‘Magic’ as a catalyst to tell your story ‘in-camera’ on a single 3.5 minute cartridge of Super-8 film, and the talented music composition students at the WA Academy of Performing Arts will create a music soundtrack for you.

Revel-8 films will premiere to their makers for the first time at Revelation Perth International Film Festival on Sunday 16th July 2017. Awards to be presented include Best Film, Best Music Soundtrack, Best Cinematography, Audience Choice and more!

Event and entry information can be found at here or email here for more information. Keep clicking here if you want to see the conditions of entry and click here for a Super 8 Help Guide.

A maximum of 25 entries can be accepted. Registrations open Monday 27th February and close Monday 5th June, 2017. Click here to register.

Subscribe to Revel-8’s YouTube channel here.

And join the Revel8 Super8 Film Fest Facebook group to keep up with the latest!

Proudly supported by


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Our Director is at it again blogging about the current state of affairs in the international distribution and exhibition sector. Netflix, Amazon, sales agents,'s all on.

Read his observations and predictions in this ongoing series.

Read his Cinema Wars blog here

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  • FEB


After a great start to the year for us with our sold-out Fringe World screenings we're prepping ourselves for our monthly Australian Revelations series...and to kick it off we're very pleased to announce our March screening - Chasing Asylum.

One of the most awarded, popular and widely seen Australian documentaries of recent years, Chasing Asylum is a blistering look at at the issue of asylum seekers, Australia's treatment of them and the inevitable enormous personal, mental and financial cost.

Directed by Oscar winner Eva Orner it's such an important issue and such an important film.

6.30pm, Monday March 27th
Backlot Studios
21 Simpson St, West Perth

Buy tickets here

Read about the film here

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We were super happy to be again part of the amazing Fringe World celebrations for 2017 with our presentation of the newly restored 70's David bowie/Nicholas Roeg classic The Man Who fell to Earth.

With a limited 3-session run and two sell-out houses in that, the film was also accompanied by a Bowie mini-photographic exhibition of portraits taken at the time - some even on set - of Bowie himself. These were incredible...the contrast and resolution were really something to behold! Very beautiful and very famous.

The event was so successful that we've nominated for a film and Multi-Media Award in the Fringe World Awards - for the second year running we might add.

If you want to take a look at some of the comings and goings, take a peek at our Gallery right here.

Read about the film here.

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Our Festival Director Richard Sowada has taken it on himself to start a film comment blog examining all elements of the sector with a special focus on distribution and exhibition. If you're a filmmaker you may be interested in his thoughts of how to make the film festival floor work in part 2 of his Film Festival Survival Guide.

There's all manner of tips and observations - one of which is bound to stick.

Read the blog here

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Our very own On Demand platform - REVonDEMAND - is really building a head of steam with excellent titles being added every month and for February we've got five and have lined up another 12 for March and April!

If you love documentary portraits, activism, cinema, conspiracy, music, gender and protest we've got them all! Take a look at these beauties:

We've also added a new category - Portraits & Biographies - that includes some really excellent and unique work.

Many of the titles available are only available through REVonDEMAND which we believe to one of the only portals for independent cinema like it anywhere in the world. 

We also believe REVonDEMAND represents one of the most accessible and comprehensive research portals for students and filmmakers internationally who may be wanting to explore films made that cover politics, conspiracy and counter culture, art, literature and cinema, gender and sexuality, music, horror and sic-fi and nearly 200 international short films.

Click here for the full catalogue.

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  • Jan


In collaboration with the Dept of Local Government and Communities and ScreenWest, we're proud to announce a new local filmmaking competition - Life in Pictures.

Rev's Mission Statement is "To make a difference" and through this collaboration we and you can!

Life in Pictures is centered on stimulating discussion about ageing, celebrating achievements of those who are ageing and diving into cultures who each have a different perspective on what it is to age. 

Relevance in the workforce, finances, living in a cashless society, sex and sexuality, relationships to family and community, housing, health care, vulnerability to elder abuse and myriad other forces come into play. Like-wise the contribution people who are now seniors make and have made in building the communities we inhabit globally and locally are not always acknowledged or recognised. Their stories of triumph, achievement and of course struggle are forces that surround them and inform us...and we want those stories and perspectives.

We'll be looking for 2-minute films shot on any format by any age in 3 categories - under 17, 18+ and 60+ with one winner in each. Our competition Ambassador - Perth theatre pioneer and 2016 Juniper WA Seniors Champion of the Year Jenny Davis - will also be making her own Ambassador's selection from each category. Six potential winners, a pool of prizes up to $20,000 value, winners screening during the 2017 Rev program and a very real contribution to the critical and creative health of our community...what could be better?

We also welcome papers in our academic component that deal with age and ageing in cinema.

Entries will open on February 28th and close May 31st - but you can start thinking about it now.

Click here for more information.

Click here to receive entry information as it comes to hand.

OR you can call Richard on 0448 007 233 if you want to talk specifics.


The Life in Pictures short film competition is a creative collaboration between the Department of Local Government and Communities, Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Screenwest



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For filmmakers the festival world may be filled with mystery, surprises, pitfalls and elements that confound logic. 

Rev's own Director and founder Richard Sowada has taken it upon himself to examine this world in a two part Film Festival Survival Guide blog. Part 1 looks at how you can best prepare yourself and tip things in your favour in the selection process. Part 2 looks at how to maximise your festival opportunity once you're in.

Take a look at Film Festival Survival Guide Pt 1: Know Your Festival right here.

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We've got a ton of titles arriving for our very own on demand platform REVonDEMAND and we're getting an amazing response internationally from what's available and it's unique approach.

REVonDEMAND is made up of as many films we've previously screened as we can possibly get hold of, many of them exclusive to this platform internationally. In sourcing the catalogue we deal directly with the directors, producers, sales agents and distributors and in may cases we're uncovering and making available films that haven't been seen for more than a decade. For many films that are already online we're linking to them in an effort to support the filmmakers but either way it's a truly excellent line-up.

For the festival and WA film industry REVonDEMAND also represents a unique locally based but international distribution and exhibition platform representing one of the best online collections of international independent cinema to be found anywhere.

January sees the addition of four documentary titles:

  • From internationally regarded filmmaker Kim Longinotto comes the great exploration of Japanese women's wrestling with Gaea Girls (main banner picture).
  • For lovers of pop-culture you can't miss with Ron Mann's fab look at the life and times of 'Big Daddy' Ed Roth Tales of the Rat Fink.
  • For lovers of film itself is the definitive portrait of legendary experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage in the film Brakhage.
  • And for lovers of music comes Kevin Barker's great look at life on the road with The Family Jams.

Click right here to see the full catalogue.

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  • Dec


Our Academic component is one of the fastest growing elements of the event embracing delegates from around the country and around the world so it's with enormous pleasure we welcome Murdoch University on board as 2017 Revelation Academic presenting partner.

Rev is Australia's only international film festival to host and encourage academic discussion alongside its screening program and an important platform in film discussion and analysis in this country.

In association with Murdoch this year's conference is scheduled for Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 July (All day events). If you'd like to register your interest in presenting a paper click right here. You don't have to a student or academic to present so if you'd just like to talk about and present your ideas you're more than welcome.

As a very special addition to celebrate our 20th anniversary, RevAcademic participants are invited to attend an Industry Soiree post conference on 11 July followed by a complimentary film screening in the evening. We would love you to join us! Details to come...

Revelation Academic presented in association with Murdoch University

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  • Dec

5 new rev on demand titles arrive for december

REVonDEMAND is the only tailor-made portal to international independent cinema associated with a film festival you'll find in the country - and it just keeps growing.

We're over the moon to announce the inclusion of 5 new titles for December that embrace documentary, comedy, sic-fi, fantasy, Nazis, robots, sex and sexuality, screen history, semiotics and subversive politics. Straight off the bat we have Caveh Zahedi's two film fest hits I Am a Sex Addict and The Sheik and I, Beth B's no-holds-barred look at burlesque in Exposed, the fantastic analysis of contemporary cinema in The Pervert's Guide to Ideology and the always surprising Aussie sci-fi/fantasy The 25th Reich.

The REVonDEMAND catalogue features 250+ short, feature, documentary, animation and experimental works with more than 60 exclusive to this site. All titles have previously appeared in the Rev program including a sizeable number of locally produced works. It represents an utterly unique initiative associated with any film festival on the planet and a great resource for filmmakers, students, academics and film lovers of all sorts.

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  • Nov


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND is getting bigger by the month and November is no exception.

While we're about to announce a ton more titles in the coming months we're overjoyed to announce the inclusion of two Australian and two international features this month.

Appearing exclusively on REVonDEMAND are A Day at the Oasis (WA made!) and from Newcastle comes the most excellent Streetsweeper. Our international titles are the hugely popular USA underground rock apocalypse from 2008 Altamont Now and one of our surprise hits from a couple of years back the excellent Western Echoes of War.

The REVonDEMAND catalogue features 250+ short, feature, documentary, animation and experimental works with more than 60 exclusive to this site. All titles have previously appeared in the Rev program including a sizeable number of locally produced works. It represents an utterly unique initiative associated with any film festival on the planet and a great resource for filmmakers, students, academics and film lovers of all sorts.

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  • Nov

november australian revelations: LAKE MUNGO

Our monthly Australian Revelations screenings have been selling out - and it's no surprise why with the great quality of films, locally made shorts, Q&A's and complimentary drinks and nibbles that accompany every screening - and for November we present the internationally acclaimed but rarely seen Lake Mungo.

Australia has consistently produced genre films of an extraordinarily high quality - Wolf Creek, Road Games, Mad Max, The Babadook and more recently Boys in the Trees. Nestled right there in the middle is Joel Anderson's excellent and spooky tale Lake Mungo. Criminally neglected, it's a great pleasure for us to bring this picture to local audiences for Australian Revelations. 

Receiving universally excellent reviews on its release, perhaps it's our old mate and one-time SBS (now ABC) reviewer Simon Foster:

"Deceptively simple in its construct and smashingly scary, Joel Anderson’s Lake Mungo is a twisting supernatural mystery of international standing, despite its very-Australian suburban milieu."

"The unfamiliar faces of the cast and the interview-style device via which the story unfolds add immeasurably to the nerve-jangling suspense Anderson creates. His patience as a storyteller and skill in framing the action so as to maximise his spooky intent, announces him as must-watch director in years to come."

Mon Nov 28th
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth
Read more here


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  • Oct


We've already received a fantastic response to our music meets film call out.

Rev is extending and invitation to WA musicians to come forward with music meets film ideas for possible presentation at the July 2017 event - which is incidentally celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Rev has a long history in presenting high-quality music/film's some from recent memory...

If you have an idea we’d love to hear it - whether it be moving image art based experimentation or composing a score to an existing work, we’re open to anything. We have access to a range of venues across Perth and Fremantle from band spaces, to cabaret styled venues, to jazz rooms to the street via our partnerships with the Cities of Perth, Fremantle and Vincent and of course cinemas. Rev will also be able to assist with various logistics.

Event dates are July 6-19th 2017. Ideas only need to be concept at this stage - there'll be a full 6months after we make decisions to get the nuts and bolts together. So send us a brief concept outline (half page) and the kind of logistic/venue you'd be looking for.

Email us your idea here or call Richard on 0448 007 233 to talk. No idea is off the table and you never know until you give it a crack.

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  • OCT


“One of the most captivating Australian documentaries in recent memory. It’s humorous, absorbing, uneasy and often disturbing.” - Cinema Australia

After screenings at the Sydney Film Festival and the internationally regarded Canadian documentary festival Hot DocsHotel Coolgardie comes to town with its special perspective on life in an isolated country town.

From Finland come backpackers Lina and Steph looking for a way to make some fast cash to support their travels. An employment agency places them at the Denver City Hotel in the isolated town of Coolgardie - a tough place to adjust to for anyone. This documentary chronicles their time at the hotel, their relationships with the locals and unusual bonds that develop between all.

It's an excellent film by anyone's standards.

Highly recommended.

Mon Oct 31st
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth

Sold Out!

Read more here

Read the Cinema Australia review here.

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  • OCT


This month is Halloween so we're focussing on some of our horror/sci-fi and fantasy titles. 

As well as quite a number the calibre of Troll Hunter, La Horde, Dead Snow and a ton of others, we've also specially negotiated the rights to present a number of titles you won't see anywhere else on any other platform anywhere on the planet. 

If you're keen for something different, we suggest you take a look at three Aussie low-budgeters: Eye of the Sandman, The Inside Story and The Demonsamongus. If you like something more on the experimental side, take a look at Craig Baldwin's epic extraterrestrial conspiracy works Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America and Mock Up on Mu and if you're wanting to explore the history of horror/cult we recommend Midnight movies: From the Margins to the Mainstream.

On top of that there's tons of horror themed shorts that take you on a journey from into deep space to the zombie apocalypse. You simply can't miss.

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  • Sep


There's Hollywood drama or there's actual drama. Want to see what actually happens in the cockpit at the point of life and death by virtue of dramatised black box recordings? 

REVonDEMAND presents Charlie Victor Romeo and for an experimental experience there's dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

Try them both.

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  • Sep

NEW SEPTEMBER REV ON DEMAND TITLES - Ready for file purchase or streaming NOW!

We're overjoyed to include four titles for September from one of our great friends and one of the great contemporary subversive filmmakers - Mr Craig Baldwin.

Hailing from San Francisco and being one of the prime movers behind SF's The Other Cinema, Baldwin has been responsible for a dazzling series of found footage epics that examine music, cinema, politics, conspiracy, copyright, religion and pretty well everything in between.

We've managed to secure four of his mega-works for your viewing pleasure including:

For the full selection of more than 260 films available for file purchase or streaming - many of them only available here - click right here!

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  • Sep


We've barely wrapped the 2016 event and we're already opening our international call for entries!

Each year we receive hundreds of entries of all genres, all durations and all subjects from the 4-corners of the globe...and if you're a filmmaker we'd love to receive yours!

There's virtually no rules surrounding what types of films you enter but we do like them to be completed after Jan 1 2016...but look...we're wanting to screen the best of what we see so you can beat us down!

So, we'd love you to help us celebrate our 20th year with our biggest event to date.

We can't make it any easier to enter than what we have so for more information, just click here and you're on your way to hitting screens at what is regarded by many as Australia's filmmaker's festival!

We do however recommend entering via our own online portal here. Your entry information is not provided to any database and is contained wholly within the walls of Rev.

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  • Aug


We've got two new titles August with a ton more to come. Fresh to your browser this month we're going back to 1999 with the wonderfully warm and moving portrait of Geraldine Cox - an unsung Australian hero running an orphanage in Cambodia in My Khmer Heart.

From 2002 we also present one of the most acclaimed and unusual documentaries of the year with Monteith McCollum's unique and deeply textured multi-award winning work Hybrid.

Both amazing films and both we're proud to present.

Also on the highlight list for August for your viewing enjoyment we have a selection of fine documentary works available exclusively on REVonDEMAND:

Click here for the complete catalogue of 250+ titles!

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  • July


If you missed Rev, were only around for a bit or were around for the whole lot you can get a sense of what we were up to throughout the event by taking a look at our gallery.

With a packed schedule of workshops, parties, live shows, screenings and all manner of unusual activity there was never a dull moment - check it out here.

  • 20
  • July


We always have a great time with Revel8 and it's such a great idea. 

Get bunch of filmmakers making an in-camera Super 8 film, and a bunch of composers both of whom have never met, get the composers to score the film and bring them together for the first time the night they's so much fun.

This year's program was really great with some really well made works and great ideas. Take a look at them here.

  • 18
  • July


It was our best year ever with record audiences, an absolutely packed program and industry and community events across town.

But we never sleep so we're already prepping ourselves for the opening of the international call for entries which will happen on September 1.

Don't forget also out monthly Australian showcase Australian Revelations on the last Monday of each month. Our next title will be announced shortly.

Finally we need to thank everybody - cinema staff, Rev staff, volunteers, audiences, guests, partners - everyone - for their support and enthusiasm.

A deep and dude due thanks to you all!

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  • June


We've just cracked the 100 mark in the number of feature film and feature documentary titles available on our very own On Demand platform thanks to the addition of three more titles this month.

They include the great indie feature Monkey Warfare - which was our Opening night film way back in 2007, the lost and forgotten but enormously enjoyable low-budget Aussie horror film The Demonsamongus and from the director of Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst we bring you the gripping look at the conspiracy around the JFK assassination in Oswald's Ghost.

With REVonDEMAND there's no subscription, there's no harvesting your information, it's not part of a giant international company, but we do try and bring you the best in nearly 20 years of international independent cinema. It's a one of a kind initiative and we believe it to be one of the few things like it anywhere in the world associated with an international film festival.

We're very proud of it actually, but we're more proud of the voice it can bring to the films and filmmakers involved.

For July we'll also be bringing you one or two special sidebars to time with main event!

Click here to go to the full REVonDEMAND menu.



Take a journey through nearly two decades of independent cinema with REVonDEMAND. We're well over the 100 mark of features and feature documentaries available and also have many short works of all forms that have been included in Rev since 1997 - many only available internationally here. In total there's 260+ works on show.

Many of the titles are free (incl all the shorts) and for March we've got 2 new titles for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy personal portraits you'll love Jonathan Caouette's fest smash from 2005 Tarnation. If you love  something a little more on the comic book side of things you can't miss with  Michael McCarthy's ready-made cult film Cigarette Girl. On the left you'll see out featured March short  Elgin Park (free).

Just click on the nice red button below and be magically taken to the full selection. Viewing is not subscription based, we don't harvest any of your information and you don't need to sign up.