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Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story

From inventing Beach Punk to influencing the Grunge and Hair Metal movements, Redd Kross have maintained the highest level of musical integrity, originality and quality for over forty years. One of the most influential American rock bands of the past four decades.

Kid Snow

Paul Goldman's outback tent boxing film set in 1971 Western Australia follows Kid Snow's quest for redemption amidst scorching sun and the complexities of single mother Sunny. Shot in Kalgoorlie and Fremantle, the film immerses viewers in the raw intensity of fighting, sweat, and sand, offering a visceral cinematic experience.

King Coal

"King Coal" paints a haunting picture of Appalachian mining communities, exploring their history and changing identity amidst declining miner numbers. Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon's poetic lens captures the rugged landscape and shifting energy dynamics, offering a rare glimpse into this often overlooked world.

The Primevals

The Primevals is a film decades in the making, and completed after director Allen's passing. It's a labor of love and fandom, now a cult classic. Filled with stop-motion mayhem, epic battles, and heroic characters, it's an undiscovered gem blending adventure, action, and science fiction.

Kinds of Kindness

Yorgos Lanthimos releases "Kinds of Kindness," starring Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe. The film interweaves three stories: a man seeking control, a policeman's changed wife, and a woman searching for a spiritual leader. Lanthimos collaborates again with writer Efthimis Filippou, delivering another acclaimed indie film.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Humanity discovers a mystifying, artificial object buried underneath the lunar surface. With the assistance of HAL 9000, an intelligent computer, mankind embarks on an interesting quest.

Ngaala Kaaditj, Whadjuk Nyoongar Moort, keyen kaadak nidja boodja.
Revelation Film Festival acknowledge the mighty Whadjuk Nyoongar people as the original custodians of this land. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and future. We also support First Nations people internationally and their struggles for recognition, justice and equality. We reflect these voices in our program and demonstrate this commitment through our approach to the sector from the Board down.

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