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We were gearing up for a great Oscars day at the Backlot - but...well...we all know what's happened, so that's stuffed that. We'll be getting refunds to one and all, but in the interim, stay safe eh?


If you're at a loss though, might we suggest dipping your toe into REVonDEMAND?

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It's on again for 2021 and we've now got dozens of local artists providing their music for you to make a music clip.

So...are you a local band or musician looking to get a music video made? Are you a filmmaker wanting to have the opportunity to produce what may well be an official music video for a local act? Our Blind Date music video competition give you all the opportunity to live the dream.

Simply submit your song to our pool to be selected by local filmmakers who will be vying to unleash their creative juices*.

Blind Date Music Video competition links local bands and local filmmakers to create music video magic.

Shortlisted videos will screen at a special event during Revelation Perth International Film Festival July 2021 with prizes awarded for the best of the bunch.

It's a mighty simple idea - bands provide up to two songs, filmmakers can chose one and they're off! Some bands are happy to appear, others might just want to just see the end result, but either way we can't wait to see the works on a special Revelation night in July. 

Shortlisted videos will be screened at Revelation’s July festival and included on the “Rev-on-Demand” platform

Other screenings and festival inclusions dependent on permission of musicians.

Click here for more info or contact Jen Jamieson here.

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Our own streaming service REVonDEMAND is powering along and is well becoming a force to be reckoned with on the streaming front.

For April we've got 6 new titles which are already selling really very well. First off the bat, we've got the fantastic horror of Blood Punch, Matthew Victor Pastor's excellent Aussie feature Butterfly Flower,  the music biopic Crazy, the fab indie comedy drama Pretty Broken, the always surprising look at the world of "furries" in The Fandom and the rather spicy Mexican title Tongue of the Sun. 

There's 200+ international feature and feature documentary titles on show and they're a world away from - well - basically the same old same old you'll see on any streaming service anywhere. Take a look...what's to lose?

The banner big above is from one of our titles - The Fandom.

Take a look at the full catalogue right here.

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We love the City of Vincent Film Project. Having the ability to commission work and deal directly with new an emerging filmmakers from start to finish in the production process is a rare treat, and this year is no except. Many of the films have gone on to screen and win awards at film fests internationally and have launched careers in the screen industry which makes us enormously proud.

So...with great pleasure we unveil the 2021 recipients who'll receive $7,000 to produce a 10min non-fiction film set in or around or about the City of Vincent. The recipients are:

Pacing the Pool
Dir: Radheya Jegatheva

For the Last 30 years, Richard Pace has started each morning swimming laps at Beatty Park.

We Had Mail
Dir: Jen Jamieson
An ode to the humble and not so humble letterboxes found in the suburbs of Vincent.

There is no Stopping Us
Dir: Mel Branson
Broadcasting 24/7, but what happens when a radio station that is always on air goes into lockdown? Radio Silence?

Congratulations to one and all and we can't wait to see the results in July!

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We've had a great run with the City of Vincent Film Project commissions we've been involved with over the last couple of year and Raising Joey is no exception.

Fresh from its 2020 screening art Rev's December event, the documentary has already been selected for three international film festivals: the Venice Shorts Festival, the Indie Shorts Awards Cannes and one other we can't let you know about just yet. 

It's a fantastic achievement and it joins the other excellent works that we've had the pleasure to to support which have also had a great festival life...and there's four more to come this year!

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WA Screen culture Awards WINNERS

What a brilliant night we had! The after party was fantastic and the vibe throughout the house was amazing.

After weeks of judges deliberations, here's our list of winners and nominees:

Innovation in Narrative Feature Film

  • 100% Wolf
  • An Ideal Host - WINNER
  • I Met A Girl

Innovation in Feature Documentary/Non-Fiction

  • Laura’s Choice - WINNER
  • The Beloved
  • Wild Butterfly

Innovation in Short Film or Animation

  • Carmentis
  • Judas Collar - WINNER
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End

Innovation in Music Video

  • Break Thru
  • Leaving LA - WINNER
  • Like The Stars

Innovation in Game Design

  • First Contact - WINNER

Innovation in Virtual Reality, 360° or Augmented Reality

  • First Contact
  • I Am Mother - WINNER
  • Inside Earthship Freo

Innovation in Moving Image and Installation Art

  • The Light of the Star We Are Now Seeing - WINNER

Innovation in Web Series or Online Content

  • Molly and Cara
  • Normal Place

Outstanding Achievement in Directing

  • Calling
  • Judas Collar - WINNER
  • Laura’s Choice

Outstanding Achievement Cinematography or Visualisation

  • Judas Collar - WINNER
  • The Quiet
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End

Outstanding Achievement in Original Music

  • Below - WINNER
  • Everybody Gets Stabbed
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End

Outstanding Achievement in Writing

  • Judas Collar - WINNER
  • The Quiet
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End

Outstanding Achievement Performance (incl voice)

  • Antecedents
  • Carmentis
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End - WINNER

Outstanding Achievement in Production Design

  • 100% Wolf
  • Carmentis - WINNER
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End

Outstanding Achievement in Editing

  • Abduction
  • I’m Not Hurting You
  • Judas Collar - WINNER

Outstanding Achievement Sound

  • Abduction
  • The Quiet
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End - WINNER

Also presented were be two Special Industry Awards for Contribution to the Industry and the Independent Spirit Award won by Clayton Jauncey and Robert Woods respectively.

The introduction of the WA Screen Culture Awards fits with Revelation’s long-standing commitment to local screen practitioners and industry.

The night capped off two weeks of cross-media celebration with the XR:WA conference and expo (3-6 December) and the Revelation Perth International Film Festival (9-13 December, continuing online with RevOnDemand until 20 December).

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We've always taken our social, cultural, community and artistic responsibilities fact the event is built on social, political and artistic statement. We've never, nor ever will, accept sponsorship support from fossil-fuel based industries and others that pose a threat to the environment, social equity and respect for cultural traditions. The negative output of many of these organisations has always been known, and its results never more awful than in recent weeks in WA - as are its response.

Likewise, Revelation has refused significant funding approaches from organisations that engage in questionable financial lending practices and have divisions engaged in the manufacture of weapons systems and weapons of war. These are more common than you may think.

This is more than what the event itself stands for, but what we as the individuals who construct the event annually stand for and always have.

If you do too, we'd love to hear from you and so would our audience. Drop us a line here for any and all details.

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Revelation Film Festival is creating an online treasure trove of Western Australian made films.

Revelation Film Festival has its own screening platform - REVonDEMAND - with close to 200 international feature film and feature documentary films online with many available to international audiences.

Supporting and developing the local screen industry and audiences has always been at our core so if you're a WA filmmaker and have something you'd like to include, we'd love to host it in a WA section we're building. There's already a ton of WA shorts, docs and features in the overall catalogue, but we'd like more.

With many in the film industry having unexpected time on their hands, this is the perfect opportunity to raid your cupboards, your desktop, your hard drive and everywhere else for those projects which have not seen the light of day for quite a while.

"Developing REVonDEMAND over the last five years has been enormously enjoyable and enabled us to stay in direct with contact with producers, directors, sales agents and screen artists around the globe” says Revelation Director Richard Sowada.

“What’s often sad though is the number of fabulous films over the years that have simply vanished from any form of public view. We hope something like this as part of REVonDEMAND, can bring these old, new or lost works to local, national and international audiences and demonstrate the great diversity of WA filmmaking talent and traditions”.

If it's a short and already online, send us a link. If it's a feature or feature doc that's already available for free online, send us a link. If you want us to include a film with a rent or buy option simply drop us a line and we'll send an agreement, grab a file from you and we're off! Hopefully we can bring your film to audiences all over the world.

Email us right here to get your film online.




Take a journey through two decades of independent cinema with REVonDEMAND. There's hundreds of  titles on show and most have been included in Rev since 1997 - many only available internationally here. 

Many of the titles are free (incl all the shorts) and below you'll find 6 new titles for April; the fantastic horror of Blood Punch, Matthew Victor Pastor's excellent Aussie feature Butterfly Flower,  the music biopic Crazy, the fab indie comedy drama Pretty Broken, the always surprising look at the world of "furries" in The Fandom and the rather spicy Mexican title Tongue of the Sun. 

Continuing the social justice theme on the left you'll see our featured April short, Last Words.

Viewing is not subscription based, we don't harvest any of your information, you don't need to sign up and the filmmakers benefit directly from your purchase or hire.