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Westralia Day 2022

July 9 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Special Event and Shorts Showcases / 2022 / 

A showcase of Western Australian made screen productions at The Backlot Perth.


Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 8min / Directed by Sam Boe Nielsen

When Pat joins a group therapy class, he finds that the enigmatic group members have more to offer than healing.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 8min / Directed by Mason Jack Allen

With her mother about to undergo emergency surgery, Kyra descends into the wild and unfamiliar world of nightclubs to find her brother so as to reunite her family for perhaps the last time. But every action comes with consequences, the night takes an unexpected turn

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 3min / Directed by Eliza Pritchard

Two friends find themselves stuck in a terrifying situation, where they are convinced that they need to maintain direct eye contact with a mysterious box in order to survive.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 18min / Directed by Tamara Cook

A celebration of the power of the Feminine Divine and is inspired by real events.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 7min / Directed by Owen Lawie

Rooming together in a garage, two friends’ Christmas eve night escalates into a realm of psychedelic hedonism.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 3min / Directed by Sioux Tempestt

Perth artist transcending creative disciplines, ABSTRKT XNOIS delivers the first track from her forthcoming album Innominate.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 9min / Directed by Justin Reid

What is a call? In an age of frictionless and ceaseless communication, life takes on the tenor of cacophony over symphony – all noise without signal

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 14min / Directed by Talitha Maslin

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Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 4 sec / Directed by Annette Grace Peterson

77 individual frames were painted and then reinstated back into the digital format via photograph to make a stop-motion film.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 23min / Directed by Mac Anthony Ladyman

Follows the impact that the 2021 Wooroloo bushfires had Rod and Chris Chambers, showing the effect it had on their farm, and their process to recovery.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 13min / Directed by Robyn Mae Ong

The story of Christina Lau and her relationship with her parents as she recounts the happy and traumatic memories of her childhood and adolescence

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 12min / Directed by Taihra Swaine and Alzbeta Rekosh

Two women set out to ‘shed their shit’ and struggles with body image and learn to love their ever changing bodies.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 12min / Directed by Poppy van Oorde-Grainger and Ian Wilkes

Ngaluk Waangkiny follows the journey of a courageous group of Aboriginal Elders living on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja as they fight for respect, recognition and acknowledgement from the City of Perth.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 6min / Directed by Brenna Day and Steven Aliyan

Above the waves, beneath the sky, against the rock. Moving against a staggering vertical cliff face, suspended above wild crashing ocean, two artists dance with the roaring wind and each-other in a celebration of human connection, our experience of nature and the vast wilderness that is the Wilyabrup sea cliffs

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Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 23min / Directed by Lawrence Murphy

A young, beaten down scientist is given a new lust for life in a quest to defeat death and create immortality.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 6min / Directed by Cal McLeanIt and Alexandra Nell

After bumping into each other at a late-night diner, on the same night as their one-night stand, Chris and Susie decide to eat together.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 25min / Directed by Jack Connell

When getaway driver Chase Walker decides to abandon his life of crime, he must first team up with Maddison River, an underground emerging thief to pull off one last daring job that sees him finally walk away from the life he’s dreaded, or fall back into it forever…

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 7min / Directed by Dean William Butler

A man squares off against a demonic entity in regional Western Australia

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 19min / Directed by Alex von Hofmann

In a world decimated by nuclear war, where barbaric clans and genetically modified dinosaurs roam the Australian countryside, a young girl, Evie, must venture alone to a distant farmhouse to seek medical supplies for her dying father.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 15min / Directed by Alex Montanari

A formative moment in Caleb’s childhood leads him on a lifelong journey to find the edge of the universe.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 2min / Directed by Matteo Mazzella

In 1992, the first human leaves reality to live in the virtual world. For 30 years we’ve had no contact… until now.

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Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 9min / Directed by Benjamin Taylor

Through an exploration of his own childhood YouTube channel, a young filmmaker seeks to explore the unspoken collective conscious shared by those raised in the digital age.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 12min / Directed by Jason Haji-Ali

First Nations filmmaker Jason Haji-Ali who wrote, produced and directed this film explores his cultural identity as he reflects on his childhood, the toxicity of social media and conversation with his grandmother, Phyllis.

Shorts / 2022 / Australia / 8min / Directed by Stephanie Senior


A couple dance their way through the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 3min / Directed by Dean Butler and Robert Faulkner

All hell breaks loose when a mans girlfriend wants a share in his lunch instead of ordering her own.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 14min / Directed by Harrison Mitchell

Paperboys, Matt and Dewey race the clock to beat a delivery record, but their joyride ends in a problem that tests their friendship.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 11min / Directed by Giacomo Groppoli

Friendship, feathers and grief get tangled as a young woman learns to stand on one leg.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 10min / Directed by Karla Hart

A young indigenous girl learns of Tooly, the sign of an impending death in the family.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 6min / Directed by Ben Matei

Balloon takes Creature on a journey through magical lands where Creature learns that life is precious and there is both beauty and hope to be found in small moments of joy.

Shorts / 2021 / Australia / 12min / Directed by Aaryn Bath

Two women wake up after a one-night stand to find things go hilariously wrong, when the morning after gets a little crowded.

2021 / Australia / 8min / Directed by David Vincent Smith

A busy sound engineer accepts a last-minute recording instead of heading home to his family and is deeply affected by the song he records.

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Feature Narrative/ 2021 / Australia / 100min / Directed by Sarah Legg

We love screening local works, and 2021/22 has seen an extraordinary number of local shorts, features and documentaries, many of which are on show in our 25th anniversary program. Cherubhead is no exception and an excellent contribution to WA’s independent film output.

An ambitious debut feature from nineteen-year-old Legg, Cherubhead tells the story of a trio of young women staying in the holiday home of socialite Marie Annette who wants to adopt teenager Ellie.

What follows is an exploration of power, conflict and identity, set within a quasi-surreal world, and with a thematic nod towards the philosophy of Machiavelli.

Cherubhead is a bold statement from the young filmmakers and a testament to homegrown talent.

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Date: 9 July

Times & Tickets

10am               Fierce Encounters and Fever Dreams

11.35am          Hearts From the Hills and Valleys

1.10pm            Unseen, Untouched, Unknown

3.15pm            Pursuit of Compassion

5.10pm            Cherubhead

Location: The Backlot Perth

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July 9
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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The Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth, WA 6005 Australia
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