Revelation Film Festival 2014


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Angus is a screenwriter and producer with a lifetime passion for genre film, visual storytelling and landscape cinematography. He is also a practicing radiologist.

Angus spent 5 years developing Locusts, writing and producing the film through his Gold Coast based production company Closereef Productions.

After connecting with director Heath Davis at GCFF in 2016, the pair discovered a mutual passion for gritty 70’s and ’80’s genre cinema and began collaborating on developing Locusts, a desert-based modern noir western paying homage to classic genre pieces of those eras.

Angus’s first script Legacy won 14 international screenwriting awards, and his second script The Blacksmith picked up a handful of awards including 3rd place in the 2019 Queensland Screenwriting Awards.

He was also an Executive Producer on Heath Davis’s second film, Book Week. Angus has ambition to direct, and has a number of genre projects in development.