Revelation Film Festival 2014


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GIBSONPrior to his 7 year career as a real estate developer, project manager, and property advisor, Gibson spent over a decade as a successful actor, voice artist, and producer in Perth, Sydney, and Los Angeles. A proud MEAA member since 2002, and SAG member since 2010, he has maintained a close association with the Australian Arts community through his ongoing photographic series “Artists At Work”,  a collection of fly-on-the-wall documentary sets.

Gibson’s first exposure to Relvelation came a million years ago, when he sat on the floor at Greenwich, transfixed and grinning like a fool, as a baby-faced Richard Sowada ran a reel-to-reel screening of the 1965 Cal-classic “Skaterdater”. It left a lasting impression, and he’s stoked to now be lending his expertise to Revelation’s continuing ride.