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We’re excited to welcome back our fantastic guests from all over the world! Festival-goers have the opportunity of a lifetime to hear experienced filmmakers talk and network with them. Unmissable for those interested in the screen industry, what it takes to bring a film together – and most of these are free to attend, that’s the REV-way! 

Below is a list of people coming in for panel talks and Q&As this year: 

Executive Producer of Sissy

Composer of 100% Wolf (2020) and Itch (2021)

Event: Angry & Fed Up! 

Writer, WA AWG Committee member

Event: Breaking Into The Screen Industry

Director of Hounds of Love (2016), Extinction (2018) 

Event: Breaking Into The Screen Industry

Artist, Filmmaker

Event: Decibel

Director of A Short Gig

Lead actor of Jungle

An artist of Kukaputju

Executive Producer of Hatchback

Actor of Sissy

WAAPA graduate

National President of ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society)

Event: Angry & Fed Up! 

Event: Q&A: When The Camera Stopped Rolling

Artistic Director of Pinchgut Opera and of A Delicate Fire

Event: An intro at A Delicate Fire on July 9

Co-Director of Vanitas – showing as part of Event: Different Voices: Three Short Documentaries

Director, Writer, Lead Actress of Sissy

Creative Development Officer at Tjanpi Desert Weaver, a proud supporter of Yanyangkari Roma Butler’s Kukaputju 

Filmmaker of interactive films and music videos

Event: Writing An Interactive Story

Director, Writer of Sissy

Composer of Sissy

Director of Jungle

Producer of Sissy

A core artist of Decibel

Event: Decibel

Head of Creative Content at Screenwest

Event: Breaking Into The Screen Industry

Director of Hatchback

Producer of How To Please A Woman (2022) and A Few Less Men (2017)

Event: Breaking Into The Screen Industry

Director/Editor/Producer of Namarali

Event: Q&A: Namarali

Sound Recordist for Today Tonight

Event: Angry & Fed Up! 

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