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Digital Communications Manager

Brief info

Bianca initially joined REV in 2016 as a volunteer, and she has since taken on various roles within the organization. She manages all social media accounts and websites for Revelation, including XR and WA Screen Culture Awards, and played a key role in the development of the new Revelation website. In addition to this, she writes the monthly newsletter and enjoys taking candid photos at REV events.

Outside of REV, Bianca works as a Marketing Assistant at 32-33, a video games marketing company, where she collaborates with international video game developers to promote their products. She also freelances as a social media and website manager for small businesses, films, and events in her spare time.

Bianca graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Internet Communications, and her thesis focused on transmedia storytelling and how producers engage their audiences.

When not working, Bianca can often be found with her trusty camera and a tasty snack (usually nachos) in hand. She enjoys chatting about fandoms, pop culture, and dogs.