Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films

Atmo HorroX

Dir: Pat Tremblay
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Duration: 101mins

World Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance

One of the most gleefully twisted films that has screened at Revelation, Atmo HorroX is a gloriously crazed psychedelic sci-fi horror hybrid.

With its combination of occasional violence, deconstructed camp, and full on wild insanity the film rightly positions its surrealism and dream-logic front-and-centre of its genre-bending narrative, creating a movie that embraces its zero-budget and takes the audience on a one of a kind journey unique to each person.

Through a very surreal chase of spying and surveillance, Catafuse, a dubiously dressed "creature", hunts down specific human targets with the help of Molosstrap. But in a world completely run by the shadowy hands of the pharmaceutical industry, the lines of reality become so blurry and complex, that the mastering of insanity might just be the only way out...and I'm feeling insanity is just the right kind of word here.

Luridly coloured, full of the kind of imagery that defies ready description (trust us, you will never view balloons in the same way again) this is a film that really needs to be experienced. 

Atmo HorroX  could be compared to George and Mike Kuchar lo-fi underground cinema and even the Butthole Surfers / Alex Winter Bar-B-Que Movie, but really it’s its own wonderfully strange luminous beast. 

It really is quite impossible to describe and is utterly confounding at every turn - and really very amusing because of it. We just have to show it.

Screening with: The Passion of V

Sat 9, 8.45pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Sun 10, 8.45pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Fri 15, 7.30pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)