Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Magnolia’s Rev Show XI

Rhubarb Records, Leederville
Saturday July 7

"Nobody leaves bibby in the corner” - Dirty Dancing

Turn your amp up to 11, Perthlings your favourite shoe-string-budget top-kek actual-real-life-tv*-talk-show is back! We got it all! And more! “Yeah, baby!”*

This year we got “the best guests ever” in the “smallest venue we could muster” with that trademark Letterman-goes-to-Hungry-Spot star power NRG.

Step aside reddit, let’s tackle the real issue facing independent cinema in 2018… car chases! Also on the agenda: staircase chase scenes, petty crime getaway car whip-arounds with Nic Cage, rooftop motorbike zip-zagging. We got The French Connection (Amber’s Love Seat), Point Blank (Nick Odell’s Mystery Drinks), Forrest Gump (Brett Murray’s live vinyl sfx), Matt Acorn’s “zippy bits” & your host-with-the-most (zines) Tristan Fidler!

Come join us as we summon the spirit of the classics of the #silverscreen #nosilversurfer

*100% zero Mike Myers references this year.

Tickets at the door $10 - or free with Revelation ticket stub

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Session Times

  • Sat July 7th, 6-8pm, Rhubarb Records, Leederville

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