Revelation Film Festival 2014


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Oh's back on for another year and we can't wait to get this baby cranking! 

Judged live, this night is bound to be something special at the Luna Cinemas during the July edition of Rev as we bring together musicians and filmmakers in this unique creative experiment which in it's first year a couple of year back had some music clips winning prizes around the world!


The basic idea is this:

  • Some of our best local musicians offer up a song or two! See the list and links below.
  • Local filmmakers choose a track to make a film clip for and off they go.
  • Some bands are keen to appear in the video, some won't, but our panel will select the best of the bunch to screen at a special gala screening during Revelation - which might also include a live surprise or two!
  • Filmmakers can make more than one video and if you're a musician or band with a song - then submit that into to the mix.

So entrants:

1. Chose a song (there are only 2 separate clips per song).

2. Email the competition ringmaster and mastermind, Jen Jamieson to see if song is available.

3. She'll tell you if the band is keen to appear in the clip or not.

4. Make a video.

4. Submit by June 1.

5. Come to the screening!

Here's the list of songs submitted so far with a ton more to come:

  • Artificial Colours, Trees Give the Breeze (chill-out, electronic, alternative)
  • Artificial Colours, Wonderful Year (chill-out, electronic, alternative)
  • Ashes of Autumn, Supernova (Rock) (one filmmaker choice remaining)
  • Ashes of Autumn,The Time (Rock)
  • Broken Gnomes, Keys To The Car (Alternative) 
  • Broken Gnomes, Never Really Left You (Alternative) 
  • CHIP HAZARD, Reemergence (ambient / soundscapes / postrock / neoclassical) (fully allocated - sorry)
  • CHIP HAZARD, The River (ambient / soundscapes / postrock / neoclassical)
  • DD, Walls (indi) 
  • DD, Lost At The Beach (Inde/pop) -Donna Simpson
  • Derek Lee Goodreid, The Shakes (Psychobilly/Rockabilly)
  • Derek Lee Goodreid, Big Bad Wolf (Psychobilly/Rockabilly)
  • Donna Simpson, Whats Your Swing (Bluesy, sexy Burlesque) 
  • Electric State, Riot (Grunge Punk)
  • From, Long Ride (Rock) 
  • Freeko, Positive Touch (Aussie Drill Hip Hop) (one filmmaker choice remaining)
  • Furchick, Morning Call (Ambient/experimental, Listening to the morning magpies) (one filmmaker choice remaining)
  • Georgia McAlpine, Don't You Say (Indie/Roots) (one filmmaker choice remaining)
  • Good news, now we can eat all the vampires, Being Todd Pickett (Trip hop)
  • Good news, now we can eat all the vampires, Don't Bend (Alt-Electro)
  • Intrusion, Red Wine (Alternative/rock) 
  • Intrusion, Washed Away (Alternative/ballad) 
  • Jeremy Ng, You've got Me (Singer songwriter/pop) (one filmmaker choice remaining)
  • Jere Sosa, Lighthouse (dreamy slow-tempo jazz) 
  • Jere Sosa, Taste of Honey (Flamenco infused Folk with a Beatlish zest) - NEW!


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