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Underground Inc.: The Rise and Fall of Alternative Rock

One screening only!

Following the success of Nirvana, every record label became aware of the alt-rock, grunge and post punk scenes of the early nineties. Looking for the next big thing, major labels signed up dozens of bands.

But what happens when bands don’t sell 500,000 units? Katz’s documentary tells the story of these bands and the industry that took them on. With contributions from members of White Zombie, Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop, Bad Religion, Queens of the Stone Age, Ministry, Sepultura, Monster Magnet, Fishbone, Nine Inch Nails, and many others, as well as the likes of Steve Albini. Underground Inc tells the story of everyone else, the bands that broke new ground, re-imagined rock, and transformed the aural landscape.

Energetic, vibrant, and essential, Underground Inc is an essential music documentary from first time feature director Katz. 

Screens with the short film Smiles.

Underground Inc.: The Rise and Fall of Alternative Rock banner
  • Director:Shaun Katz
  • Year:2019
  • Country:Australia
  • Duration:96mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 15

Session Times

  • Fri Dec 11th, 8.45pm, Luna Leederville

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