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David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
Feature Documentary, VHS, Nostalgia
USA, France, UK

Legendary New York video store Kim’s Video had 55,000 tapes for rent in its St Mark’s Place store. Everything you could imagine (and some you probably couldn’t) graced the shelves of Mondo Kim’s, one of five stores opened by Youngman Kim in Manhattan during the heady days of VHS. 

But then, in 2007, it closed and, strangely, the vast collection of tapes ended up in Sicily. 

How and why this happened becomes the driving force for this bizarre and thrilling documentary, as David Redmon searches for the missing tapes, in a journey that takes him from the New York to Sicily… 

Steeped in cinema, the importance of our VHS memories, and love for the archive, as well as a sense of political and narrative drama, Kim’s Video is a fascinating and wryly humorous celebration of the age where VHS dominated and for the dedicated viewer almost everything could be rented. 

It’s a film about cineastes, dreamers, and fans. And about 55,000 video tapes…. 

“Kim’s Video is an archive of an archive; a story of what Mondo Kim’s meant and still means to cinephiles all over the world. It’s also a celebration of film itself.” – 

Stiges – Catalonian International Film Festival Winner Best Documentary. 


Ngaala Kaaditj, Whadjuk Nyoongar Moort, keyen kaadak nidja boodja.
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