Revelation Film Festival 2014


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Adam Pearson is a British actor, presenter and campaigner.

Hi acting credits include Chained For Life (Revelation 2019) and Under The Skin (Revelation 2014).

Adam Pearson was born in 1985, along with his identical twin brother named Neil. After Adam hit his head at the age of five, the bump raised persisted instead of healing. He was diagnosed with the incurable genetic disorder neurofibromatosis (NF1), which causes non-cancerous tumours to grow on nerve tissue.

Pearson has been a victim of bullying throughout his life and continues to work to change the perception of disfigurement.

He has become a leading advocate for equality for opportunity – opening up the discussion of the employment of disabled actors for disabled roles.

In 2016, Adam was nominated as UK Documentary presenter of the year at the Grierson Awards.

He is an ambassador for Jeans For genes and The Childhood Tumour Trust and has been awarded a RADAR Award and a Diana Award for his campaign work.

Adam would love the chance to be a Bond villain!