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Australiyaniality aims to explore Australia's wellbeing. The key word liyan is a Yawuru word that relates to Aboriginal peoples' view of their wellbeing. It is about the way they feel about themselves and relationship with their community.

27 Artists have come together from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to interrogate their own Australian identity and explore what a better Australian identity would look like. Can it be re-shaped? What is good? What needs to change? What is our collective liyan? How do we materialise all of this into real action?

For this special program Rev is screening some of the best and most challenging Australian works in produced in recent years - and we can harly wait to bring them to big screen in the higest of fidelity at the Perth Backlot.

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For your viewing pleasure we present:

Jandamarra's War
Dir: Mitch Torres / Year: 2011 / Duration: 55mins

Jandamarra's War is the story of an aboriginal Australian man who should be as famous as Ned Kelly. In 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading pastoralists in defence of his people’s ancient land and culture. Until his death in brutal retribution, this formidable Bunuba warrior waged a 3-year guerrilla war, earning him both the admiration of his people and international notoriety.

Sat. 3 November, 1:00pm, $10
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
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In September 2017 over 30 artists in the field of music and visual art converged in the heart of west Pilbara for a week of creation, recording and collaboration in the historic town of Cossack (Bajinhurrba).  

It was a life changing experience where these artists experienced many of the treasures of the West Pilbara- its history, landscapes, culture and people and sought to reflect this experience through the creation of songs, artwork, poetry and film.  this was done in the spirit of exposing and giving back to this amazing part of the world and so it is with much love and excitement that many of these artists returned to the Pilbara in May 2018, for a concert, film screening, gallery show and immersive workshops in a showcase of the magic that was uncovered.

Sat. 3 November, 3:00pm, $10
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
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Australiyaniality - Short Film Compilation
Screening as a part of theAustraliyaniality exhibition, this is a compilation of short films created by exhibiting artists and local filmmakers.

Sun. 4 November, 1:00pm
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
Tickets are free but registration required.


Terror Nullius
Dir: Soda_Jerk / Year: 2018 / Duration: 55min

One of the hits of Rev 2018 is back! We love Soda_Jerk's work and so will you in this epic of social criticism. Genius.

Sun. 4 November, 3:00pm $10 - Buy Tickets here 
Sun. 11 November, 3.00pm $10 - Buy tickets here


Sun. 11 November, 3:00pm $10 - Buy Tickets here
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth

Wrong Kind of Black
Dir: Catriona McKenzie / Year: 2018 / Duration: 62min
Wrong Kind of Black, set in the 60s and 70s is based on experiences from the extraordinary life of Boori Monty Pryor, author and storyteller, who grew up in Townsville before moving to Melbourne to pursue modelling and DJing. From the cops and crocs of Queensland, to the disco dance floors of Melbourne, this is a hilarious, inspiring and heart breaking story of?an Aboriginal man who?stood against the tide of Australian racism, refusing to be labeled 'the wrong kind of black’.

Sat. 10 November, 1:00pm  
Free but registrations required
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth


Hotel Coolgardie
Dir: Pete Gleeson / Year: 2016 / Duration: 82min

On a dusty highway between Australia's most isolated city and its largest gold pit lies Coolgardie - where the arrival every three months of a new pair of foreign backpackers to work the only bar in town is a keenly anticipated event. Fresh off the plane and lured by the promise of an authentic outback experience, Finnish travellers Lina and Steph find themselves en route to a dot on the map - to pour beers, replenish depleted travel funds, and live amongst the locals. But their working holiday quickly deteriorates into a baptism of fire. Harangued by their new boss, relentlessly pursued by booze-addled patrons, and prey to the madness and malaise of an environment as claustrophobic as it is isolated - the girls soon realise that to meet expectations out here, they'll need to do more than just serve drinks.

Sat. 10 November, 3:00pm $10
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Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth


Dir: Matt Norman / Year: 2008 / Duration: 92min

This special work examines the period before, during and after one of the most memorable moments and images from the Olympic Games - period.  At the 1968 Olymics, Australian athlete Peter Norman stands on the podium with a Silver medal around his neck after the 200m sprint. To his right stands US athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlo who together won Gold and Bronze. In the air is their clenched fist Black Power salute. While not clenching his fist Norman undertook his own form of protest that had life-long repercussions.

Sun. 11 November, 1:00pm, $10
Perth Backlot, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
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