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The Quiet Earth

One rare screening only!

In an eerie and nuanced take on the ‘last man alive’ scenario, The Quiet Earth is a gem of under-the-radar New Zealand science fiction cinema. This beautifully shot kiwi film explores the aftermath of a catastrophic scientific experiment to create a new source of energy, which inadvertently ‘disappears’ all humans from the face of the planet – bar the three main characters.  For the first third of the film we see only one human; middle-aged scientist Zac Hobson, who wanders the empty cityscapes and towns, rollicking between debauched indulgence and desperate loneliness as he searches for other signs of life.

Made in 1985 this film has become something of a cult classic. Eschewing the action and heroism we expect from this genre, The Quiet Earth is a brooding exploration of the post-apocalyptic narrative.

Screening as a complimentary film program as part of the Other Suns exhibition @ Fremantle Arts Centre.

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Sat 6th, 12.20pm, Luna Leederville


The Quiet Earth banner
  • Director:Geoff Murphy
  • Year:1985
  • Country:New Zealand
  • Duration:91min
  • Rated:M

Session Times

  • Sat 6th, 12.20pm, Luna Leederville

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