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MY Radio: FUTURE Radio Day

Sat 14th, 12pm–5pm
YMCA HQ, Leederville

Perth’s music community is renowned for its inclusiveness & spontaneity. We know all about the share-house bands & bedroom producers. Let’s extend this culture to a younger crew! What were you doing when you were twelve to stay out of trouble? Who was inviting you into a shared creative space? All of these questions have been milling around amongst a collective of Perth musicians, DJs & broadcasters since 2016.

MY Radio emerged as an experiment in FUTURE media. From Disrupted Festival of Ideas to Kickstart to Scribbler’s Festival, the MY Radio crew have formed a formidable team of youth presenters aged from 11 to 15 years old who run the show start to finish. DIY radio & podcasting mentors include Amber Fresh, Ben Yaxley, Dilla Suhadji, Matt Acorn, Mei Saraswati, T-Fid & RTRfm qween Rok Riley.

Former guests include Waleed Ali, Dr Susan Carland, David Astle, Leigh Hobbs, Chris Riddell, Richard Fairgray. From Pixar animators to international rock stars (Tame Impala), every guest leaves exhilarated & full of beans!

Come & take five, listening to live interviews with visiting Revelation guests & Perth film community figures!

“The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed” WILLIAM GIBSON

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  • Sat 14th, 12pm–5pm, YMCA HQ, Leederville

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