Revelation Film Festival 2014

2020  Films

The Trouble with Being Born

Official Selection: Berlin Film Festival 

Controversially pulled from the Melbourne International Film Festival, The Trouble With Being Born is not what it seems.

In what is essentially a four-hander, this sparse examination of loneliness pushes and pulls audiences in all manner of directions, including questioning the gaze which each individual brings to cinema. 

Simple in concept but complex in emotion, this potent work centres on Ellie, an android modelled on a young girl but programmed with memories that enrich her owner’s sense of place rather than her own. But there’s a question in Ellie’s circuits that pulls her away from one “owner” and finds herself in the hands of another with yet another set of memories that must be learned.

With a lovely and simple flow and deft directorial hand, there’s no question The Trouble With Being Born is a direct cultural challenge for audiences; and more power to it. It asks a lot of questions of us as individuals and as a culture and our relationship to cinema.

One of 2020’s must see films.

Screens with the short film Dark Water.

The Trouble with Being Born banner
  • Director:Sandra Wollner
  • Year:2020
  • Country:Germany
  • Duration:94mihns
  • Rated:Unclassified 18

Session Times

  • Thurs Dec 10th, 6.30pm Luna Leederville
  • Fri Dec 11th, 8.40pm, SX
  • Sun Dec 13th, 3pm, Luna Leederville

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