• 23
  • Nov


We've had lots of input from many sectors of the immersive world here in WA as well as feedback from the general public who were keen to participate in XR:WA across the board, or just cherry-pick. And then there's the issue of the financially challenged we've decided to make the entire event free - read that! 

With three days of talks, workshops, masterclasses and screenings, you can't beat this as an introduction into the current state of play in games and VR in WA and internationally.

You still need to register for the myriad of events and registrations are running out the door as you'd expect, so take a look at the program here and register for your tickets here.


  • 13
  • Nov


 Well's here! Our 2020 program is live, tickets and passes are on sale and we've already got around 4 sessions across town that are well on the way to selling out.

If you want the inside running, there's no question that these will sell out:

Don't forget we're also running a companion online film program made up brand new feature films and feature documentaries. Rental is for a 48hr period and tickets for each film are limited 

Take a look at the full catalogue right here.

  • 01
  • Nov


 We're very pleased to add another Director's Collection to our own streaming service - REVonDEMAND - with a series of seven titles from tow of our favourite filmmakers and previous Rev guests, Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky.

We've just added the indie cult classics of Half Cocked and Radiation alongside the fantastic documentary collection Battle For BrooklynWorking in Protest, Horns and HalosWho Took Johnny and All the Rage

REVonDEMAND includes more than 200 feature films and feature documentaries from the international film fest and indie scene, many available exclusively to our platform and many available internationally. It's utterly unique and to any festival anywhere and a major asset for audiences and filmmakers everywhere.

Take a look at the full catalogue right here.

  • 28
  • Oct


 We've been overwhelmed with entries for the WA Screen Culture Awards (just as we'd hoped) so we're giving everyone one last chance to get their work in by extending the deadline until November 8th.

There's no excuse to not be part of this great initiative so if you want to be part of this unique event, enter now! Remember, these awards are about innovation and achievement, not budget.

Enter right here.

  • 27
  • Oct

1st film line-up ANNOUNCEMENT for dec 2020

Take a look at our first announcement here!

The full program will be revealed in November.

It's looking good across the board and we're really happy to announce a first pass at the 2020 program with a great selection of feature films, feature documentaries and special events!

The Festival will open on Wednesday 9 December with the inspiring and evocative Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra  – a documentary marking the 30th anniversary of Australia’s most iconic performing arts company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, co-directed by Perth’s Nel Minchin, which tells the story of three young Aboriginal brothers who turned a newly born dance group into a First Nations cultural powerhouse.
Tickets to Opening Night are $60 and include post screening celebrations – available online now here.
Fitting with Rev’s long-standing commitment to local screen practitioners and industry, the Festival is introducing the WA Screen Culture Awards on Sunday 13 December – marking the first time in five years that the Western Australian screen industry has had an official awards platform. Geared specifically towards recognising excellence across the WA screen sector in a new media environment, the WA Screen Culture Awards embrace all forms from new, established and emerging screen practices over 16 categories including documentary, feature film, computer game, moving image or installation. Entries have been extended until 8 November 2020, nominations can be made online at here and tickets to attend are $50.
Locally produced highlights within the program include murder-mystery The Xrossing which premieres as part of the festival ahead of its theatrical release on 7 January 2021. The debut feature from Steven J. Mihaljevich, The Xrossing had its world premiere at the Toronto Independent Film Festival recently where it took home best film in the micro-budget category for films budgeted below $250,000 and also won Best Feature Film last Friday 23 October at The London Independent Film Awards; Laura's Choice – a complex film exploring the family experience of three generations of women coming to terms with a radical approach to dying; An Ideal Host – a horror, comedy, sci-fi mash up from director Robert Woods about the protagonist’s quest to host the perfect dinner party with her partner at their newly purchased rural property – a film which was shot in just 13 days; and The Beloved – a documentary about The Orange People, a conspicuous presence in the Fremantle community in the 80’s, which runs for over 4-hours including suitable intervals.
Other local offerings come in smaller/shorter packages with the annual Get Your Shorts On! and City of Vincent Film Project films being showcased on the big screen at Luna Cinemas Leederville on Thursday 10 December. Family-friendly short films rated G/PG will screen free of charge at Luna Cinemas Leederville daily from 10.30am from Thursday 10 December – Sunday 13 December and are suitable for all ages.
Additionally, Revelation presents a Westralia Showcase of WA content at The Backlot on Saturday 12 December.
Indie darlings direct from Sundance include the fun, low budget film Save Yourselves! which tells of millennials disconnecting from devices and the coming-of-age comedy Dinner in America which explores two misfits finding each other through music and chaos.
The 90s flop Showgirls features in a double-bill with 2020’s You Don't Nomi – the masterful documentary (or cine-essay) about the afore mentioned box office disaster – and a fitting pre-film introduction from Fanta-Sea.  
Music afficionados will revel in documentaries Crock of Gold – which chronicles Pogues front man Shane MacGowan, directed by Julien Temple and produced by Johnny Depp; My Darling Vivian – a story about Vivian Liberto, the first wife of Johnny Cash, directed by Matt Riddlehoover and Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over – a career-spanning documentary retrospective of the confrontational, acerbic American singer, poet, writer, actress and self-empowerment speaker whose career was spawned by the New York no wave scene in the 1970s, directed by Beth B.
Those seeking to experience what has been billed as “the must-see documentary of the year” presenting an exposé of corporate malfeasance need look no further than The New Corporation; the sequel to the 2003 film The Corporation, which profiles new developments in the political and social power of global corporations and brands.  
Whilst those seeking to experience one of the most controversial films of the year which was banned from MIFF and numerous other festivals can quell their curiosity with The Trouble With Being Born; winner of a special jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival in February whilst also prompting audience walkouts.
Revelation Film Festival’s virtual reality arm, XR:WA, returns for its second year running just prior to the official festival from 3 – 6 December – as a major conference and public exhibition showcasing the ideas, works, technology and constantly evolving environment of the VR and digital screen industry. The program features panel discussions, a Games and Experience Emporium, trade exhibitions and workshops with keynote speakers. See for more information.
A highlight of this year’s program is FourByFour; which comprises of four 4-minute short films which will premiere as part of the festival created as a multidisciplinary cross-art-form collaboration with Co3 Dance Australia, Tura New Music and some WA’s best VR film practitioners. .
With over 30 feature films and documentaries, a comprehensive program of shorts and Western Australian content, the re-introduction of an official awards platform for the state’s screen industry as well as the XR:WA VR program and Rev's Online Summer! streaming brand new and select features and documentaries until Dec 20 , this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival is a reflection of the commitment of the handful of curators who work tirelessly to deliver a world class program that is second to none.
The full program will be revealed in November.

  • 1
  • Oct


Our very own streaming service - REVonDEMAND - has added 7 new titles this to bring the catalogue up to close to 200 international feature films and feature documentaries. 

This month, we proud to include a Director's Collection from one of the great advocacy and social justice filmmakers on the planet - Iara Lee. We've had the pleasure of screening Iara's work in previous editions of Rev, most particularly the great electronic music documentary Modulations: Cinema for the Ear and the prophetic Synthetic Pleasures.

Other films in the collection include  Burkinsabe RisingCultures of ResistanceK2 and the Invisible FootmenLife is Waiting and The Suffering Grasses

REVonDEMAND is a one-of-a-kind streaming service which deals with filmmakers fairly and presents some of the finest contemporary festival-styled films you'll see, including many exclusive to the service internationally.

Click here to see the full catalogue of what has to be one of the best collections of international independent cinema you'll find anywhere on the planet.

  • 30
  • Sept

XR:WA SUPER early bird registration at $150 off UNTIL OCT 7TH

We're not going to be corny and say anything about the early bird catching the worm, but you get the idea, right?  Anyway, it's up to you, but there's only a few days left to grab hold of the XR:WA Super Early Bird registration offer which is a full $150 off the full rate.

$200 will get you access all areas of conference activity over 3-days including:

  • Around 30 keynotes, panels, workshops and masterclasses.
  • Access to our Developing the Developers hot-house (limited numbers!).
  • Daily film screenings.
  • Nightly networking drinks.
  • After hours events like our Beer & Board Games club
  • Entry to out intimate fireside chats at the Alex Hotel
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • ...and a ton of other offers and events we're currently formulating.

Take a look at the program to date here.

You can register here!

  • 02
  • Sept


We're really very happy to be able to announce the opening of the call for entries for the WA Screen Culture Awards.

It's been over 5-years since Western Australia has seen a major acknowledgement event for the local screen sector and given the way the WA screen sector has taken off, we think this has come along at just about the right time.

The Awards embrace all forms of screen-based media where games, VR, AR and visual art can perform on the same stage in the same craft and industry categories as traditional narrative and documentary forms. The awards seek to demonstrate the depth and diversity of the local screen sector, highlight the myriad intersections and assist in developing and showcasing the creative critical mass of the WA screen sector.

The Awards seek to embrace and highlight the convergence of forms, technology, methods, approaches and platforms and recognise the future today.

The awards cover two primary categories: Innovation in forms and Outstanding Achievements in craft, while also providing acknowledgement for independent spirit and outstanding contribution to the industry.

Taking place on Dec 13th, the WA Screen Culture Awards, caps off a 2-week celebration and interrogation of all things screen coming immediately after the XR:WA conference and expo and the film festival proper. 

Click here to enter or read the guidelines.

Read the media release here.

  • 01
  • Sept


It's the gift that never stops giving - so it's with great pleasure we include three new titles for September on our very own streaming service - REVonDEMAND.

This month we bring you two recent Australian films - Hounds of Love from Rev's own ambassador Ben Young, and the great documentary, Cobby: The Other Side of Cute. And we know how much fans of Rev love music, so we also present the international film fest fave, Desolation Center.

REVonDEMAND features around 200 feature films and feature documentaries drawn directly from the international film festival and independent film scene for your viewing pleasure. We don't harvest your information and all films are available for hire and purchase with all short films free - many available internationally.

We also have a special section for WA made films which currently includes around 100 titles, so if you want to be part of that, just send us a link to your film, a portrait format poster and a 1-line synopsis here.

  • 19
  • Aug


We've been working very hard behind the scenes for a few months now, but we're very happy to let the cat out of the bag (the poor little thing!) and announce an ambitious VR project that Rev's producing - FourByFour (read the release here).

This exciting project centres around providing employment and collaborative opportunities across the Perth arts community devastated by COVID. We're working with local contemporary dance studio Co3 Australia and Tura New Music in the commissioning of four movement pieces and four scores that embrace four locations, four dancers and four VR producers in the production of four works that run four minutes.

Neat right!

We've been producing and commissioning short films now for a while through the City of Vincent Film Project, but producing to this kind of output is a whole new level and follows our strategic plan of redefining what a film festival can be. This includes broadening the base of the event to engage in further production opportunities alongside existing elements such as:

XR:WA conference and expo

Revelation Academic conference

- Our own streaming service REVonDEMAND

- Our monthly non-COVID screenings Australian Revelations

Moving image art collaborations with galleries around town

- Our recently announced WA Screen Culture Awards  

- and of course our screening program - which is now partially online. 

FourByFour will premiere at XR:WA in December and from there be made available internationally without charge and be accessioned into the collections of the participating venues.

Read the media release here.

  • 15
  • Aug

Screen Culture awards survey

We're beavering away in organising the WA Screen Culture Awards and we're keen to hear your opinions. So, we're running a survey for the next couple of weeks in the lead up to our call for entries to hear what you've got to say. 

We're also keen to hear what you've got to say about your relationships with Rev generally, so if you've got 5 minutes or so, let us know by doing the survey you'll find right here.

  • 3
  • Aug


As our Director said in a recent interview about Rev's ethical partnership agenda "art is inherently political", so for August, we're proud to present some inherently personal politics in our REVonDEMAND streaming focus on Cinema, Media and Literature. It's a brilliant collection looking at brilliant minds and each and every film is a brilliant bona fide film festival hit. If you missed them on the fest circuit, you can find them here, and more.

We've been building this streaming service for around five years and it represents an utterly unique portal with many films available internationally...and there's tons of free feature films as well as all shorts. It's fair to filmmakers and represents about the best collection of international independent cinema you'll find anywhere.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page or take a look at the full catalogue here.

  • 31
  • July


Been planning it for a while now so we're very happy to lift the lid on and announce the launch of the Western Australian Screen Culture Awards, a reinvention of acknowledgement for the WA screen industry.

Geared specifically toward recognising excellence across the WA screen sector in a new media environment, the WA Screen Culture Awards embrace all screen forms from new, established and emerging screen practices. It acknowledges outstanding innovation, independent spirit and contributions in contemporary short, feature and documentary filmmaking, computer games, VR, AR, gallery-based moving image, installations, projections and other intersections with screen and moving image forms. It will recognise long-term contributions that, like Revelation’s Mission Statement, have sought to “make a difference” to the WA screen industry and taken a chance.
The Awards will take place at the closing night of the 2020 Revelation Film Festival on December 13 in a celebration of the WA screen sector in its creative diversity at Luna Cinemas, Leederville. Winners will receive prizes in a range of categories.
The jury will consist of a range of non-WA screen industry practitioners from across all forms to ensure objectivity with entries opening September 1, 2020. Films selected as finalists will be eligible to screen via Revelation's unique online screening portal to national and international viewers for a special audience prize. Some of these films will also be selected to screen in the physical festival proper taking place from December 9-13.

Revelation’s commitment to local screen production in all forms includes the screening of locally produced films year-round through its monthly Australian Revelations program and its major festival event. Throughout the year, the Revelation Film Festival collaborates with the City of Vincent in commissioning short-documentary productions, some of which continue to screen and win awards internationally, with another three currently in production. It has mounted and commissioned gallery-based moving image art and has commissioned and exhibited award winning public projections and installations. 

Revelation also hosts more than 100 local short and feature films through its own streaming service (REVonDEMAND), develops and delivers WA’s major annual games, VR, AR and screen industry conference and expo XR:WA and will shortly be announcing an ambitious VR/360’ filmmaking collaboration.

Revelation Festival Director Richard Sowada says that Revelation was devoted to the development of critical and creative industries and communities.

The ability to bring all these convergent screen-forms together around what is widely regarded as one of the most individual film programs in the country, is a natural progression for us and brings together all these elements of support that we’ve been working on for so long”.

Call for entries opens Sept 1st.

  • 28
  • July


We've had a brilliant response to our recent call out for locally produced works to include in our streaming catalogue REVonDEMAND. With around 80 titles included in or MADE IN WA section we're on the hunt for more...and it doesn't matter how old...we're trying to build the best and most accessible library of local films available - which it basically is now.

We've already got dozens of locally made student films, features and feature documentaries, some available for sale and some available internationally so if you have a film, why would you say "no"?

For short works, all we need is a link, a still, a poster (if you have one) and a trailer (if you have one)...but OK if not. For longer-form works, we'd love to be able to offer them for sale, or hire or both, so that's a little bit more discussion - but either way, you con't love.

We love WA work and we'd love to get your out there year-round.

REVonDEMAND is unique to any festival you'll find anywhere. It contains 300+ films ready for streaming and is made up of as many film we've screened from the previous program as we can acquire. As such, it's one of the best archives of independent cinema you'll find anywhere and includes some of the biggest and hard to find international film festival favourites available. 

Email us here with the details and we'll get right back top you.

  • 27
  • July


We loved our online talks and panels as part of our Couched event so much so we're taking the opportunity to let you relive the experience or hear them for the first time! We've got them all except the Making Short Films in WA, so take a look at them right here:

  • 20
  • July


For 2020 we went online with our Couched program but we're not done yet as the physical fest will be back in December.

For the moment we're incredibly pleased with the way the Couched event went. With national and international involvement for audiences renting titles, watching talks and panels and taking part in panels, we had a fantastic reach and 1st-class program of 40+ films, talks and events. 

We had groundbreaking live performance, some of the most acclaimed international feature films and documentaries and all manner of surprises and we feel we really pushed the technology and new forms of programming all the way.

A deep and due thanks to everyone who participated and we're working hard right now on the physical event opening on December 2nd at venues across Perth and Fremantle which will also run alongside our own immersive technology and art conference and Expo XR:WA.

Stay tuned for updates shortly - we've got some very exciting things to announce. 

  • 15
  • July

PANELS & Q&A's announced for sat & sun

We're not about red carpet and celebrity events (which is kind of good as red carpet is pretty well redundant for the moment), but we are well known for our provocative and compelling industry talks and panels with people that are actually doing it and doing it in a way that tunes into real-world of filmmaking and creative practice.

So - we're proud to announce a packed weekend of talks with local and national filmmakers, festival programmers from around the world and industry professionals from all forms.

They're all free and include:

See the full program here.

  • 14
  • July


Our first performance of the live horror film/performance of In the Shadow it Waits was fantastic! It's really a marvel and there's one more performance to come.

Joins us on Sat July 18th for this special event followed by a Q&A with the performers. The show unfolds at the performer's' houses edited live in a studio in Melbourne. It's really something.

See the show now before it becomes an international sensation!

  • 9
  • July


Well - let no-one tell you putting an online festival is an easy thing...because it ain't. But that doesn't mean it's not fun. We do love tinkering with the wires under the table to create something new, and we feel with Rev Couched, we've done just that.

It's got a terrific mix of brand new feature films, feature documentaries, short film collections, retrospective works, live performance, Q&As and we think it really captures to adventure and vibrancy of the physical festival. 

Many, if not most, of the films are Australian premieres, some are world premieres, all bar one are available nationally, some also available in New Zealand and some internationally.

The selection rates amongst some of the most acclaimed titles from the pre-COVID international film festival scene including major award winners featuring some of the screen industry's new shining lights.

They're all online now until July 19 right here

Buy passes and all here.

Combined with our existing REVonDEMAND streaming service, commissioning of short films through the City of Vincent Film Project, our physical event, an XR/VR/games conference and expo (XR:WA) and a secret major VR production we'll soon be announcing, Rev continues to define what a film festival can be. We're not interested in red carpet things. We're interested in things that make a difference.

We're very proud to be leading the way locally and nationally as Western Australia's major screen culture event and organisation and can't wait to see you physically later in the year.

  • 7
  • July


In solidarity with our Black Lives Matter brothers and sisters locally, nationally and internationally, we're really happy to present our Black Voices that Matter retrospective as part of our online film festival: Couched.

Made up of 4 classic Australian and American works, we're very pleased to include two Charles Burnett titles including the brilliant 70's work Killer of Sheep and his 1983 work My Brother's Wedding. Cited as one of the great American filmmakers - African American or otherwise - we're honoured to at last screen these films. 

...and if music is what you're looking for you simply cannot miss the recently restored 80's Gospel documentary Say Amen, Somebody and the utterly unique Australian musical directed by Rachel Perkins, One Night the Moon.

We love them all - and we hope you do. They're all online from July 9-19 right here

Buy passes and all here.

  • 30
  • June


Look no further - 30+ international feature titles, talks, live shows and all manner of surprises. They're all right here.

Buy passes and all here.

The 2020 online program is a hotbed of international discoveries, ambition and experimentation. We're incredibly pleased with the way our online program has formed and the way it seeks to take this new cultural environment and reshape it to the advantage of filmmakers in the arrangements we make and the people we reach.

It's a new environment - and we like what it can do.

  • 25
  • June


The films keep coming for Rev Couched with a few more to be announced including a live performance that will unfold for locations around the country before your very eyes!

Added over the last week or so is:


...and well the current list is here.

Passes are available now as are tickets for all films - and there's another dozen to come.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

  • 19
  • June


We're really, really happy with the way our 2020 online festival - Couched - is shaping up. COVID has forced us into the extra-terrestrial world with 30+ brand new international feature films and documentaries + shorts programs, talks and workshops and surprises yet to come. Almost all titles are available nationally.

 Its a brilliant program of Australian and world premieres, new Australian features and more including:

  • From the director of The Tribe comes the stunning Venice award winner Atlantis.
  • Abel Ferrara's amazing film Siberia, starring Willem Dafoe 
  • The rip-snorting WA horror sci-fi cracker An Ideal Host
  • The heartbreaking observational documentary Lovemobil
  • Fascinating filmmaker biographies about Andrey Tarkovsky and Milos Forman

...and well the current list is here.

Passes are available now as are tickets for all films - and there's another dozen to come.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

  • 18
  • June


From the very start, Rev has always stood on the personal ethics of the people behind the event. These ethics are reflected in every element of the event from its organisation structure, through to its program, through to its sponsors, through to its visual and strategic identity. Our Vision Statement is "To make a difference". It's as simple as that.

We don't mind saying that our ethics that are centred on equality, social justice, sustainability and collaboration, has seen some interesting responses locally and nationally around our opinions published in this article today. We've been told to start "organising lamington drives and staging mime acts at school fetes", been called "hypocrites", our values called "extreme" and we've been told by on social media that "cutting your nose off to spite your face in the current arts a waste of fucking time and energy"...which basically sums up what our festival director's thoughts in the challenges of ethical partnerships in the article.

What we do as a cultural event is about opinions, perspectives and context. We are not passive exhibitors, but active contributors. We appreciate all of those opinions and are very proud that we can provide a platform for them to be heard - that's the whole point of what we do. 

If you're up for that, we'd love to have you on board as an event partner and assist in developing diversity, a positive, creative and critical community and, like us, make a statement about art in culture. You can speak to us here.

  • 10
  • June


Just as we promised, COVID isn't going to stop us brining some of the best of contemporary international cinema to you....and to prove it, we're pleased to announce the first 12 films in our online festival, Couched.

This includes the Venice winner and stunning Ukranian dystopian love story of sorts, Atlantis, the new work from Abel Ferrara starring his screen alter-ego Willem Dafoe in Siberia, the hugely entertaining look at the Synthwave movement in Rise of the Synths, the gripping documentary Cold Case Hammarskjöld, the sensational portrait at multi-Oscar winning director Milos Forman in Forman vs Forman and a ton more.

Take a look at the current list here and how to buy passes and tickets here, but there's another dozen or so to come! 

The program will also include a range of short films, live talks and panels and a ton more. 

Passes are on sale now or you can buy tickets to announced individual films by clicking on the film catalogue here

These are some of the best titles around and that your likely to see for a while yet, so we suggest you jump on board. Most titles are available for audiences across Australia, some are available for New Zealand also and some are available internationally!


  • 7
  • June


We've always taken our social, cultural, community and artistic responsibilities fact the event is built on social, political and artistic statement. We've never, nor ever will, accept sponsorship support from fossil-fuel based industries and others that pose a threat to the environment, social equity and respect for cultural traditions. The negative output of many of these organisations has always been known, and its results never more awful than in recent weeks in WA - as are its response.

Likewise, Revelation has refused significant funding approaches from organisations that engage in questionable financial lending practices and have divisions engaged in the manufacture of weapons systems and weapons of war. These are more common than you may think.

This is more than what the event itself stands for, but what we as the individuals who construct the event annually stand for and always have.

If you do too, we'd love to hear from you and so would our audience. Drop us a line here for any and all details.  

  • 2
  • June

REV ANNOUNCES ONLINE FILM PROGRAM FOR 2020 thing's for sure, we haven't spent the COVID lockdown twiddling our thumbs and wondering what to do next. Instead we've been planning both an online event in July and a physical festival later this year...but first comes our online event - Couched.

Couched will run online via the amazing Eventive platform from 9-19 July and will present 25+ of  the finest new feature films and documentaries from the international film festival and independent scene including a selection of recent appearances at Berlin, Sundance, Toronto and Rotterdam. 

As a festival, we've pioneered the cultural streaming space with our own platform -REVonDEMAND - for 5-years or so, so for us this is natural and quality extension.

Films will be available for rent for a 24 hour period through the fest, with titles available regionally, nationally and, we are proud to say, even internationally. 

Passes are on sale now or visit our ticketing link here for full details.

The full program will be released from next week in most, if not all its glory!

  • 1
  • June


REVonDEMAND is the gift that never stops giving and for June, we've got 6 new titles on offer. Well they're not strictly "new" but they're new to us. All are available for audiences internationally and some only available anywhere from this unique platform.

Music and social justice? Well, there's Favela Rising. Hard-ass action and crime? Gravesend and Totem are in your zone. Interested in a local horror/thriller? The Light is all yours!...and if documentary is what you want in your life, Baxter & Me and Way of the Morris is what you're looking for. 

We've been building this streaming service for around five years and it represents an utterly unique streaming service with films often available internationally...and there's tons of free feature films as well as all shorts. It's fair to  filmmakers and represents about the best collection of international independent cinema you'll find anywhere.

We're very proud of it.

  • 3
  • MAY


The lockdown hasn't stopped us from bringing the best in new, recent and classic international independent cinema to you - and to prove it, we're bringing you 6 new titles on our very own streaming platform - REVonDEMAND - for May.

 We continue our romance with music documentary with Bad Brains: A Band in DC (available internationally), Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present and Das Wassup (available internationally) - all of which have screened at recent Rev editions. We love art too, so we also proud to present SXSW and Sundance favourites Beauty is Embarrassing (available internationally)and Narcissister Organ Player. Finally, one of our favourite Aussie films of recent years  is the real-time, single-shot feature Watch the Sunset. All 1st class international film festival material and available alongside around 200 feature and feature documentary titles on REVonDEMAND

We've been building this streaming service for around five years and it represents an utterly unique streaming service with films often available internationally...and there's tons of free feature films as well as all shorts. It's fair to  filmmakers and represents about the best collection of international independent cinema you'll find anywhere.

We're very proud of it.

  • APR
  • 5


Perth local Aminah Hughes took out two awards recently at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards in New York, in both songwriting and music video directing categories. Amazing!

Aminah is among the year's most exceptional artists honoured at the prestigious awards, alongside Grammy Award winner Lucinda Williams, D Generation's Jesse Malin and Canada's Juno Award nominee, STORRY. 

2020 marks Aminah's second year as a musical nominee at the awards and her first win, with song "Storm of Time" taking out Best Alt. Country Song. It was her first nomination and win in a filmmaking category, earning her the audience award for Best Director, Short Form Music Video for "I Need to Learn." 

Both songs feature on the album Blue Wooden Boat, the first release on Aminah's independent label Blue Wolf Records. The video was the second project under Aminah's newest venture, Sky Woman Productions. Created as part of  Revelation Perth International Film Festival's 2019 Blind Date initiative it had its online premiere with New York music magazine,Musical Notes Global.

The Independent Music Awards recognises exceptional work by indie creatives from around the globe. This year’s Nominees were culled from thousands of Album, EP, Song, Producer, Music Video and Visual Design submissions from 73 countries on 6 continents. Previous nominees include Macy Gray, Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Passenger,
Meghan Trainor and Pokey LaFarge.

Winning projects were selected by an influential judging panel that included Tom Waits, Robert Smith, Ziggy Marley, KT Tunstall, Roberta Flack, Coolio, and Joe Satriani.

Congratulations Aminah - well deserved.


  • 5
  • APR


We're battling through the plague as best we can, and one of the things that keeps us going is bringing audiences locally, nationally and internationally some of the best independent features, feature documentaries and shorts directly to you through our REVonDEMAND streaming portal.

For April we've added three new titles - all of which we've screened in previous events. They're all docs and make for absorbing viewing including the brilliant music film RocKabul, Johan Grimonprez's frightening tale of the international arms trade with Blue Orchids and Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein's inspiring "occupy" film, The Take.

Take a look at the entire catalogue of around 200 individual works and dive into our world of international independent cinema. We're not just linking to works that are already online but going out and speaking directly with producers, directors, sales agents and distributors to bring these excellent works to you - sometimes exclusively internationally - via REVonDEMAND.

It an utterly unique to any film festival on the planet and a fantastic home-gown asset to the WA screen industry.

Click here for the full catalogue.

  • 4
  • APR


Revelation Film Festival is creating an online treasure trove of Western Australian made films.

 Revelation Film Festival has its own screening platform - REVonDEMAND - with close to 200 international feature film and feature documentary films online with many available to international audiences.

Supporting and developing the local screen industry and audiences has always been at our core so if you're a WA filmmaker and have something you'd like to include, we'd love to host it in a WA section we're building. There's already a ton of WA shorts, docs and features in the overall catalogue, but we'd like more.

 With many in the film industry having unexpected time on their hands, this is the perfect opportunity to raid your cupboards, your desktop, your hard drive and everywhere else for those projects which have not seen the light of day for quite a while.

 "Developing REVonDEMAND over the last five years has been enormously enjoyable and enabled us to stay in direct with contact with producers, directors, sales agents and screen artists around the globe” says Revelation Director Richard Sowada.

“What’s often sad though is the number of fabulous films over the years that have simply vanished from any form of public view. We hope something like this as part of REVonDEMAND, can bring these old, new or  lost works to local, national and international audiences and demonstrate the great diversity of WA filmmaking talent and traditions”.

If it's a short and already online, send us a link. If it's a feature or feature doc that's already available for free online, send us a link. If you want us to include a film with a rent or buy option simply drop us a line and we'll send an agreement, grab a file from you and we're off! Hopefully we can bring your film to audiences all over the world.

Email us right here to get your film online.

  • 24
  • MAR

PHYSICAL REV, Rev academic & xr:wa POSTPONED UNTIL SEPT 24-Oct 4

We're not happy about it but there's no way around it...Rev has been postponed until September 24-Oct 4, 2020. Who knows if we'll be bumped again, but we're still watching films and making plans. One of those plans is harnessing the immersive potential of our sister event XR:WA and delivering a series of online seminars and workshops which we're working on right now!

We're also happy to say that for those confined at home and locked out of cinemas, we'll be running a series of commentaries and Q&As with international filmmakers whose work is platformed on our very on On Demand portal - REVonDEMAND.

We're also working on a few surprises and are as we speak collaborating with a range of other independent national and international screen culture events and festivals in presenting some of the finest short, feature, documentary and experimental films the world has to offer.

We're currently forming approaches to how best to offer our services and resources - including REVonDEMAND - to the filmmaking community and screen artists so more to come...and there may be some very interesting things afoot…

This postponement includes Revelation Academic and XR:WA which will also take place Sept 24-27th at the Perth Cultural Centre.

  • 23
  • MAR


We know it's an odd time to be looking for partners, but we haven't stopped producing screen culture content or connecting with audiences locally, nationally and internationally - and for event partners we can construct spunky and innovative campaigns to reach them. 

These include presentation of online talks, seminars and masterclasses, films screening as part of REVonDEMAND (many with international reach), XR:WA and the possibility of working with us on commissioning a range of immersive and online moving image content.

If you're keen, so are we. Contact us right here for more information.

  • 23
  • MAR


Sick of Netflix already? Well over the last 4 years we've been building our very own on demand portal - REVonDEMAND. Made up of around 150 feature documentary and feature films as well as more 200 shorts, REVonDEMAND is packed with some of the most innovative and inspiring works of all forms from the four corners of the globe.

Films are available for rent or purchase, many are available only on this portal and most have been screened at Rev since our inception in 1997.

We're adding new titles all the time - and we're negotiating with producers, sales agents and distributors internationally for a ton more.

It's utterly unique to any film festival in the world and within weeks, we'll be having profiled filmmakers speaking about their films with special Q&As that will provide free access to selected films and filmmakers.

  • 2
  • MAR

march austrAlian revelations: the dish - POSTPONED

Sorry folks, but due to the current "issues" our forthcoming screening of The Dish and all forthcoming Australian Revelations screenings have been postponed.

The Dish is classic Australian stuff and the film that single-handedly put the Australian small town of Parkes on the map…until the Elvis Festival of course. Led by Cliff Buxton (Sam Neill), this lovely film tells the story of the Moon landing and the extraordinary role the Parkes satellite dish in receiving and relaying the iconic images of Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind to the world.

In true Australian style, things don’t always go as clockwork and this group of eccentric scientists who are responsible for manning a satellite dish inauspiciously located on a remote Australian sheep farm, struggle to overcome a series of mishaps to fulfil their place in this gigantic puzzle.

Great characters and a great story bring this unique film to life under the deft hand of the Working Dog team who are responsible for some of the best loved contemporary Australian TV and cinema.

Australian Revelations is a celebration of Australian cinema. Hosted by Breaking Banter at the fabulous The Backlot Perth with drinks from Otherside Brewing and West Cape Howe Wines, cheese and international delights from Perth Gourmet Trader.

  • 19
  • FEB


We've had a brilliant response to the call for academic papers for our very own academic conference which is great! We've decided to let everyone settle in to the academic year though and have extended the deadline in the call for papers until March 10th (lucky you!).

If you're wanting to participate in Australia's only academic event associated with an international film festival, we're coming down to the wire, so jump on board and have your say.

Find out more here.

  • 10
  • FEB


What would the year be without our very own Oscars celebration?...but unfortunately if you haven't got your tickets, it's sold out!

For those that have, we'll see you with Sparkling in hand for a live stream of the event and celebrate the cinematic year that was at the Perth Backlot.

It's always a super fun day and one full of surprises.

  •  Full bar open
  • Red carpet from 8.30am
  • Prizes and lively debate in spades
  • Wear your Oscars best!
  • 1
  • Feb


Noted Australian film critic and local boy made good, Travis Johnson gives us his Feburary REVonDEMAND recommendations. He's thinking of your walltet too, because a couple of them are free!

They're all bios which is interesting and feature the great Ramones doc End of the Century, Gonzo: The Life & Work of Hunter S Thompson, Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction and William Gibson: No Maps for These Territories.

Click here for the entire catalogue.

  • 1
  • Feb


Since its inception, Rev has carved out a reputation as one of the strongest supporters of new Australian and West Australian cinematic talent and voices in the country. While you'll see the same Aussie titles at most festivals, Rev consistently platforms the undiscovered.

For us, locally made shorts are front and centre including the funding and commissioning of ten locally produced short documentaries, 9 moving image art installations and the screening of local shorts, features and documentaries throughout the program proper. In numerous instances, it has included films unnoticed by film festivals and distributors but which have gone on to significant successes locally and internationally.

In pushing this commitment even closer to the front, we’ll be programming a special WA side-bar - Home Base: WA Discoveries. For it, we’re looking for feature films and feature documentaries to premiere at Rev and that have independent spirit, unique voice and creative ambition. If that’s you, send us your film.

Enter here.

  • 17
  • Jan

city of vincent filmmaking PROJECT recipients announced

We're proud to announce the winning submissions for its third commissioning collaboration with the City of Vincent with the City of Vincent Filmmaking Project.

Each documentary receives $5,000 to showcase stories in and about the City Of Vincent. The project aims to represent Vincent, its residents and their stories, as well as provide emerging filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their film making talents.

In 2019/2020, the initiative received a record number of entries and the three selected works will premiere at a special gala screening at the 2020 Rev in July. All teams will be mentored throughout the entire process to produce the best quality work possible.

The 2020 City of Vincent Film Project winning submissions are:

Since 2011, The Spirit of the Streets Choir has provided an environment where people from all walks of life and all social backgrounds can come together in​ song and friendship. Based at the St Albans Church Hall in Highgate, the choir​ provides an opportunity for people who experience social exclusion or​ disadvantage to participate as active members of a performing choir in a safe,​ welcoming and non-judgmental environment. This documentary will tell the​ story of the choir as they regroup after their Christmas break and prepare for​ their first big gig of the year.
Producer, Director David Downey
Editor Cat Albright-Peakall
Sound Erin Devinish

The fires that have devastated Australia have left behind countless injured and orphaned animals.  This story is about rescued kangaroo joeys and their adoption by human carers.  Presenting this documentary is City of Vincent resident, Alex Cearns, OAM, a world-renowned animal photographer and advocate for rescued Australian animals. We follow Alex as she leads us into the quirky world of kangaroo care and discover the astonishing and heartwarming stories behind Raising Joey.
Producer Jennifer Friend
Writer/Director Stephen Bartley
Cinematographer Andrew Silberstein
Editor and Sound Kaela Halatau
Talent Alex Cearns OAM

Giving the provocation “if these walls could talk…” to various owners and inhabitants of unique, architecturally interesting or palpably intimate buildings, These Walls is a short poetic​ documentary that will bring these stores and their essence to life through dance and​ sound design.​ Dancers of different forms and ages respond to the stories and architecture inside the homes within the City of Vincent.

These Walls uses performers from different dance backgrounds (a contemporary dancer,​ Indian Classical Bharatanatyam dancer and a young ballet dancer) who will​ respond to both the stories from the owners and the architectural space and unique objects​ that exist in the space. The work will feel nostalgic and familiar, and bring a new perspective​ onto the buildings that may go unnoticed in our everyday experience in the City of Vincent. We​ hope these stories will get audiences to think about their own relationship to home.
Producer Sophia Vertannes
Writer, Director Brodie Rowlands
Cinematographer Alice Stephans
Sound Zain Awan

  • 2
  • Dec


We've released dozens of titles this year across all forms and we're super pleased with the way it's all been going - and for December we have 5 more titles.

If social justice or the environment is your thing so is the explosive doc In the Shadow of the Palms or the enviro piece The Whale. Social observation? Well, The Irish Pub and Love at the Twilight Motel is your bag. And for lovers of Oz cinema, we're very proud to include Kriv Stender's excellent early work Blacktown

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info, or click here for the full catalogue of close to 400 individual titles.

  • 18
  • Nov


We never want to stop hearing what you have to say and we're dedicated to encouraging critical thinking and discussion - so if you've got something to say, say it at Revelation Academic!

This unique 2-day event is now calling for papers with Abstracts and Synopsis due Monday 10th February 2020.

We're open to any and all subjects, but if you'd like to see some specific ideas, click here.

Revelation Academic is proudly presented by Curtin University's School of Media, Creative Arts & Social InquiryVenue:

Art Gallery of WA Theatrette
Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, Western Australia
9 -10 July 2020

Click here for all the details!

  • 16
  • Nov

city of vincent film project SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

We've had a record number of submissions for the City of Vincent Film Project - but we're sorry to say the 2020 call for submissions has closed.

The project is looking to invest in three films to be produced in and around (or about) the City of Vincent - it couldn't be easier...and a number of titles over the last couple of years are still having success on the film fest circuit around Australia.

Click here for more information - but that might only make you angry.

  • 6
  • Nov


Last year we auspiced grant funds for the inaugural Uni Goonies Film Festival - and as lovers and supporters of new and inventive screen culture events in WA, we're right behind the Goonies!

Uni Goonies is a film event prodcued by students for students. It's a film festival for films written, produced by and starring University students and young adults from Western Australia. This festival gives opportunities for first to final year students to express their creativity and prowess in screenplay, production and post-production of films. Students can enter films in these different categories:

  • Shorts
  • Experimentals
  • CelebrateWA films
  • Black Out films
  • Fountain of Youth films
  • Genreland films
  • Music Videos

Good on 'em and take a look at what they're up to here.

  • 31
  • Oct


We've got some very cool REVonDEMAND announcements to come, but for now you'll have to be content with six new titles on the platform for November.

REVonDEMAND is an utterly unique streaming service. It's not subscription based (who needs another one of those) and is tailored to those wanting something with a little more bite than you'll find pretty well anywhere.

Most of the titles have screened at Rev over the last 20 years, but we're now adding plenty that haven't which is great - with many exclusive internationally to this service. On that, many of the titles are also available for international audiences.

The darn thing is really starting to take off and is a testament to the appetite audiences have for difference and for opinion.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's new releases or click here for the whole catalogue of 300+ shorts, features and documentary films.

  • 29
  • Oct


10th Anniversary screening!

It's with great pleasure we present a great film from an utterly unique Australian filmmaker and old friend of Revelation, Adam Elliot

Winning an Oscar for the wonderful Harvey Krumpet, Adam describes his own work as “chunky and wonky”, a characteristic that gives his animations such wonderful personality and truth – and Mary and Max is no exception.


Adam’s claymation feature is just beautiful. With a first class cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, Toni Collette, Barry Humphries, Bethany Whitmore, Mary and Max is a rare experience indeed from a very special person.

 Adam Elliot will join us post screening for a Q+A.

Read more here.
Buy tickets here

Mon Nov 25th
6:30pm for complimentary drinks and cheese! Film @ 7pm.

The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

  • 18
  • Oct


From its inception and for more than 20-years, Revelation has adopted an ethical partnership agenda.

Over the years, Revelation has received significant criticism from government and other sectors in its resistance in seeking funds from fossil-fuel based industries and others that pose a threat to the environment, social equity and respect for cultural traditions. That's a tough choice in a resource-driven economy.

Where we have seen many other events of significant standing take funds on offer, Revelation has refused significant funding approaches from organisations that engage in questionable financial lending practices and have divisions engaged in the manufacture of weapons systems and weapons of war. Some of these things may be buried deeply in business structures but they're there - and where they are, we're not.

We take our social responsibilities seriously and we believe this is seen in every creative, organisational and business aspect of the event. 

If you do too, we'd love to have you on board!

Find out more here.

  • 5
  • Oct


Our very own On Demand portal - REVonDEMAND brings you another 6 titles for October...and if you're a lover of documentary, you can't miss! 

If sport is your thing so is Death of a Gentleman. For great biographies of great women, Good Ol' Freda and Bhutto are for you. If international politics and glorious observation is what you're looking for, you'll find it with Last Train Home. Make Hummus Not War will give you a different bent on international political relationships and More Than Honey takes you into the precarious world of bees.

Our REVonDEMAND catalogue has hundreds of international independent short, feature and documentary films for your enjoyment. Most have screened at Rev over the years, making REVonDEMAND one of the most vibrant and important online streaming platforms you'll find anywhere. Many of the titles you won't find available anywhere on the planet in any form and many of them are free - including all the shorts. 

We're not just linking to films playing on existing sites but actively seeking acquisition of them so we're dealing directly with all our friends in the international creative world...and your purchase or rental goes straight to them!

Click here to see the full catalogue or scroll down to the bottom of the page and see what's on offer for October.

  • 30
  • Sept


After another sell-out house in September, Australian Revelations is back with a Halloween special!

The Loved Ones is a real thrill from start to finish and a triumph for director Sean Byrne.

Starting out as a coming of age movie, there's a rapid gear change and something far nastier emerges in this blood splattered horror classic-to-be.  Expect mirror disco balls, prom queens, dirty kitchens, nails and blood.  To say any more would give too much away.

There's a real joy for gore and grossness here, a true celebration of the genre devoid of apology.  Writer/director Sean Byrne knows his stuff and alongside the shocks, there's a tight plot and tighter direction, which never lets up, as the film heads for its blood-soaked climax. 

Read more here.
Buy tickets here

Mon Oct 28th
6:30pm for complimentary drinks and cheese! Film @ 7pm.

The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

  • 1
  • Sept


Deadline April 1st, 2020

One of our favourite times of the year is upon us. It's the time when we get to explore the current  state of play in the international filmmaking community through our call for entries.

Each year we receive hundreds of works of all forms from around the planet and now is the time to get them to us.

We've got tons of time and a clean canvas so do the right thing and send us those films.

There's multiple portals you can use including:

  • 27
  • Aug


Guaranteed to sell out!

This fantastic film went some way in reinvigorating the Australian film industry round about 2010. Hard and gritty with a great cast, Animal Kingdom smashed it out of the part for all concerned and garnered an Oscar nomination for Jackie Weaver.

An absolute cracker of a film, Animal Kingdom tells the thinly veiled true crime story of a family caught in a cycle of violence drugs and hard-core activity on the wrong side of the law. 

With dozens of international awards under its belt and an Oscar nomination for Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom is as tight as a snare drum, invigorating and exciting by anyone’s standards and an absolute must-see Australian classic.

Read more here.
Buy tickets here

Mon Sept 23rd
6:30pm for complimentary drinks and cheese! Film @ 7pm.

The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

  • 26
  • Aug


One of our favourite Oz movies in recent years - Watch the Sunset - is back for Australian Revelations...and we can't wait.

It's super exciting and super fresh and unfolds in a single 80minute take with the camera moving in and out of cars, through locations and with action a-plenty.

It's a thrilling and enormously enjoyable experience and a major achievement. We love this film that tells the story of Danny, an ex-con and his small - and rightly terrified – family, over one brutal afternoon.

Read more here.
Buy tickets here
Mon, 26 August

6:30pm for complimentary drinks and cheese!

The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

  • 23
  • Aug

$15,000 in production grants with CITY OF VINCENT FILM PROJECT 

Submissions Now Open

Deadline 1st November 2019.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival is proud to announce its third commissioning collaboration with the City of Vincent with the City of Vincent Film Project.

This unique initiative provides three filmmakers the opportunity to receive $5,000 in production funds to produce a non-fiction film of 10-minutes or under that intersects in one way or another with the City of Vincent. That’s as simple as it gets.
There’s a total of $15,000 on offer and filmmakers will be guided and mentored through the process from start to finish by Revelation’s Ashleigh Nicolau, providing a unique opportunity for filmmakers to learn all aspects of producing a film from technical requirements, storytelling fundamentals, post production techniques and marketing and communications strategies. The successful films will screen at a special gala during the 2020 Rev event.
“We’re continually blown away by the high quality of all the works produced” says Festival Director Richard Sowada.

“These films are the real thing and their ability to circulate the international film festival scene in their own right is testament to the talent and the strength of the initiative.”
Filmmakers over the last two years have given the project a red-hot crack, producing works that are screening at film festivals around the country and learning the craft in a professional and collaborative context.
“Revelation is one of the few international film festivals in Australia, and certainly in WA,  that support film production in such a direct and positive way” adds Sowada.

“It’s utterly unique and feeds directly into a positive and creative community and industry – that makes us very proud. We don’t just show great movies – we’re helping make them!”

Submissions open 23 August and close 1 November 2019.

More information? Click here.

For project Guidelines, click here.

To submit your idea online, click here.

  • 2
  • Aug


Now the festival's over, we're full steam ahead with our very own on demand service - REVonDEMAND - with 6 new titles added for August!.

If wild rock and all biography is your thing, Dead Hands Dig Deep is right in your zone. If you're constantly hankering for that dry Austin humour, you can't miss with the rotoscope animation Mars. If it's hard-nosed politics and social justice you're looking for, go no further than The Enemy Within and Utopia. And for a lovely observational documentary, one of our favourites is The Hotel Upstairs. Last but by no means least is an Aussie gothic horror which is selling like hot-cakes, The Sculptor's Ritual.

Either way, visit REVonDEMAND to experience hundreds of short, documentary and feature films on our purpose-built streaming service!

  • 19
  • July


Slept through the whole thing or want to relive the memories? Then take a look at the 2019 Rev photo gallery! It'll give you a comprehensive overview of the scale and scope of what took place - and if you're a potential partner, it'll give you a great sense of the vibe and audience.

Take a look at the catalogue right here.

  • 18
  • July


Look - the festival might be over but our very own On Demand platform means access to hundreds of international independent short, feature and documentary titles doesn't have to stop. Almost all the titles in this unique catalogue have appeared at Rev over the last 22-years and we're adding new titles each month.

Many of the titles are exclusive to REVonDEMAND and many are available internationally. So we suggest you take a look and satisfy that itch that only REVonDEMAND can scratch.

Take a look at the catalogue right here.

  • 18
  • July

2020 DATES...july 2nd-15th, 2020

Just in case you were wondering, out 2020 dates are July 2nd-15th. Don't forget it's a leap year so things are all a little bit akimbo, but rest assured it'll be business - but never as per usual!

  • 18
  • July


It's the day after the festival and we're already swinging into action with a full year of activities, screenings and industry engagement.

Our 2020 call for entries opens on Sept 1st, we'll be on deck again in August with our next Australian Revelations - which be one of the hits from the the 2018 event, and we're already planning our 2020 retrospective works and XR:WA.

Stay tuned for developments as they come to hand but, we all had a good sleep on the plane on the way home so we're ready to roll!

  • 18
  • July

2019 SELL OUTs!

What a fantastic year! 2019 saw our best box office year ever with packed houses throughout - and just to prove it, here's a list of our sell out houses for this year!

AFTRS Masters Taster. Part of Industrial Revelations - Sold out!

Bait. Thu 11th, 8pm, Leederville -Sold Out!

Bait. Sat 13th, 2pm, Leederville - Sold Out!

Black '47: Sun 7th, 8.15pm, Leederville - Sold Out!

- Carmine St Guitars - Sun 14th, 3.15pm - Sold Out!

The Eyes of Orson Welles. Sat 13th Leederville - Sold Out!

The Final Quarter. Mon 8th, 6.30pm Leederville - Sold Out!

Framing John DeLorean.  Sat 13th, 6.30pm Leederville - Sold Out!   

Get Your Shorts On: Thur 11th - Sold Out!   

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead. Fri 6th, 8.30pm Leederville - Sold out!   

- Happy New Year, Colin Burstead. Fri 12th, 4.20pm Leederville - Sold out!

I Go Further Under. Sat 6th, 2.30pm, Leederville - Sold out!     

Kursk: Opening Night - Sold out!

- Leto: Sun 14th, 12.45pm, Leederville - Sold out!     

Long Shorts: Sat 13th, 10.40am, Leederville - Sold out!     

Midnight Family. Tues 9th, 8pm Leederville - Sold out!  

Monos. Sun 7th, 4pm Leederville - Sold Out!  

Monos. Tue 9th, 6.20pm Leederville - Sold Out!  

Monos. Sun14th, 9pm Leederville - Sold Out!  

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records Sat 6th, 4.20pm Leederville - Sold out!    

- Ready Team One (XR:WA) - Sold Out!

 - Sheeple: Mon 8th, 6.15pm Leederville - Sold out!    

  • 18
  • July


If you missed the boat and just want to torture yourself as to the incredible things you missed out on, here's our 2019 program

It contained 144+ individual films, more than 200 session, events and activities across town, workshops and masterclasses and films from the 4-corners of the globe.

Take a look here at the online program and here if you want to download it as a PDF

It's amazing!

  • 31
  • May


We've been testing logistic and audience appetite for VR and immersive content for the last few years and for 2019 we're proud to announce the introduction of XR:WA.

From July 6th-14th, we're running a series of workshops, masterclasses, talks, exhibitions and networking events across Perth and Fremantle and places between that examine current local and international work in areas of VR, games, AI and AR.

A unique event in Australia, XR:WA is a brilliant platform for local games, tech developers and audiences. It includes a 3-day conference and public exhibition at the Pan Pacific Hotel, an open door at Curtin University's amazing HIVE gallery, full dome and VR exhibits at Scitech, school holiday VR at the Fremantle Maritime Museum, a Immersive After dark club at Studio Startup and talks at Sunset Studios.

The conference and expo will include a 360' immersive theatre, the Spacecubed Games and Experience Emporium, live untethered team game play and all manner of other wall to wall activity.

Visit our Facebook Page here, join us on Twitter here and Instagram here, visit the XR:WA website here and stay tuned for more details as they come to hand

  • 25
  • May


Our May Aus Revelations screening of Pawno is sold out! Sorry...well we're not really but you have to be faster...

 Set in the always energetic, diverse and multicultural suburb of Footscray,Pawnorevolves around one day in the lives of twelve characters. The film is set in an ageing pawnbrokers shop and at the core of the story beats a romance, yet love is rarely simple. Within a day, lives intersect and motives are examined. This multi-layered story celebrates the rawness of humanity and challenges audiences to see the world from a different view.

Read more here.

Mon 29 April, 6:30pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

  • 19
  • Apr


We love being in a position to encourage actual film production and that's why we love the Blind Date music video filmmaking competition.

It's a super simple idea. We have dozens of songs from local artists. If you're a pro-filmmaker or simply want to give it a crack, just choose a song, make a clip, if your selected as a finalist your film will be screened at a special night at the Freo.Social.

Your video could become the office music video for that song and be seen everywhere - including YouTube!

It's heaps of fun and who knows what may happen.

For more details and the list of songs, click here.

  • 27
  • Mar


One of the best nights on the monthly film-lover's calendar is Australian Revelations. Presenting some of the best in Australian classics and new features and documentaries it takes place the last Monday every month (almost)...and for April we present Jocelyn Moorhouse's great film starring Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe - Proof.

FimInk sums up the film and it’s fantastic recent restoration with these words “startlingly original…Proof remains one of the finest of all Australian films and, in many ways, an extremely influential one….Mischievously perverse, flawlessly acted, intellectually intriguing, and masterfully controlled, Proof had its world premiere at The Cannes Film Festival, where it had the honour of opening the Director’s Fortnight section. It received a standing ovation, an official plaudit (in the form of the Golden Camera – Special Mention), and heaps of acclaim from the movie world’s top opinion-makers, before selling to territories around the globe.”

It's a fantastic film and recently restored by the National & Film Sound Archive of Australia so it looks just fabulous.

Read more here.

Mon 29 April, 6:30pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

Buy Tickets here

  • 21
  • Mar

continue short film to feature competition & funding

 We're proud to be working with Continuance Pictures on a new initiative that can take your short film to a fully funded feature with a $10k grant!

The initiative will provide up to $10,000 production funding for selected scripts that demonstrate their ability to translate into feature film concepts. In unearthing these stories, Revelation is working with Continuance Pictures who are themselves working with Korean Distributors Showbox and CJ Entertainment in project concepts that can move into feature or long-form production stages.

This fund and initiative aims targets A-list film festivals with the short as well as providing a proof of concept and trial for the bigger production. 

Our part in the overall scheme of things is to provide WA filmmakers with the opportunity to go to the top of the international assessment if you have a feature script associated with a short, what have you got to lose?

Submissions close May 17th.

Click here for further details.

Click here to go directly to the online submission portal.

  • 5
  • Mar


 The 2019 COV Film Fund doco’s are now in production. Kick Like a Girl, The Throwback and Persia's Pantry. 

Persia's Pantry follows Iranian refugee Arad, who tells his story of what it is like to be an Asylum seeker in  Australia after being forced to flee his native country, Iran.

"Arad’s story is a heartfelt struggle that barely begins to express the darkest moments a person seeking asylum must face. I feel honoured and blessed to be able to share his journey.”  Daniel Pitcher (Director)

“Hopefully with this film we can change perceptions and ideologies about asylum seekers.” Daniel Njegich (Producer) 

Arad has now started his own catering company, Persia’s Pantry. Arad’s travels through Perth with his stall, featuring homemade Iranian style recipes passed onto him from his mother, still in Iran. Recipes that instil the rich heritage and sensation of his Iranian heritage. 

Filmmakers Daniel Pitcher (Director) and Daniel Njegich (Producer) share Arads intimate and personal story on how  Persia’s Pantry came about. 

“The documentary will showcase the brilliant colours and flavours of his Iranian Heritage.” Daniel Pitcher

Persia's Pantry will be debuting at Revelation Film Festival in July this year.

Read more here:

Persia's Pantry Facebook Page 

City of Vincent Film Fund Rev page 

  • 1
  • Mar


It's back for another year - our monthly showcase of new and classic Australian feature films and for march we present the great grown up coming of age film The Pretend One.

Filled with great performances and plenty of heart, the film is a fantastic and idiocyncratic adult coming of age. Charlie and Hugo who are aged in their 20’s and live in a rural town in Central Queensland. They’ve been best friends their whole lives.  There’s just one thing – Hugo is Charlie’s imaginary friend.

This lovely film deserves a wide audience so we're expecting another sell-out so we suggest getting your tickets early for this one.

Read more here.

Mon. 25 March, 6:30 pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

Buy tickets here.

  • 1
  • March


Oh my Lord, REVonDEMAND has got 6 new amazing titles for March to add to what is the best selection of international independent films you'll find online anywhere!

For lovers of classic comedy there's one of our all-time faves, Buster Keaton's The General. If acid-laced comedy is your thing we welcome on board Neighborhood Food Drive and the Australian feature Lazybones. If music is your thing, you can’t miss with the surprising documentary We Are Twisted F*cking Sister - lots of fun. While on the subject of documentary we’ve also included Errol Morris’ stranger than true tale Tabloid and finally Ian Haig’s incredible body horror ‘documentary’ The Foaming Node

REVonDEMAND has more than 350 international short, feature, documentary, experimental and hybrid work available for rent or hire. There's also plenty of free stuff and dozens of films unavailable anywhere internationally! It's an utterly unique service and and that brings to you the finest and rarest international independent film you'll get anywhere.

Click here for the full catalogue.

  • 25
  • Feb


Proudly supported by Rev and after a hugely successful 2018 the Uni Goonies student film festival is back.


It's open to all students at any level and a fantastic networking opportunity , not to say a rare opportunity to screen your work in front of a large and receptive audience.

Take a look at their wrap trailer here from the 2018 event. If you want to make a donation to their event to help make sure it's the best it can possibly be, you can do so here.

  • 6
  • Feb


We love the international awards season and what a year it's been!

So if you do too, well - you'll have to find your own way there because our gig is sold out!

Mon. 25 February 2019
8:30am – 12:30pm 
Perth Backlot

  • 6
  • Feb


We're over the moon to congratulate the lucky recipients of the recent City of Vincent Film Project Fund. Each of the three groups will receive $5,000 in production funds to produce a non-fiction film with a connection to the City of Vincent and if the quality of the 2018 productions are anything to go by, we're going to be in a very good position for 2019.

Key crew members from each of the three films attended a Meet and Greet event at Leedy’s boutique bar The 21st Amendment ( ) mid-January. This event celebrated their achievement and also introduced each team member to each other and to revelation and City Of Vincent contacts and was a great way for each team to know each other's projects.

The films are now moving into production after a successful Pre-Production workshop held at the City of Vincent. The workshop covered documentary legalities, research, planning and story structure. 

The three films chosen for the 2019 City of Vincent Film Project are;  

THE THROWBACK: If video killed the radio star, then surely Netflix has killed the DVD store. So how can one tenacious woman keep her doors open long enough to be the last DVD store in the city? Produced by Jenny Crabb (Parkerville Amphitheatre: Sets, Bugs and Rock n Roll and Directed by Louise Bertoncini

KICK LIKE A GIRL: AFL is our national sport, it has brought communities together for over 100 years. Today, Women’s AFL is growing at a rapid rate and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. One teenage girl is right in the centre of that growth and she has her eyes on the prize. This film will follow Jasmin Stewart as she chases her dream of making it into the Women’s AFL to play at the top level. Produced by Gabby Ho  (NO LINK) and directed by Jake Blackburn (The Man & His Island

PERSIA’S PANTRY: Persia’s Pantry follows the incredible life journey of Arad Niksefat, a man forced to flee from his own country, only to face a much harsher and demoralising life as an asylum seeker in Australia. Produced by Daniel Njegich (Men of the Shipyard) and directed by Daniel Pitcher (Broken Wings)

Read a little bit more here...

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  • Feb


Our very own On Demand platform - REVonDEMAND - is really starting to take off. We're adding 6 titles each month and we've got at least 6 months of content backed up!

For lovers of absurd comedy there's one of our faves, Dude Bro Party Massacre III - a crazy rip-off of 80s slasher films with a true vis bent. If true inventive indie cinema is your thing Time Lapse, The Call of Cthulhu and Dave Made a Maze are as good as you'll find anywhere - they really are great and complete surprise packages. Finally, there's two great GLBTI docs with Chemsex and That Man: Peter Berlin - poles apart but gee they're good! 

REVonDEMAND has more than 350 international short, feature, documentary, experimental and hybrid work available for rent or hire. There's also plenty of free stuff and dozens of films unavailable anywhere internationally! It's an utterly unique service and and that brings to you the finest and rarest international independent film you'll get anywhere.

Click here for the full catalogue.

  • 5
  • Jan


Over the holidays we've been sourcing more films from our recent and long-past catalogues foo bring to you on our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND...and we've got another 6 for you!

For lovers of of politics we have two fantastic titles - Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia and The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg & the Pentagon Papers. If Art is your thing, you can't miss with Doug Pray's Art & Copy and RiP: A Remix Manifesto. Now, for those with a hankering for something a little more on the utterly nutzoid comedy side of things you have to take a look at one of our surprise hits of a couple of years back, Pictures of great! Finally, we present a film impossible to categorise but a fantastically rewarding and strange experience Melanie - film about memory and fantasy. 

REVonDEMAND has more than 350 international short, feature, documentary, experimental and hybrid work available for rent or hire. There's also plenty of free stuff and dozens of films unavailable anywhere internationally! It's an utterly unique service and and that brings to you the finest and rarest international independent film you'll get anywhere.

Click here for the full catalogue.

  • 29
  • Dec


Rev is a truly unique event on the national cinema scene. It speaks of risk, balance and that special signature that makes adventurous moving image forms.

It embraces live music, art, cinema, games, academic discussion and interactivity and seeks to signpost WA as a centre of critical and creative excellence...and we're looking for someone to design our 2019 visual identity. 

If you're a budding artist and want to be part of the 2019 event we suggest you submit some of your ideas which will dictate the look and feel of the 2019 event.

We're looking for strong and distinctive approaches to the suite of materials which include:

  • Poster/program cover
  • Web banners
  • T-shirts 

If you're keen submit your ideas for the above materials on a single PDF by clicking on the link below and also giving us your contact details.

We'd love to see your work and we will provide a small fee plus two festival gold passes.

We can't wait to hear from you.

Upload your submission here! 

  • 29
  • Dec


We're compelled to let you know of a crowd-funding campaign for a locally produced film about Australian Olympic legend Shirley Strickland...well our Communications Director has told us we have to....and it closes on Dec 31st!

Investing in this project will help us create a full treatment for our feature film about this international sporting icon.

Extensive research has been undertaken by Shirley’s son Matthew de la Hunty and has revealed a web of intrigue which goes way beyond an athletic career.

…Cold War politics, ASIO files, Shirley’s World Record behind the Iron Curtain in 1955, her humble WA wheatbelt beginnings during the depression…

The combination of her sporting fame, intellect and social conscience against the back drop of the Cold war era Melbourne Olympics is an amazing Australian story.

Not only was Shirley an athlete without peer, but she was a woman ahead of her time. Not afraid to add her voice to a cause, she was a feminist before the term was known.

Dave Warner is a writer of considerable repute and has grown up with the legacy of Shirley Strickland. He became acquainted with Matthew de la Hunty though musical circles and together they will wade through the records, the anecdotes, the images and the history that is Shirley’s legacy and create a first draft for a film to be presented for future funding to screen industry agencies.

This is the first step to what is envisaged to become a West Australian film production completed in time for the 2020 Olympic Games, thereby maximising the impact and the potential audience for the story.

Donate here

...or see the Facebook page here.

  • 3
  • Dec


Australia's online home of independent international cinema - REVonDEMAND - announces 6 titles added for December.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what we have in store but if you simply can't be bothered well we have two of M.A. Littler's utterly unique films The Folk Singer  and The Dead Brothers: Death is Not the End, the fest classic Last Days Here is the thing, Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, John Pilger's The Coming War on China and Serge Bozon's wonderfully stylish musical of sorts, Mods.

REVonDEMAND hosts hundreds of short, feature and feature documentary films -many free and many only available on our curated platform. Unlike almost every streaming service, there's no subscription or sign up...just great independent films whenever you feel like it.

See the full catalogue here.

  • 3
  • Dec

City of vincent film project - SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

We're sorry to say the City of Vincent Film Project submissions have closed.

We've got $5,000 each to give to local filmmakers to make a non-fiction film in the City of Vincent locality, so if you're an emerging filmmaker of any type, and we can't wait to give it away.

The 2018 entries were fantastic and continue to screen around the country so we say give it a red a hot go - you've got absolutely nothing to lose.

For all the information you could possibly need about the project, click here!

  • 24
  • Nov


Oohhh...look...another Australian Revelations is sold out!

Winner of 3 AFI Awards in 1998 including Best Film, The Interview has its roots in the golden era of Australian cinema.

Hugo Weaving is great, as the subject of a police interview that doesn't go exactly according to script. What does go according to script is Craig Monahan's excellent directing and lean perspective. It's such a pleasure to bring these fantastic Australian classics to the screen and The Interview doesn't disappoint. 

Guaranteed to sell out and deservedly so.

Read more here.

Mon. 26 October, 6:30 pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

Buy tickets here.

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  • Nov


Australia's online home of independent international cinema - REVonDEMAND - announces 6 titles added for November. 

For November and as part of our Director's Collection, we've added three more titles from German/US filmmaker M.A. Littler: The Kingdom of Survival, Voodoo Rhythm: The Primitive Roots of Rock 'n' Roll and the wonderfully poetic film Lost Coast

We're also very happy to include one of our favourite documentaries since we started with the great biopic Wadd: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes. One of our other favourites is the rarely seen feature from the Czech Republic, Year of the Devil which has taken us a while to get hold of.

Finally, one of the great indie documentaries that we've screened, finds its way to REVonDEMAND with Chad Freidrichs' fantastic story of a reclusive musician with Jandek on Corwood.

REVonDEMAND contains more that 350 international short, feature and feature documentary films that we love and that we've screened since 1997, many available exclusively on this platform.

Many are free, so if you're a film lover, a filmmaker or just curious, we suggest taking a look. There's no subscription, no signup, we don't keep your information or credit card details and there's more films coming all the time.

  • 22
  • Oct


We never sleep and we're always keen to make central contributions to WA-based film and arts events so we're super-happy to be part of the Australiyaniality cultural program for 2018.

Australiyaniality aims to explore Australia's wellbeing. The key word liyan is a Yawuru word that relates to Aboriginal peoples' view of their wellbeing. It is about the way they feel about themselves and relationship with their community.

27 Artists have come together from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to interrogate their own Australian identity and explore what a better Australian identity would look like. Can it be re-shaped? What is good? What needs to change? What is our collective liyan? How do we materialise all of this into real action?

For this special program Rev is screening some of the best and most challenging Australian works in produced in recent years - and we can harly wait to bring them to big screen in the higest of fidelity at the Perth Backlot.

See the full program here.

For your viewing pleasure we present:

  • Jandamarra's War 
  • Vast (free)
  • Australiyaniality - Short Film Compilation (free)
  • Terror Nullius
  • Hotel Coolgardie
  • Wrong Kind of Black (free)
  • Salute

Click here for dates and session times.


Australia's online home of independent international cinema - REVonDEMAND - announces 6 titles added for October. It's also added a new category of Director's Collections where we're highlighting directors who we're hoping 3 or more films from.


For October and as part of our Director's Collection, we've added four titles from German/US filmmaker M.A. Littler: Armenia, Hard Soil: The Muddy Roots of American Music, the rocking live music doc The Bambi Molesters: A Night in Zagreb and his beguiling thriller The Road to Nod...and we've got more to come from this idiosyncratic filmmaker including some more brilliant music documentaries.


We also present Austin filmmaker Bob Ray's documentary cult classic Total Badass and from 2017 we have Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley most excellent and wildly weird comedy, Sylvio

REVonDEMAND contains more that 350 international short, feature and feature documentary films that we love and that we've screened since 1997, many available exclusively on this platform. Many are free, so if you're a film lover, a filmmaker or just curious, we suggest taking a look. There's no subscription, no signup, we don't keep your information or credit card details and there's more films coming all the time.

  • 26
  • Sept


We just couldn't resist bringing this 80s Australian classic to you for Halloween...and it's positively unAustralian to not have seen it at least once.

Russell Mulchay's wonderfully stylish and enormously fun "giant animal in the outback runs amok pitted against unsuspecting American" only gets better with age - it really does - and points to a very different time in Australian cinema.

Newly restored and presented here on the big screen with big sound, big colour and big photography Razorback is a perfect Halloween celebration.

Mon. 29 October, 6:30 pm
Perth Backlot
21 Simpson St
West Perth

Read more here.

Buy tickets here.

  • 25
  • SEPT


Our 2018 City of Vincent Film Project was fantastic! The films were of an incredibly high standard and continue to screen around WA and the country. So, the City of Vincent is again offering a $5,000 grant for three filmmakers to produce a non-fiction film set in the City of Vincent.

Filmmakers will be mentored throughout the filmmaking process with the films to be screened at the 2019 Revelation Film Festival.

Entires close November 30th, 2018.

For more details, click here.

For the Guidelines, click here.

For the online entry form, click here.

  • 17
  • SEPT


We're super pleased to see one of the films form the 2018 City of Vincent Filmmaking Project is a finalist for the Australian Teachers of Media Awards nationally.

It was a crowd-pleaser at the July screening and has been moving its way around the country at other film festival - so we couldn't be happier!

Stay tuned for some more information on the City of Vincent Film Project for 2019!

Take a look at the page here.

  • 11
  • SEPT


Oh boy...a weekend rock festival and films!? We're there physically and spiritually and will be presenting a series of some great music documentaries and features at the brilliant Wave Rock Weekender.

It's time to be wild and free and ride that beautiful wave again for Wave Rock Weekender No.13. They can't wait to take over that cute little caravan park and magnificent rock for the 13th time with what is simply the best people ever enjoying the most pleasurable, personal and soulful festival experience in Australia.

As each year passes in this TOTALLY crazy world, this annual wild long weekend escape to Hyden for camping, music, nature, films and great times seems more meaningful and more important than ever.

The films we've put together include some of our recent Rev faves including:

Wave Rock Weekender always brings out the absolute best in people, brings those people together and then reminds us what genuinely good times actually feel like.

Expect the same careful curation and delivery of live music, film, late night shenanigans, booze, food and camping with the same comfort, respect, pricing, layout and freedom you know and love.

We are adding some premium weird new stuff and pushing musical diversity further than ever this year but the ever reliable main stage & bar, speakeasy, disco-donga, cinema, Wave Rock, salt pond and food vendors will all be there.  

So time to get your Wheatbelt buckled up and we’ll see you at Wave Rock near Hyden for the sweetest weekend of the year Friday 21 September to Monday 24 September (long weekend).


  • 1
  • SEPT


We've got a fantastic slate of titles lined up for REVonDEMAND from now through until the end of the year...and for September we're going to give you just a tiny taste of pure Austin Texas with Bob Ray and Werner Cambell's great look at the re-birth of Roller Derby with Hell on Wheels.

The Texas Roller Girls sit at the epicentrre and we get right to the core of the internal politics, the internal dynamics and the external bruises with this rollicking documentary.

Great music, great action and a one-of-a-kind directorial style makes this a's just great.

REVonDEMAND contains more than 350 individual film titles, many of them available internationally only though REVonDEMAND. It's a unique broadcast platform home-grown  in WA and designed to bring you over 2 decades of international independent cinema.

There's no sign-up and not huge database we sell your information we say give it a go!

  • 1
  • SEPT

International call for entries now open!

Deadline - April 1st, 2019

Our international Call for Entries is now open! We accept entries across short, animation, narrative feature, feature documentary, experimental and hybrid works.

In looking at the films we don't have groups of panels but rather we take a more active and curatorial approach. All titles submitted are viewed by the Festival Director. A shortlist is then made - usually made up of around 30% of the titles submitted in each category and those films are then viewed by the Program Director to ensure that all films selected (invited or through the cal for entries) provide a complete and cohesive program. 

Enter your film though our secure online portal right here which is our recommended way...

...or via

Read more here.

Revelation is an official AACTA Awards Qualifying Film Festival

  • 28
  • AUG


Unlike most other festivals that pull down the shutters when they're done Rev never sleeps...we can't when there's cinema to celebrate! So Revelation continues its year-round commitment and celebration of Australian cinema with our September Australian Revelations screening - Little Fish.

After selling out our August Oz Revelations with Dead Calm, Sam Neill makes another great appearance in Rowan Woods' social-realist drama also starring Cate Blanchett, Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving, Noni Hazelhurst, Lisa McCune and Susie Porter. 

There’s a palpable Shakespearian tone to this film where Tracy (Blanchett) lives with her mother (Hazlehurst) in the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta - “Little Vietnam”. Tracy works in a video store (remember them?) but dreams of becoming its part-owner but her drug-riddled past is the root of constant frustration in advancing herself financially. But drugs are a powerful beast to resist and for Tracy, her best intentions find difficulty in places she never expected.

The Age rightly says; “In a superb ensemble cast, Blanchett is spectacularly good, insinuating herself into Tracy's skin, bringing an unexpected and totally convincing heroism to the character's resilience and determination. And Weaving is every bit her equal, immersing himself in Lionel's dismay at how his life has turned out and making the character's situation irrevocably heartbreaking.”

Look...this is going to sell out many times do we need to stay it! Get your tickets early.

Read more here.

Buy tickets here.

Tue 25th Sept, 6:30 pm
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street, West Perth, WA 6005

  • 14
  • AUG


Did we not say this was guaranteed to sell out...and now it has! Sorry...we suggest that you always get in early on our Australian Revelations screenings. They're always full.

One of the great Aussie thrillers makes a rare and most welcomed return to the big screen with Philip Noyce's classic high-seas, white-knuckle, big screen beaut is a must see.

Starring Nicole Kidman, Bllly Zane and Sam Neill it's classy, well made and well performed...and a guaranteed great night out.

Read more here.

Mon 27th Aug, 6:30 pm
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street, West Perth, WA 6005

  • 19
  • JULY


We had the enormous pleasure of hosting the inaugural Brian Beaton Award as part of our closing night and industry celebration which was supported by Screenwest.

We received some submissions of the highest order and the selectors had an incredibly difficult decision to make but there can only be one winner. In this instance it was Dawn Jackson with her project Pointe.

Dawn will receive:


  • A $5,000 contribution from the 2017 Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC). Brian Beaton was posthumously awarded the annual Stanley Hawes award at the opening of the 2017 AIDC. This award recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Australian documentary sector.
  • A Screenwest contribution of $5,000.
  • Private donations of $2,250 that were received towards the Brian Beaton Award through the now inoperative Film and Television Institute (FTI) Philanthropy Program.
  • In kind support from the WA screen industry with access to tailored mentoring from up to three leading Western Australian industry professionals, (many of whom were colleagues of Brian Beaton and have offered their services for this purpose).


  • 19
  • JULY

2018 event wrapped WITH OVER 21,000 ATTENDEES

Wow...what a festival! After 14 days, a ton of parties, entertaining guests from around the planet, 200 or so films, live gigs, visual art exhibitions and a packed program the main event is done for this year. 

Across the entire event and across all venues in Perth and Fremantle, we saw more then 21,000 people experience the incredible diversity of the festival and the guests who were here to represent their work. If you missed it, take a look at our gallery for a sense of the energy and diversity of the program.

But we never sleep so we'll be back with our next Australian Revelations monthly screening in August!

We need to extend deep and due respect to all our partners, audiences and supporters who make the event happen and we look forward to seeing you all at the various events we do throughout the year.

  • 19
  • JULY


This year we had a ton of sell-out houses and a brilliant reaction across the board from audiences. Here's what went through the roof!


2018 Screen Industry Celebration - Wed 18th, Old Perth Girl's School - Sold Out!

ATOM Seminar - Wed 11th, Aberdeen St TAFE - Sold out!

Beast - Mon 16th, Leederville - Sold Out! 

Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different - Sat 14th, Leederville - Sold Out! 

Bill Evans: A Time Remembered - Fri 13th, Leederville - Sold Out!

The Breaker Upperers - Opening Night, Thur 5th Leederville - Sold Out!

Caniba - Sun 14th, Leederville - Sold Out!

[censored] - Mon 9th Leederville - Sold Out!

[censored] - Wed 19th Leederville - Sold Out!

- Crossroads - Fri 6th, Backlot - Sold Out!

Desolation Centre - Wed 18th Leederville - Sold Out!

Experimental Showcase #1 - Sun 8th Leederville - Sold Out!

Ghost Stories - Wed 18th, Leederville - Sold Out!

Holiday - Sat 14th, Leederville - Sold Out! 

 - Leave No Trace - Sat 14th, Leederville - Sold Out! 

Long Shorts - Mon 9th, Leederville - Sold Out!

Lost Gully Road - Tue 17th, Leederville - Sold Out!

More Human Than Human - Sat 7th, Leederville - Sold out!

No Stone Unturned - Tue 10th, Leederville - Sold out!

The Cleaners - Sat 14th, Leederville - Sold out!

Women in Horror talk - Tue 10th, Leederville - Sold out!


Download the program as a PDF here.

Browse the program online here.

  • 18
  • JULY


It's been a huge year for WA FILMS - in fact it's been a huge let's celebrate in style at the Old Perth Girls School, Wellington St East Perth on Wednesday night with the 2018 Screenwest Screen Industry Celebration.

It's a great opportunity to see old friends, meet new ones and basically have a great time. Food, drinks, live entertainment and DJs and the whole box and dice are there for your pleasure!

Proudly presented by Screenwest.

  • 15
  • JULY


We've updated our gallery with some of the business that's been going on in our first week all over town.

From gallery openings, to the festival opening, to VR, awards, Q&A's, panels and live performances, it's all there for your viewing take a look at our gallery right here! 

Opening Night, our collaboration with the moving image art exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre and a myriad of activity across Perth and Fremantle are there for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look at our gallery which also includes lots of stuff we do throughout the year right here.

  • 14
  • JULY


We tried and tried to get this film into the program and now it's here! If you're a fan of the utterly off-kilter, this nugget is for you.

Runaway wife Lulu Danger (Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation, Ingrid Goes West) and hitman Colin (Jemaine Clement, What We Do In The Shadows, Flight of the Conchords) find themselves hiding in a small town hotel with a bag of stolen money. Here they wait for the mysterious Beverly Luff Linn (Craig Robinson; The Cleveland Show, The Office), who has a strange connection to Lulu’s past. Meanwhile Lulu’s husband Shane (Emile Hirsch, The Autopsy of Jane Doe) is searching for her.

We reckon it's a riot and obeys it's own internal logic which is constantly surprising.

Extra sessions are: Fri 6th, 10.50pm,  Sat 14th, 11pm, Wed 18th, 8.45pm all at Luna Leederville.

Read more here.

  • 10
  • JULY


We had a great night last night with the Life in Pictures filmmaking competition awards night and screening with a big house and some sensational films.

Life in Pictures is a creative initiative between Revelation and the Department of Communities to work with all sectors of the community in discussing issues of ageing. Over the last few months we've been undertaking free filmmaking workshops in regional and metropolitan areas, working with individuals and community groups and mentoring newcomers. In the end we received a selection of films or an enormously high standard. 

Films were submitted in 3 categories:

  • Under 17
  • 17-59
  • 60 +

Each category also had an Ambassador's choice award.

Each category went into the running for prizes including:

MacBook Pro Plus Davinci Resolve 14 video editing software $1,000 voucher for Black Magic products at Leederville Cameras. 

- DaVinci Resolve 14 video editing software
- Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
- Blackmagic Video Assist 4K field monitor and recorder
- Camera lens
- Leedervile Cameras - $200 voucher 
- $1,000 voucher for Black Magic products at Leederville Cameras. 

18-50 & 60+ Category
- $2,000 Cash Plus
- DaVinci Resolve 14 video editing software
- Blackmagic Pokect Cinema Camera
-Blackmagic Video Assist 4K field monitor and recorder
- Camera Lens
- Leedervile Cameras - $200 voucher 
- $1,000 voucher for Black Magic products at Leederville Cameras. 


So the finalists and winners were:

Under 17
This is Elizabeth (Winner)
- My Movie About Ageing
In Age Lies True Beauty (Ambassador's Choice)
- You Are Never to Old to Be in Love
- Ageing

- Small Steps (Winner)
- Finding Frances (coming soon)
- Sally and Bobbie
- Back
- On Vacation 
- The Fisherman (Ambassador's Choice)

- Ageless (Winner)
- A Wish and a Question 
- Cycle Michael
- When Rodney Met Dawn


You can watch them all on REVonDEMAND right here.

Congratulations to all!

  • 7
  • JUNE


Applications now open for the Brian Beaton Award.

In recognition of the valuable contribution made to the screen industry in Western Australia by esteemed producer Brian Beaton, and to honour his memory, the Brian Beaton Award will be awarded annually to a filmmaker/s who has a current social impact project that needs further support to reach its full potential.

Brian Beaton was a well-respected Western Australian documentary maker whose career spanned over 35 years. He produced award-winning documentaries and factual programs for national and international markets and had various roles in the industry including Executive Producer at Artemis, and also worked as a Producer, Director and Writer in previous roles. 

Brian and his business partner, Celia Tait, worked together to develop and successfully produce many projects including seven seasons of Who Do You Think You Are?, Saving Andrew Mallard, Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to HeavenThe Dreamhouse and Desperately Seeking Sheila.

Brian also contributed to the screen industry nationally by his advocacy and professional work with Screen Producers Australia, Screenwest and the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC).

The Brian Beaton Award is open to current Western Australian residents of any level of experience who have a factual project in active development, or that has been produced for broadcast, theatrical or online distribution, including VR and interactive projects. Support is available for development and production, or an outreach campaign to enhance social impact.

This year, the total grant available will be up to $12,250, combining contributions from Screenwest, the annual AIDC Stanley Hawes Award (of which Brian Beaton was the posthumous recipient in 2017) and private donations.

The successful recipient will also have access to tailored mentoring from up to three leading Western Australian industry professionals.

The Brian Beaton Award recipient/s will be announced on Wednesday, 18 July at the 2018 Screenwest Industry Celebration being held as part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival. 

Application Details

Please download the award guidelines on the Brian Beaton Award page for more information about eligibility and the application process click here.

All applications materials must be submitted by 5:00pm WST on Monday, 2 July 2018.

Applications should be emailed here.


You can deliver it to us online mess, no fuss!

  • 1
  • JUNE


It's here folks and it's packed with films, talks, exhibitions, free screenings, live music and tons more.

We've got films from 30 countries, 200+ screenings, 185 individual films 17 bands and happenings all over Perth and Fremantle.

We're enormously proud of this year's program and we can't wait to see you at our venues and taking all things movies!

Download the program as a PDF here.

Browse the program online here.

Passes are available now - but you need to go to the venues for purchase.

...otherwise we'll see you in the dark!

  • 27
  • MAY


It's a WA classic and it's back on the big screen in our special May Aus Revelations program - but if you didn't get yourself organised, we're sorry to say it's sold out!

Deborra Lee-Furness plays Asta Cadell, a no-nonsense lawyer leather-clad, free-wheeling her way around the country on a very powerful motorcycle. As happens, her bike breaks down in isolated rural WA where she has to spend some time in town while the hog is repaired. As a guest of the town mechanic Tim Curtis (played by Aussie film stalwart Tony Barry), Asta rapidly discovers the town is hiding a dark secret that has, and can, only lead to tragedy…and so a powerful story of justice and revenge takes shape that will change the town forever.

For those who don't know, Australian Revelations is our monthly screening showcase of new and archival Australian feature films and documentaries. They're accompanied each month by a local short film and live Skype Q&A's with filmmakers and performers...and while you're there grab a pre-film drink and nibbles on us.

Mon 28 May
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

Read more here


  • 25
  • MAY


For 2018 we're again working with the Fremantle Arts Centre, this time presenting work from internationally acclaimed UK artists Semiconductor. Open to the public from May 26th until July 15th, this spectacular exhibition mixes science with art across multi-screens in an immersive visual environment that's fascinating for all ages.

Semiconductor have garnered international attention for their distinctive, innovative works which push the boundaries of moving image as a visual language. They seek to extend our experience of the natural world, delving into and creating visual interpretations of unseen worlds by transforming and stitching together images of scientific data.

Brilliant Noise offers a glimpse of solar astronomy, revealing some of the sun’s finest unseen moments. The images, mostly collected from ground based observatories and satellites, are raw and grainy to showcase the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise.

Black Rain is a mesmerising moving image installation which utilises satellite data to observe the space between the sun and the earth.

Click here for more information.

Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle
Sat 26 May – Sun 15 July
Free entry

Proudly supported by


  • 15
  • MAY


Rev’s always had a solid live music with film component with local and visiting international artists the calibre of Siouxsie and the Banshees' Steve Severin, Goblin and their live score to Suspiria, Sonic Youth’s Lee Renaldo and tons more. So alongside these and our breakthrough films, we presenting a series of gigs featuring breakthrough local and national bands.  

Taking place over 6-nights of the festival, the Revelation Music Days is designed as a showcase for local and national musicians of all forms who are busting out and going places.

From July 9-15th, Mt Lawley’s Rosemount Hotel, Fremantle’s Mojo’s bar and Perth Backlot will play host to 15 outfits who’ll provide WA audiences the opportunity to experience some of the best live music on offer.

This year’s line-up includes German multi-media sound artists Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Danielle Picciotto (Crime and the City Solution) direct from Dark Mofo, Eastern States headliners Amyl and the Sniffers (Melb) on a shredding double with the all-girl rockers Rackett (Syd) alongside Tape/Off (Bris), Shoeb Amad (ACT) and 12 local outfits including local favourites FOAM, Hussy, Candy Guts, Pat Chow and more!

The Revelation Music Days has a mighty strong representation of women performers and as a result is taking to opportunity to present a Women in Music workshop with Amy Taylor (Amyl and the Sniffers), members from Rackett and local musicians. This workshop is open to all but geared to women - free.

The full line up is:

Fri July 6th Backlot
Alexander Hacke & Danielle Picciotto perform Crossroads
Get tickets here - 50 tickets only!

Sat July 7th Backlot
Alexander Hacke & Danielle Picciotto Artists Talk (12noon)
Get tickets here - 50 tickets only!

Sat July 7th Backlot
Alexander Hacke & Danielle Picciotto perform Menetekel
Get tickets here - 50 tickets only!

Thur July 12th Rosemount
CALMLY, Telete, Shoeb Ahmad (ACT), Ryan Beno
Get tickets here

Fri July 13th Mojos
Amyl and the Sniffers (Melb), Rackett (Syd), New Talk, Tape/Off (Bris)
Get tickets here

Sat July 14th Rosemount
Amyl and the Sniffers (Melb), Rackett (Syd), FOAM, Hussy
Get tickets here

Sat July 14th SAE, Perth
Women in Music Workshop (12noon - free)
Book your place here.

Sun July 15th Mojos
Pat Chow, Candy Guts, Terrible Signal, Mal De Mer
Get tickets here


Proudly supported by




  • 8
  • MAY


Want that extra bit of Rev lovin'? Then you have no alternative than to become a Revelation Member! There's both full and student memberships and with year-round benefits there's no excuse to not jump on board.

Click here for the full menu of what's on can't miss!

  • 8
  • MAY


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND has added another title to its expanding international catalogue this month with the great Aussie documentary In the Realm of the Hackers.

In the late '80s computer networks, the internet and global electronic communications found themselves in the netherworld between international application and back-room experimentation - then along came the hackers.

What started out as an adventure in cyberspace for a bunch of Australian computer nuts turned into a global police chase. Two young Melbourne boys known as Electron and Pheonix began infiltrating the systems of of the world's biggest financial institutions, defence and scientific organisations and secret facilities.

As the boys come under increasing suspicion, we are taken on quite the most fascinating international hunt for these electronic bandits. Their obsession became an international incident and created the winds of change in electronic law-making.

Amazing but true - particularly for the period - and told with great authenticity.

You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our April featured short film.

  • 7
  • MAY



We've had a huge response to our Life in Pictures filmmaking workshops and entires are coming in thick and fast - so we've decided to extend the deadline until May 30th!

In collaboration with the Department of Communities and ScreenWest, this unique initiative seeks to bring discussions of ageing in the community front and centre in the most creative and collaborative way possible.

We invite filmmakers, non-filmmakers, old and young, individuals and groups from any background and gender and everyone in between to show us your feelings by producing a 2 minute and under film on the subject of ageing in the community.

There's three categories (17 under under, 18-59 and 60+) each with a prize pool ranging from $5,500 to $7,000 including cash and film production equipment to suit novices or professionals.

Entries close May 18th and we sincerely welcome entries from any and all skill levels. Shoot on your mobile phone or anything else at your disposal. Organise a school class or community group, get the retirement village together and get something going or fly solo but we urge all to give it a go...what have you got to lose?

During the course of the call for entries we'll also be running free filmmaking workshops so drop us a line here to get information on them as it comes to hand. 

Click here for general information and links last year's winners.

Click here and go to the Life in Pictures link to see all the 2017 finalists.

Click here to go to the online Guidelines and Entry Form

Click here to download the Guidelines as a PDF

Click here to go straight to the online Entry Form.

Click here to download the Entry Form as a PDF is you'd like to post us disc or drive of your entry.

Click here to email our Life in Pictures Coordinator

...or call Ashleigh our competition coordinator on 0404 616 354




  • 3
  • MAY


We're super happy to announce Rev's received accreditation as a Qualifying AACTA Film Festival. The accreditation means that Australian films selected to screen at the Rev will be eligible for the annual AACTA Awards.

 Revelation Festival Director Richard Sowada said it was great recognition for the festival. “We’re delighted to be working actively with AACTA/AFI as a Qualifying film festival for the AACTA Awards and we look forward to being a major gateway for Australian independent filmmakers to consideration,” Richard said. “Rev has a great tradition of supporting high-risk, high-concept work of all forms and if we can play a part in bringing film makers one step closer to national and international recognition, we’re doing our job.”

The announcement comes as AACTA revealed two new awards; Best Casting and Best Indie Film for projects with budgets under $2 million.

Entries for the feature film and feature documentary categories for the eighth AACTA Awards are now open. More information can be found at


  • 20
  • APR


For 2018 and beyond we're partnering with the Otherside Brewing Co and Luna Cinemas in providing a $5,000 short film grant - and the recipient of this year's inaugural grant has been awarded to Tom de Souza and his work Out of Range.

Out of Range is a short film about a young man recovering from ice addition and production is underway as we speak. The film will screen as part of this year's Rev event and we can't wait to see the result!





  • 18
  • APR


You know we're getting close to showtime when tickets and registrations of some form are going liver - and so it begins with Revelation Academic registrations which are live now.

Revelation is Australia's only international film festival to host and encourage academic discussion alongside its screening program and we look forward to taking its discoveries to audiences around the country and world. It represents an important platform in film discussion and analysis in this country.

Taking place on the first Monday July 9th and Tuesday July 10th 2018, the Revelation Academic Conference draws local, national and international academics to discuss and analyse issues such as:

  • New modes of distribution and exhibition
  • Gender representation
  • Genre
  • Movements in international cinema
  • Independent cinema (narrative and documentary)
  • All aspects of screen culture

Registrations are $150 and include a 6 film festival tickets.

This year's venue is the very comfortable Perth Backlot which embraces high-quality presentation capabilities, a bar and intimate environment but places are limited so get in early!

Reserve your place here.

Find out more here.


Proudly presented by

  • 5
  • APR


We're very excited about our April Australian Revelations selection Road's fantastic!

Starring the two US imports of Jamie Lee Curits and Stacey Keach but directed by Australia’s own Richard Franklin, Road Games is a true cat and mouse story set on the lonely Nullabor road. Pat Quid (Keach) is truckin’ his way across country on his way to Perth when he stops to pick up a sassy hitchhiker (remember them?), Hitch (Curtis). She’s a smart-mouth rich-type mooching around and he’s not your typical truckie. Unknown to them they're also sharing the road with a killer and thrills a-plenty ensue!

For those who don't know, Australian Revelations is our monthly screening showcase of new and archival Australian feature films and documentaries. They're accompanied each month by a local short film and live Skype Q&A's with filmmakers and performers...and while you're there grab a pre-film drink and nibbles on us.

Mon 30 April
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

Read more here

Buy tickets here. 


  • 5
  • APR


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND has added another title to its expanding international catalogue this month with the great documentary Scrappers.

Shot fly-on-the-wall style, the award winning "Scrappers" tells the stories of these men and their families, following them through various tribulations as the global economy crashes and the Chicago streets fill with thick snow. Through these men, the film examines everything from the pragmatics of recycling to the crackdown on immigration, all the while telling the stories of people whose lives are rarely seen on the screen. Ultimately "Scrappers" shows how people try and survive, often against all odds, and celebrates the human spirit in the face of adversity.

You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our April featured short film.

  • 28
  • MAR


Our free school holiday family animation programs have been a hit throughout 2017 and 2018 and they're back for the April school holidays! Screening every weekday our international animation explosion consists of two specially curated programs of brand new international animations.

Fantastic for the whole family these are some of the best animations drawn from the 4-corners of the globe and presented in association with the WA State Library and the City of Perth.

There's two shows every weekday between Monday April 16th Friday April 27th - and bookings are gets mighty busy!

The two 50 minute programs are:

Click here to see the full program listing.



  • 22
  • MAR


The 2018 Film Grant brings together Otherside, Luna Palace Cinemas and Revelation in this exciting new partnership, which will award a local filmmaker $5,000 to help produce a short film, to be screened as part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2018 (July 5-18).

The film can be any genre, from short narrative, documentary, animation, experimental or any other hybrid. The only rules: it must be 10 minutes or shorter and be identifiably West Australian…in whichever way you imagine that.

Entries close 5pm WST Monday, April 9 – and the grant recipient will be announced Wednesday, April 11. Films need to be shot, edited and ready to screen for Revelation, which kicks off July 5.

Full entry details and conditions for the grant are available here. Of the initiative, Luna Palace Cinemas’ Operations Manager Candice Skinner said: “Luna Palace Cinemas is delighted to be working with Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Otherside Brewing Co. on what we believe to be a truly exciting and important initiative. “Luna Palace Cinemas has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Revelation for almost two decades and supports any push to encourage the development of local filmmakers and help deliver quality, locally-made film content and in turn, drive the WA screen industry.”

Revelation’s Director Richard Sowada added: “Working directly with filmmakers in getting ideas and projects off the ground is what the festival is all about. If we can provide inspiration through what we screen and follow that up with initiatives that actually get things made then I don’t know what more we can possibly ask for!”

The grant will be funded through part proceeds of every Otherside beer sold at the iconic Luna Cinemas in Leederville. So a cheers on Otherside is a cheers towards the future of WA film.

Of Tapped By Otherside’s evolution into film, Otherside’s David Chitty says: “As someone who has worked in both music and film in WA, I recognise how difficult it can be to get financial support for important and career defining projects. Tapped By Otherside is our declaration of faith and support in the WA creative sector, which is truly one of the most exciting anywhere in the country.”

For full details on Tapped By Otherside and further announcements on the 2018 WA Film Grant keep an eye on

For general grant enquiries email here.


  • 1
  • MAR


We sold out virtually every Australian Revelations screening in 2017 and we're looking at doing the same for 2018 starting off with the great documentary Salute.

This special work examines the period before, during and after one of the most memorable moments and images from the Olympic Games - period. 

At the 1968 Olymics, Australian athlete Peter Norman stands on the podium with a Silver medal around his neck after the 200m sprint. To his right stands US athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlo who together won Gold and Bronze. In the air is their clenched fist Black Power salute. While not clenching his fist Norman undertook his own form of protest that had life-long repercussions.

For those who don't know, Australian Revelations is our monthly screening showcase of new and archival Australian feature films and documentaries. They're accompanied each month by a local short film and live Skype Q&A's with filmmakers and performers...and while you're there grab a pre-film drink and nibbles on us.

Read more here.

Mon 26 March
The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson Street
West Perth, WA 6005

Buy tickets here. 


  • 1
  • MAR


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND has added another title to its expanding international catalogue this month with the acclaimed thriller Kidnap Capital.

Felipe Rodriquez' fantastically tense feature tells the story of what can and does happen to many illegal Mexican immigrants once the cross the border into the US under the control of organised people smugglers. It's really great.

You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our March featured short film.

  • 21
  • JAN


Rev has always had a commitment to encouraging individual voices and exploring unique approaches so it's with enormous pleasure we welcome on board as ambassadors two friends who are making and doing it internationally. 

Along with our recently appointed Ambassador Trevor Jamieson, our three Ambassadors will work with our team, our Board and our fans in flying the Rev flag high across Perth, across Australia and across the world!

"It's a great honour for us to have a trio of such highly regarded practitioners as part of the Rev family - the icing on the cake being the deep local connection." says Festival Director Richard Sowada. "Their fantastic collective body of work in front of and behind the camera is about as on a s it gets and we're humbled that they're in the house."

If you're keen to see what each of them have been up to, click here to see Emma's work, here for Trevor's and here for Ben's.

Read the media release here.

  • 19
  • JAN


Next time you're in town why not take a quick detour to the Piccadilly Arcade where we've just launched our second moving image installation commission in the Accidental Cinema series. This one features the film "Life in Australia: Perth", a 1965 work made as part of the Life In Australia series, by the Department of Immigration, to entice immigrants from Europe. 

Projection artist Roly Skender presents it here as a work of nostalgia and local history. Familiar streets, buildings, beaches and leisure activities now reveal themselves through a humorous narrative at odds with the original intention of the film. How times have changed!

Lovingly preserved by the NFSA, ‘Life in Australia: Perth’ is a picture of life in Perth in the mid 1960s. The social, business, sporting and other activities of an average Australian family in Perth are told through the eyes of the local newspapers.

Accidental Cinema is a series of moving image installations presented over 12 months in empty retail spaces throughout the City of Perth. Proudly presented by the City of Perth, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, and the National Film and Sound Archive.

Watch the full film here or drop by the Piccadilly Arcade to take a look. While you're there stroll up the Arcade and see out 1st Accidental Cinema - Ghost City - featuring some of the earliest footage ever filmed in Perth.

Click here to see the entire Invigorate Perth slate.



  • 1
  • JAN


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND adds two more titles for the New Year and both are from internally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky. Both extraordinary portraits they're finely crafted and deeply moving.

The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan and its companion piece The Boy Mir are made for lovers of documentary and social justice and are films of the highest order...we can't recommend them highly enough.

You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our January featured short film.

  • 20
  • DEC


For 2018 the City of Vincent Film Project received a record number of entries and the selection panel has announced the three recipients for 2018.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival partnered with the City of Vincent for the Film Project which offered an opportunity for filmmakers to tell stories in and about the City of Vincent, with $15,000 being allocated to fund three short documentaries.

Rev Director Richard Sowada said the grass-roots project has been enormously rewarding.

“It’s about having a real creative impact at a community level and brings many of these emerging filmmakers into the international fold,” said Richard.

The winning films are: 

The Beeman 

The buzz around local Beeman, Carl Maxwell, isn’t for nothing - he’s the best in the business - and that’s because he can communicate with the local honeybee population. The Beeman follows one man’s crusade to save the honeybees, one hive at a time. 

Producer Cody Greenwood, Directors Samantha Marlowe and Frances Elliott


Neon signs are everywhere in cities around the world. They liven the sky and streets with colour and atmosphere. In Perth, WA neon bending is a dying art. But one young man is taking on an apprenticeship that could change that.

Producer Rachael Karotkin, Director Matt Sav 

Ghosts Of Vincent 

An expository-participatory documentary that looks at historical people and venues within the area of the City of Vincent. The film investigates the legend of ‘Kanga’ the ghost who haunts the newly renovated Leederville hotel, but also focuses on other venues and locations of interest in the Vincent area. 

Producer Paul Vanleigh Shout, Director Kimberly McGivern 

Project Coordinator Ashleigh Nicolau said that the films were as eclectic as the City of Vincent itself.

“A mixed bag of environmental, artistic and supernatural stories, I can't wait to see these short documentaries take off!,” Ashleigh said.

“The City is also keen to work closely with the filmmakers to create events surrounding the film subjects such as art exhibitions and ghost tours.”

The record number of submissions received were considered by a panel of industry professionals, and representatives of the City of Vincent and the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

Successful applicants will commence production in January, and the three completed films will screen as part of the 2018 Revelation Perth International Film Festival in July. In an added bonus for filmmakers, their works be available to international audiences through REVonDEMAND – Revelation’s own on-demand platform.

And here are the lucky filmmakers:

  • 20
  • DEC


We're thrilled to announce that acclaimed actor Trevor Jamieson has joined the Revelation team as a permanent ambassador. 

Soon to be seen in the upcoming remake of the classic Australian film Storm Boy playing the iconic character Fingerbone Bill, made famous by David Gulpilil, Trevor’s other screen credits include Natamjira Project, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Cleverman and The Secret River as well as regularly treading the theatre boards in Australia and overseas. 

As ambassador to the Rev, Trevor will become one Revelation’s most prominent supporters, lending his profile and his passion to promote the festival regarded by media, industry and audiences alike as the most individual and innovative screen culture events in the country. 

Rev director Richard Sowada says it’s a terrific collaboration. 

“Trevor is proudly West Australian with an international outlook, just like Rev,” said Richard. 

“We can’t think of a better person to help spread the word about what we do and what we are all about. 

“As an actor he’s of course deeply involved in the screen business, but he also brings a message of the place of the arts in our broader culture.” 

Trevor Jamieson says he’s humbled at the opportunity. 

“As someone who grew up in the arts industry and spent most of my life in Western Australia, I’ve gained witness to skills of strength and weakness within our state that have always given me experiences to share of stories and places, nationwide and internationally,” Trevor said. 

“I’m excited to celebrate the most simple viewpoints that can reveal great strengths within the awareness of our mindset for independent works and allowing for amazing 

collaboratives between national and international themes to understand the human common aspects of social justice. 

“Plus I’m looking forward to being back home again and becoming involved with a lot of well known and emerging artists.” 

Since its inception in 1997, Revelation has dedicated itself to signposting Australia and Western Australia as a centre for creative, critical and business excellence. Trevor Jamieson’s appointment will help achieve this goal. 


  • 14
  • DEC


We're the gift that never stops giving and to provide it we're proud to present a line-up of 2 programs of brand new international animations presented on the big screen and free for the entire family.

In collaboration with the City of Perth, the State library of WA and curated by the melbourne International Animation Festival, these two great programs come from the four corners of the globe and present audiences with a fresh look at what is happening in the world of animation.

Programmed for kids of all ages they're guaranteed to enchant and surprise and will have your kids talking all day about them.

The sessions are free but we highly recommend you reserve your place in advance...they're mighty popular.

Week 1 

  • Monday 8 January - Friday 12 January
  • Program 1: Corky & Co. 10am Daily (50mins)
  • Program 2: Dry Fish & Friends. 2pm Daily (50mins)

Week 2

  • Monday 15 January -  Friday 19 January
  • Program 1: Corky & Co. 10am Daily (50mins)
  • Program 2: Dry Fish & Friends. 2pm Daily (50mins)

Read more here
Reserve your seats here

Read more about our Invigorate Perth programs right here...we've got something happening every day until September 2018!

  • 5
  • DEC


Our next public art installation as part of our Invigorate Perth initiative with the City of Perth is the Virtual Busker.

The Virtual Busker is waiting… She wants to play for you, only requiring a small donation in her hat to perform. Don’t worry, there’s no need to part with your own money. Pick up a penny from the bowl and place it in the hat. You may be surprised.

The Virtual Busker is an interactive audiovisual artwork by Roly Skender, co-produced with Revelation Film Festival and the City of Perth, featuring violin performances by musician Elisa Siipola. It draws on themes of social interaction, performance and the perceived threat of automation in a rapidly moving society.

The Virtual Busker aims to create musical moments in public spaces, using nothing but digital machines and human curiosity.

December 5-9, 12-16, 18-24, Commonwealth Bank Building wall, Murray St Mall

Read more about our Invigorate Perth programs right here...we've got something happening every day until September 2018!

  • 4
  • DEC


Always wanted to become a Rev member but your student lifestyle just doesn't let you get there? Craving for that little bit of Rev loving but it's just out of reach?

We hear ya and so we've introduced a student-level memberships which allows you to access some great Rev benefits during the festival and throughout the year.

Click here to sign up and find out more!

For a measly $125 Rev student members provides:

  • 5 Admit 1's to Festival Films
  • Discounts at all Luna Palace Cinemas throughout the year
  • Bottle of very fine wine
  • Our very special Rev T-shirt
  • Program Launch preview screening double pass
  • $5 off your companion's ticket when attending a Revelation screening with you
  • Complimentary access to 6 REVonDEMAND titles
  • Eligibility to all competitions and giveaways
  • Double pass to an Australian Revelations screening*
  • Goodie Bag
  • 27
  • NOV


Another sold out Australian Revelations sessions - which goes to prove you've gotta get in fast for these screenings.

Of any Australian documentary in recent memory that has changed a cultural course it's the Namatjira Project.

A film festival hit nationally the film traces the life and times of renowned indigenous artist Albert Namatjira, his family and the struggle for the ownership of his famous works.

Despite his work being so iconic - reproduced commercially on prints, tea towels and hanging on living room walls around the world – his family today fight for survival, justice and crucially, have only weeks ago regained the copyright to their grandfather’s work.

Namatjira Project traces this family’s quest. They team up with art & social justice organisation – Big hART - to tour a theatre production about Albert’s life, raising awareness, calling for support, and for a return of the copyright.

In demonstrating our commitment to local filmmaking all Australian Revelations screenings also include a WA produced short film. 

Monday November 27th
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson St, West Perth
Read more here

  • 10
  • NOV


If you missed the 2017 Rev vibe - shame on you! If you want to see what you missed take a look at our 2017 highlights trailer right here. It captures a certain something I think.

If you want to take a look at some of the other activity why not mosey over to our gallery and see what was happening all over town including live music, exhibitions, screenings, Q&As, Club Rev and all manner of comings and goings.

  • 9
  • NOV


We never sleep though and Rev's literally got something on every day of the week from now until September 2018 including:

- Free kids holidays screenings made up brand-spanking new international short animations - our next one's scheduled for January. Here was our last one in October.

- Our monthly Australian Revelations screenings (which always sell out)

- Three free public Fringe World programs to be announced

- A new free interactive public projection coming for Christmas in the City of Perth as part of our Invigorate Perth initiative (we're shooting that now so details to come...)

- Our current Ghost Cities installation as part of our Accidental Cinema series in the Piccadilly Arcade...hey - that's also free!

...and a new Ghost City installation coming in January in collaboration with the City of Perth and the National Film & Sound Archive.

...and of course don't forget our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND which give you access to more than 300 titles including 200+ shorts that have screened at Rev since 1997!

  • 1
  • NOV


Forget about the same old same old. If you want to explore the outer reaches of independent cinema and some of the most interesting and hard to get films you can't miss with our own On Demand platform - REVonDEMAND.

REVonDEMAND includes as many titles from previous year's programs as we can possibly find and in getting them to you we're negotiating directly with the filmmakers themselves and providing them in what is sometimes their only point of sale.

For this month we're proud to present:

  • From Slovenia  the phenomenal no-dailogue Archeo a true underusing film festival beauty.
  • If sports, action and biography is your thing Being Evel is a great documentary look at the amazing Evel Knievel.
  • For the underground artist DIY or Die is an essential manual
  • If drama with the cleanest and sharp of edges Hollywood is for you.  

We've also added three classic new free documentaries looking at electronic music, art and culture:

You can't go wrong with any selection - we promise!

You don't need to sign up or subscribe, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our November featured short film.

We're proud to partner with DocPlay on a number of titles.

  • 30
  • OCT


Our October Australian Revelations screening - Bad Boy Bubby - is sold out!...and if there's any more emphatic demonstration that you need to get in early for these monthly screenings, there it is!

One of Australia's most unusual films from one of Australia's most idiosyncratic filmmakers is our next Australian revelations cab off the rank.'s Bad Boy Bubby!

In what is an utterly unique vision from director Rolf de Heer, Bubby is a 30 year-old man-child whose been imprisoned by his mother who’s fooled him into thinking the world outside is a toxic and uninhabitable wasteland. As a result Bubby is completely unaware of the world that actually exists outside his grubby prison room – but Bubby isn’t going to be a prisoner his entire life.

It's an amazing and always surprising work - in fact it really feels like two films in one and we can't wait to see it on the big screen. 

As an aside you may want to take our Festival Director Richard Sowada aside and ask him about his experiences in working with Rolf de Heer in the film Dingo which was partially shot up Meekatharra way.

In demonstrating our commitment to local filmmaking all Australian Revelations screenings also include a WA produced short film. 

Monday October 30th     
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth
Read more here

  • 9
  • OCT


Back for its 7th year Revelation Academic has launched its annual call for papers. Revelation Academic is Australia's only academic conference conference associated with a film festival and as such it's a great marriage of critical analysis and moving image.

Revelation Academic is a supportive environment where you can platform your ideas and discuss cinema in a very different way to a very different audience. Even if you're not an academic but just a very serious lover of cinema we suggest you come down and hear what critical thinkers from around Australia are thinking...or better still come and present something yourself!


Abstracts (no more than 200 words please) and proposals for panels (no more than 300 words) can be submitted here by the end of April 2018.

The conference will run on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 July as part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, in Perth, Australia.

Click here for more information

  • 5
  • OCT


Just when you thought Rev can't possibly be any better, we're buzzed to be able to announce a new partnership between ourselves and two of our esteemed event partners!

The Otherside Brewing Co and Luna Cinemas will bank part profits from all Otherside Brewing Co beer sales at Luna venues across town to provide a $5,000 grant for an emerging filmmaker (or group there-of) to produce a short work for presentation at the 2018 edition of the Revelation event.

Eligibility details will be released early 2018 but for us it represents yet another plank in our commitment to the creative and critical development of the WA screen industry and in providing a voice for new and emerging filmmakers.



  • 3
  • OCT


As part of out Invigorate Perth collaboration with the City of Perth we're very proud to announce the appearance of the first in our series of moving image commissions in our Accidental Cinema series.

Over the next 8 months or so Accidental Cinema will be colonising vacant shopfronts around the city seeking to open a doorway into Perth's past through these unique installations commissioned in collaboration with Rev, the City of Perth and the National Film & Sound Archive.

Our first installation is now on at the Hay St end of the Piccadilly Arcade - no  stranger to cinema and the moving image history in Perth!

In place until December this three-screen artwork has at its core the earliest moving image material shot of Perth. Drawn from the wonderfully restored Corrick collection within the National Film & Sound Archive it's a rare glimpse into the past with a playful reflection on contemporary passers by.

Stay tuned for more across town!


  • 22
  • SEPT


As part of our collaboration with the City of Perth through the Invigorate Perth initiative we'll be presenting two free (yes free!) kids animation programs. Together with Awesome these two great 50minute programs are made of Perth premiere international animations of the highest order.

This program is specially curated by Malcolm Turner, director of the Melbourne International Animation Festival and is bursting at the seams with animations the like of which you've never seen.

It's a wonderful program for all ages and for animation fans but you need to reserve a place!

Saturday 30 September to Sunday 1 October: 11.30am & 1pm
Monday 2 October: 1pm & 3pm
Tuesday 3 October to Monday 9 October: 11.30am & 1pm 

Saturday 30 September to Friday 6 October: State Library Theatre
Saturday 7 October: Seagull Tent, Perth Cultural Centre
Sunday 8 October & Monday 9 October: Great Southern Room, State Library of WA

Click here to look at the programs.

Click here to reserve a place.



  • 14
  • SEPT


We've over the moon to announce a filmmaking partnership between Revelation and the City of Vincent with the City of Vincent Film Project.

We're seeking submissions to fund three documentary films to be made in the City of Vincent about the City of Vincent and we're going to give the three selected ideas $5,000 each to produce it. The three films will screen during the July 2018 Rev event and join our list of notable films on our REVonDEMAND platform.

Submissions close November 1st so get those creative juices flowing.

We're looking forward to seeing the works and hearing the stories.

Deadline November 1st.

Click here to go to the entry page and see the guidelines.

  • 4
  • SEPT


Have you no mercy? We guess not as we open our international call for entries.

Each year we received hundreds of films from the 4-corners of the globe from features, to documentaries, to experimental films, to animations to narrative shorts..and we'd love to receive yours!

Entry couldn't be easier with a range of online portals to service your needs.

You can submit your entries via:

Our entry fee is $40. 

Just finally unless you're from Iran where international banking is very difficult, please don't ask for a fee waiver.

Entry Deadline April 13th, 2018

Click here to go to the entry page and see the guidelines.

  • 1
  • SEPT


Our monthly screening program continues to sell out and it's now become a staple on the film-lover's calendar. This month we present the great Aussie drama from 1998 Head On.

Based on the novel Loaded written by Christos Tsiolkas it tells the story of Ari (Alex Dimitriades), a young Greek man in Melbourne, in conflict with his background, his sexuality, unable to come to terms with his future, and unable to express the turmoil within his passionate heart, or his individual head.

His only mode of self expression is in excess: excess in sex, in drugs, in anti-social and anti-authority behaviour, rejecting his parents but also rejecting his need of them.


Date: Monday Sept 25th
Place: Backlot Studios, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: $20 (includes drinks and nibbles)
Read more here.
Buy tickets here.

  • 1
  • Sept


It's the gift that just keeps on giving! For this month we've added four new titles to our very own OnDemand platform REVonDEMAND!

Before we let you know what they are though we have to say the great Australian indie Alvin's Harmonious World of Opposites  is absolutely going nuts!

Anyway...for September we've added The fantastic documentary thriller The's great! We also have the Oscar winning documentary Undefeated, the cult classic doc Shut Up Little Man and the Allen Ginsberg biopic starring James Franco - Howl.

You can't go wrong with any selection - we promise!

You don't need to sign up, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our September featured short film.

We're proud to partner with DocPlay on a number of titles.

  • 1
  • Aug


Rev 2017 may be over but if you love independent cinema you can explore some of our favourite films since we started in 1997 with our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND.

Including over 300 individual titles including shorts it's just about the best archive of international independent cinema you'll find anywhere and they're available for rent or purchase.

This month we're proud to add the great Australian indie Alvin's Harmonious World of Opposites  and three titles we're releasing in collaboration with DocPlay - one of the best online documentary portals around.

These three are all internationally acclaimed and as good as you'll see. Chris Rock is hilarious in Good Hair, The Act of Killing is just brilliant and Jesus Camp is quite extraordinary.

You don't need to sign up, we don't harvest your information and it's about as simple as you can get with categories that cross music, art and literature, biography, subculture, gender and sexuality and plenty more.

Take a look right here...or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this month's featured trailers and our August featured short film.

We're proud to partner with DocPlay on a number of titles.

  • 1
  • AUG


After our 2017 main event we're back on deck with our monthly screenings of new and archival films and this month we're featuring the 2001 Aussie classic Lantana. 

Lantana marked a new direction for Australian cinema. With a discernable European feel it is layer upon layer of intertwined stories and shoots – just like the plant – and getting to the roots of the growth becomes more and more challenging. 

As the film opens a body is discovered in the shrub and as each story branch is removed to find the cause, those involved become more and more entangled in the world that has grown over them. 

As complex interrelationships are exposed we are introduced to and all-star cast who turn in laser-guided performances aided by a script that twists and turns up many a garden path. Anthony LaPaglia is Leon, the police officer; Kerry Armstrong is his wife Sonja; Barbara Hershey plays psychiatrist Valerie Somers; Geoffrey Rush is her husband John and the supporting cast features Peter Phelps, Rachael Blake, Vince Colosimo and others.

Despite the density of relationships and suspicions related to the murder and their own fidelity all are strangely alone and disconnected and it’s these explorations against the backdrop of murder that prove utterly engrossing. 

Lantana was and is a completely unique Australian film.

These always sell out!

Date: Monday August 28th
Place: Backlot Studios, 21 Simpson St, West Perth
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: $20 (includes drinks and nibbles)
Read more here.
Buy tickets here.

  • 20
  • JULY


2017 has been our biggest year. With great houses and sell outs throughout we had many "I was there that night" moments for events, films, music, talks and fact we've seen more than 10,000 people come through our doors this year against 2017 which was a great year in itself.

But although the July dates are done we've got events and activities throughout the year including our monthly Australian screening showcase Australian Revelations and a whole series of events in found spaces we're planning as part of our Invigorate Perth partnership with the City of Perth.

We'll also be back with a Fringe World program in February and of course a monster event in July 2018 that'll include a live music program and of course our internationally recognised film program.

We're about to announce several filmmaking initiatives which re-affirms our commitment to the encouragement of a creative and critical WA film and wider community and we're gearing ourselves to staking our place as the most vital and innovative film festival in the country.

Our international call for entries will open September 1st and as usual we just keep rolling in bringing the very best of local and international independent cinema to you year-round.

Our deepest thanks go to all our staff, our 70+ volunteers and supporters in 2017. What an amazing ride. 

  • 20
  • July


In our first program collaboration with the Fremantle Arts Centre we were proud to present the moving image art exhibition Warp.

Curated by nationally recognised moving image art curator Amy Marjoram, Warp was a unique collaboration between 8 WA and Victorian screen artists that explored the way our increasingly screen-dominated lives are affecting our perception of reality and the way we interact and connect with others. Shifting ideas around intimacy and isolation, the performative instincts within our online exchanges and the threats and promises of a digitised personal history are some of the themes explored in this thought provoking and sometimes challenging series of works.

The exhibition featured new works from: 

Read more here.

Take a look at the shots from the opening night in our gallery right here.

Warp was proudly supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts, the Fremantle Arts Centre and the City of Fremantle and you through our recent crowd funding campaign.


  • 19
  • JULY


It was a huge's a list of the sell out houses we saw over our two weeks:

A Dark Song (Fri 14th Leederville) Sold out!

A Date With Mad Mary (Fri 7th SX) Sold out

A Dragon Arrives (Sun 16th Leederville) Sold out!

A Life in Waves (Fri 7th, Leederville) Sold out!

Assholes (Fri 7th Leederville & Sat 15th Leederville)  Sold out!

ATOM Media Education Seminar Sold out!

AWOL (Wed 12th Leederville) Sold out!

Even Lovers Get the Blues (Fri 14th Leederville) Sold out!

Houston We Have a Problem (Sat 15th Leederville) Sold out!

The Key to Dali (Sun 16th Leederville) - Sold out!

Lazybones (Tue 18th Leederville & Tues 18th Leederville) Sold out!

Meal Tickets (Sat 8th Leederville) Sold out!

Neighborhood Food Drive (Tue 11th Leederville) Sold out!

Opening Night: Becoming Bond Sold out!

Orange Sunshine (Mon 17th Leederville) Sold out!

Secrets at Sunrise (Sun 9th Leederville) Sold out!

Spookers (Thur 13th Leederville) Sold out!

The Untamed (Wed 12th Leederville) - Sold out!

Tower (Tues 18th Leederville)Sold out!

WebFest Awards Ceremony (Sun 9th Backlot) Sold out! 

Weirdos (Sat 8th, Leederville) Sold out!

Wiener-Dog (Sat 8th Leederville) Sold out!

Women Who Kill (Sat 8th Leederville) Sold out!

You Never Had It: An Evening with Bukowski - (Fri 14th Leederville) Sold out!

  • 17
  • JULY


For those of you wanting to experience the Picture Palace exhibition you're going to have to wait a bit longer...the building is still being renovated!

The exhibition will now officially open on Aug 19th - so we'll see you then!

  • 10
  • JULY


After months of planning and filmmaking we had out Life in Pictures filmmaking competition award screenings at luna in Leederville. The audience turned out in numbers to experience the community voices looking at ageing - and it was incredibly rewarding.

The lucky winners were:

UNDER  17 Category Finalists
My Hero Dir: Charlie Clark  

18 - 59 Category Finalists
Jim Dir: Binu Jayawardena 

60+ Category Finalists
Janet's New Skills Dir: Ruth Kendall 

Our Ambassador's Choice Awards decided by Jenny Davis were:

UNDER  17 Category Finalists
My Hero Dir: Charlie Clark  

18 - 59 Category Finalists
A Picture Of Me Dir: Helena Cohen-Robertson

60+ Category Finalists
Dog’s Refuge Home Dir: Bree Billington

The complete finalist list is:

Under 17
Charlie Clarke, Melissa Coleman, Jacob Del Casale, Alexander Nguyen (winner) - My Hero
Ashlinn Berry - Moments
Hugo Flavelle - Hugo and Alan
Emma Sami - A Touch of Wisdom 
Trinity College Year 12 Media General - When I Grow Up


Binu Jayawardona (winner) - Jim
Sam Lara - Grantiki
Sara Lara - The Right Treatment
Gina Capes - The Wire
Helena Cohne-Robertson - A Picture of Me


Ruth Kendall (winner) - Janet's New Skills
Ruth Kendall - The Best Medicine
Bree Billington - Dogs' Refuge Home 
Giogia Kuhn - Aging is Good
Caroline Gumede - CALD Elders

You can view all our finalists on the REVonDEMAND platform right here

Congratulations to all! It's been the most fantastic experience and we look forward to seeing everyone there on the night.

A special thanks to everyone who entered.

Click here to get some background on the competition. 

The Life in Pictures short film competition is a creative collaboration between the Department of Communities, Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Screenwest




  • 1
  • JULY


We've got reviews coming in this and fast for some of the films on offer for 2017 so if you're having trouble making up your mind as to what to see, perhaps let someone else do it for your you. Take a look a here...

Perth Cool Nights gives a great overview of some of their hit-picks including the great feature film Watch the Sunset. Read it right here.

XPress puts the amazing Dave Made a Maze among their top film picks of the year no less! Read it here.

AB Film Reviews takes a really interesting look at local documentary Meal Tickets. Read the review here.

Roly Skender gets to air his ideas on our special commission at St George's Cathedral Suspended Voices. Read what he's got to say here in the Community News.

AB Film Reviews also gives Dave Made a Maze a look here.

Community News interviews the star of Patti Cake$ Danielle McDonald. You can read that here.

AccessReel takes a look at the lovely My Life as a Zucchini. It's all here.

Cult Projections give a great overview of some of their faves including Are We Not Cats, Watch the Sunset, You Never Had It, Safari and Orange Sunshine. Read it here.

Scenestr has a cool overview of the entire event here.

Filmink has a great interview with Raoul Peck on the making of I Am Not Your Negro. Read it here.

  • 14
  • MAY


Our monthly series of new and archival Australian films is powering along with sell-out houses and filmmaker Q&As. For May the late, great John Clark along with Zoe Carides and Sam Neill will star in John Ruane's fantastic romance/comedy/crime film Death in Brunswick - but sorry to say it's sold out!

Neill plays Carl a one-step-away alcoholic, loser and cook – that is until he meets Sophie (Carides) a barmaid in the shady joint in which he works. The two find a serious spark but family and friends have other ideas. After an untimely death of a kitchen hand things rapidly spiral well out of control for all as the star-crossed lovers need to deal with family expectations and an unexpected all-out gang war. Along the way Carl is notably assisted by Dave (Clark) in a turn described by The Guardian as “a scene-stealing sidekick powered by a boisterously entertaining performance”

The show always sells out so get in early. Tickets also include complimentary wine and nibbles supplied by Gourmet Trader.

Read more here

Sold out!

Date: Monday May 29th
Place: Backlot Studios, 22 Simpson St, West Perth
Time: 6.30pm

  • 18
  • Feb


Our Director is at it again blogging about the current state of affairs in the international distribution and exhibition sector. Netflix, Amazon, sales agents,'s all on.

Read his observations and predictions in this ongoing series.

Read his Cinema Wars blog here

  • 17
  • FEB


After a great start to the year for us with our sold-out Fringe World screenings we're prepping ourselves for our monthly Australian Revelations series...and to kick it off we're very pleased to announce our March screening - Chasing Asylum.

One of the most awarded, popular and widely seen Australian documentaries of recent years, Chasing Asylum is a blistering look at at the issue of asylum seekers, Australia's treatment of them and the inevitable enormous personal, mental and financial cost.

Directed by Oscar winner Eva Orner it's such an important issue and such an important film.

6.30pm, Monday March 27th
Backlot Studios
21 Simpson St, West Perth

Buy tickets here

Read about the film here

  • 13
  • FEB


We were super happy to be again part of the amazing Fringe World celebrations for 2017 with our presentation of the newly restored 70's David bowie/Nicholas Roeg classic The Man Who fell to Earth.

With a limited 3-session run and two sell-out houses in that, the film was also accompanied by a Bowie mini-photographic exhibition of portraits taken at the time - some even on set - of Bowie himself. These were incredible...the contrast and resolution were really something to behold! Very beautiful and very famous.

The event was so successful that we've nominated for a film and Multi-Media Award in the Fringe World Awards - for the second year running we might add.

If you want to take a look at some of the comings and goings, take a peek at our Gallery right here.

Read about the film here.

  • 3
  • Feb


Our Festival Director Richard Sowada has taken it on himself to start a film comment blog examining all elements of the sector with a special focus on distribution and exhibition. If you're a filmmaker you may be interested in his thoughts of how to make the film festival floor work in part 2 of his Film Festival Survival Guide.

There's all manner of tips and observations - one of which is bound to stick.

Read the blog here

  • 1
  • Feb


Our very own On Demand platform - REVonDEMAND - is really building a head of steam with excellent titles being added every month and for February we've got five and have lined up another 12 for March and April!

If you love documentary portraits, activism, cinema, conspiracy, music, gender and protest we've got them all! Take a look at these beauties:

We've also added a new category - Portraits & Biographies - that includes some really excellent and unique work.

Many of the titles available are only available through REVonDEMAND which we believe to one of the only portals for independent cinema like it anywhere in the world. 

We also believe REVonDEMAND represents one of the most accessible and comprehensive research portals for students and filmmakers internationally who may be wanting to explore films made that cover politics, conspiracy and counter culture, art, literature and cinema, gender and sexuality, music, horror and sic-fi and nearly 200 international short films.

Click here for the full catalogue.

  • 5
  • Jan


For filmmakers the festival world may be filled with mystery, surprises, pitfalls and elements that confound logic. 

Rev's own Director and founder Richard Sowada has taken it upon himself to examine this world in a two part Film Festival Survival Guide blog. Part 1 looks at how you can best prepare yourself and tip things in your favour in the selection process. Part 2 looks at how to maximise your festival opportunity once you're in.

Take a look at Film Festival Survival Guide Pt 1: Know Your Festival right here.

  • 1
  • Jan


We've got a ton of titles arriving for our very own on demand platform REVonDEMAND and we're getting an amazing response internationally from what's available and it's unique approach.

REVonDEMAND is made up of as many films we've previously screened as we can possibly get hold of, many of them exclusive to this platform internationally. In sourcing the catalogue we deal directly with the directors, producers, sales agents and distributors and in may cases we're uncovering and making available films that haven't been seen for more than a decade. For many films that are already online we're linking to them in an effort to support the filmmakers but either way it's a truly excellent line-up.

For the festival and WA film industry REVonDEMAND also represents a unique locally based but international distribution and exhibition platform representing one of the best online collections of international independent cinema to be found anywhere.

January sees the addition of four documentary titles:

  • From internationally regarded filmmaker Kim Longinotto comes the great exploration of Japanese women's wrestling with Gaea Girls (main banner picture).
  • For lovers of pop-culture you can't miss with Ron Mann's fab look at the life and times of 'Big Daddy' Ed Roth Tales of the Rat Fink.
  • For lovers of film itself is the definitive portrait of legendary experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage in the film Brakhage.
  • And for lovers of music comes Kevin Barker's great look at life on the road with The Family Jams.

Click right here to see the full catalogue.

  • 12
  • Dec


Our Academic component is one of the fastest growing elements of the event embracing delegates from around the country and around the world so it's with enormous pleasure we welcome Murdoch University on board as 2017 Revelation Academic presenting partner.

Rev is Australia's only international film festival to host and encourage academic discussion alongside its screening program and an important platform in film discussion and analysis in this country.

In association with Murdoch this year's conference is scheduled for Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 July (All day events). If you'd like to register your interest in presenting a paper click right here. You don't have to a student or academic to present so if you'd just like to talk about and present your ideas you're more than welcome.

As a very special addition to celebrate our 20th anniversary, RevAcademic participants are invited to attend an Industry Soiree post conference on 11 July followed by a complimentary film screening in the evening. We would love you to join us! Details to come...

Revelation Academic presented in association with Murdoch University

  • 1
  • Dec

5 new rev on demand titles arrive for december

REVonDEMAND is the only tailor-made portal to international independent cinema associated with a film festival you'll find in the country - and it just keeps growing.

We're over the moon to announce the inclusion of 5 new titles for December that embrace documentary, comedy, sic-fi, fantasy, Nazis, robots, sex and sexuality, screen history, semiotics and subversive politics. Straight off the bat we have Caveh Zahedi's two film fest hits I Am a Sex Addict and The Sheik and I, Beth B's no-holds-barred look at burlesque in Exposed, the fantastic analysis of contemporary cinema in The Pervert's Guide to Ideology and the always surprising Aussie sci-fi/fantasy The 25th Reich.

The REVonDEMAND catalogue features 250+ short, feature, documentary, animation and experimental works with more than 60 exclusive to this site. All titles have previously appeared in the Rev program including a sizeable number of locally produced works. It represents an utterly unique initiative associated with any film festival on the planet and a great resource for filmmakers, students, academics and film lovers of all sorts.

  • 3
  • Nov


Our very own On Demand platform REVonDEMAND is getting bigger by the month and November is no exception.

While we're about to announce a ton more titles in the coming months we're overjoyed to announce the inclusion of two Australian and two international features this month.

Appearing exclusively on REVonDEMAND are A Day at the Oasis (WA made!) and from Newcastle comes the most excellent Streetsweeper. Our international titles are the hugely popular USA underground rock apocalypse from 2008 Altamont Now and one of our surprise hits from a couple of years back the excellent Western Echoes of War.

The REVonDEMAND catalogue features 250+ short, feature, documentary, animation and experimental works with more than 60 exclusive to this site. All titles have previously appeared in the Rev program including a sizeable number of locally produced works. It represents an utterly unique initiative associated with any film festival on the planet and a great resource for filmmakers, students, academics and film lovers of all sorts.

  • 1
  • Nov

november australian revelations: LAKE MUNGO

Our monthly Australian Revelations screenings have been selling out - and it's no surprise why with the great quality of films, locally made shorts, Q&A's and complimentary drinks and nibbles that accompany every screening - and for November we present the internationally acclaimed but rarely seen Lake Mungo.

Australia has consistently produced genre films of an extraordinarily high quality - Wolf Creek, Road Games, Mad Max, The Babadook and more recently Boys in the Trees. Nestled right there in the middle is Joel Anderson's excellent and spooky tale Lake Mungo. Criminally neglected, it's a great pleasure for us to bring this picture to local audiences for Australian Revelations. 

Receiving universally excellent reviews on its release, perhaps it's our old mate and one-time SBS (now ABC) reviewer Simon Foster:

"Deceptively simple in its construct and smashingly scary, Joel Anderson’s Lake Mungo is a twisting supernatural mystery of international standing, despite its very-Australian suburban milieu."

"The unfamiliar faces of the cast and the interview-style device via which the story unfolds add immeasurably to the nerve-jangling suspense Anderson creates. His patience as a storyteller and skill in framing the action so as to maximise his spooky intent, announces him as must-watch director in years to come."

Mon Nov 28th
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth
Read more here


  • 16
  • Oct


We've already received a fantastic response to our music meets film call out.

Rev is extending and invitation to WA musicians to come forward with music meets film ideas for possible presentation at the July 2017 event - which is incidentally celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Rev has a long history in presenting high-quality music/film's some from recent memory...

If you have an idea we’d love to hear it - whether it be moving image art based experimentation or composing a score to an existing work, we’re open to anything. We have access to a range of venues across Perth and Fremantle from band spaces, to cabaret styled venues, to jazz rooms to the street via our partnerships with the Cities of Perth, Fremantle and Vincent and of course cinemas. Rev will also be able to assist with various logistics.

Event dates are July 6-19th 2017. Ideas only need to be concept at this stage - there'll be a full 6months after we make decisions to get the nuts and bolts together. So send us a brief concept outline (half page) and the kind of logistic/venue you'd be looking for.

Email us your idea here or call Richard on 0448 007 233 to talk. No idea is off the table and you never know until you give it a crack.

  • 7
  • OCT


“One of the most captivating Australian documentaries in recent memory. It’s humorous, absorbing, uneasy and often disturbing.” - Cinema Australia

After screenings at the Sydney Film Festival and the internationally regarded Canadian documentary festival Hot DocsHotel Coolgardie comes to town with its special perspective on life in an isolated country town.

From Finland come backpackers Lina and Steph looking for a way to make some fast cash to support their travels. An employment agency places them at the Denver City Hotel in the isolated town of Coolgardie - a tough place to adjust to for anyone. This documentary chronicles their time at the hotel, their relationships with the locals and unusual bonds that develop between all.

It's an excellent film by anyone's standards.

Highly recommended.

Mon Oct 31st
Drinks and nibbles from 6:30pm - film at 7pm
The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth

Sold Out!

Read more here

Read the Cinema Australia review here.

  • 3
  • OCT


This month is Halloween so we're focussing on some of our horror/sci-fi and fantasy titles. 

As well as quite a number the calibre of Troll Hunter, La Horde, Dead Snow and a ton of others, we've also specially negotiated the rights to present a number of titles you won't see anywhere else on any other platform anywhere on the planet. 

If you're keen for something different, we suggest you take a look at three Aussie low-budgeters: Eye of the Sandman, The Inside Story and The Demonsamongus. If you like something more on the experimental side, take a look at Craig Baldwin's epic extraterrestrial conspiracy works Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America and Mock Up on Mu and if you're wanting to explore the history of horror/cult we recommend Midnight movies: From the Margins to the Mainstream.

On top of that there's tons of horror themed shorts that take you on a journey from into deep space to the zombie apocalypse. You simply can't miss.

  • 10
  • Sep


There's Hollywood drama or there's actual drama. Want to see what actually happens in the cockpit at the point of life and death by virtue of dramatised black box recordings? 

REVonDEMAND presents Charlie Victor Romeo and for an experimental experience there's dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

Try them both.

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NEW SEPTEMBER REV ON DEMAND TITLES - Ready for file purchase or streaming NOW!

We're overjoyed to include four titles for September from one of our great friends and one of the great contemporary subversive filmmakers - Mr Craig Baldwin.

Hailing from San Francisco and being one of the prime movers behind SF's The Other Cinema, Baldwin has been responsible for a dazzling series of found footage epics that examine music, cinema, politics, conspiracy, copyright, religion and pretty well everything in between.

We've managed to secure four of his mega-works for your viewing pleasure including:

For the full selection of more than 260 films available for file purchase or streaming - many of them only available here - click right here!

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We've barely wrapped the 2016 event and we're already opening our international call for entries!

Each year we receive hundreds of entries of all genres, all durations and all subjects from the 4-corners of the globe...and if you're a filmmaker we'd love to receive yours!

There's virtually no rules surrounding what types of films you enter but we do like them to be completed after Jan 1 2016...but look...we're wanting to screen the best of what we see so you can beat us down!

So, we'd love you to help us celebrate our 20th year with our biggest event to date.

We can't make it any easier to enter than what we have so for more information, just click here and you're on your way to hitting screens at what is regarded by many as Australia's filmmaker's festival!

We do however recommend entering via our own online portal here. Your entry information is not provided to any database and is contained wholly within the walls of Rev.

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  • Aug


We've got two new titles August with a ton more to come. Fresh to your browser this month we're going back to 1999 with the wonderfully warm and moving portrait of Geraldine Cox - an unsung Australian hero running an orphanage in Cambodia in My Khmer Heart.

From 2002 we also present one of the most acclaimed and unusual documentaries of the year with Monteith McCollum's unique and deeply textured multi-award winning work Hybrid.

Both amazing films and both we're proud to present.

Also on the highlight list for August for your viewing enjoyment we have a selection of fine documentary works available exclusively on REVonDEMAND:

Click here for the complete catalogue of 250+ titles!

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  • July


If you missed Rev, were only around for a bit or were around for the whole lot you can get a sense of what we were up to throughout the event by taking a look at our gallery.

With a packed schedule of workshops, parties, live shows, screenings and all manner of unusual activity there was never a dull moment - check it out here.

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  • July


We always have a great time with Revel8 and it's such a great idea. 

Get bunch of filmmakers making an in-camera Super 8 film, and a bunch of composers both of whom have never met, get the composers to score the film and bring them together for the first time the night they's so much fun.

This year's program was really great with some really well made works and great ideas. Take a look at them here.

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  • July


It was our best year ever with record audiences, an absolutely packed program and industry and community events across town.

But we never sleep so we're already prepping ourselves for the opening of the international call for entries which will happen on September 1.

Don't forget also out monthly Australian showcase Australian Revelations on the last Monday of each month. Our next title will be announced shortly.

Finally we need to thank everybody - cinema staff, Rev staff, volunteers, audiences, guests, partners - everyone - for their support and enthusiasm.

A deep and dude due thanks to you all!

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  • June


We've just cracked the 100 mark in the number of feature film and feature documentary titles available on our very own On Demand platform thanks to the addition of three more titles this month.

They include the great indie feature Monkey Warfare - which was our Opening night film way back in 2007, the lost and forgotten but enormously enjoyable low-budget Aussie horror film The Demonsamongus and from the director of Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst we bring you the gripping look at the conspiracy around the JFK assassination in Oswald's Ghost.

With REVonDEMAND there's no subscription, there's no harvesting your information, it's not part of a giant international company, but we do try and bring you the best in nearly 20 years of international independent cinema. It's a one of a kind initiative and we believe it to be one of the few things like it anywhere in the world associated with an international film festival.

We're very proud of it actually, but we're more proud of the voice it can bring to the films and filmmakers involved.

For July we'll also be bringing you one or two special sidebars to time with main event!

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Take a journey through two decades of independent cinema with REVonDEMAND. There's hundreds of  titles on show and most have been included in Rev since 1997 - many only available internationally here. 

Many of the titles are free (incl all the shorts) and for November we present a special collection from two of our favourite filmmakers, Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky with 7 of their 1st-class and rousing feature and doc titles; Half CockedRadiation, Battle For BrooklynWorking in Protest, Horns and Halos, Who Took Johnny and All the Rage

Continuing the social justice theme on the left you'll see our featured November short, I Met a Real Streety Once.

Viewing is not subscription based, we don't harvest any of your information, you don't need to sign up and the filmmakers benefit directly from your purchase or hire.