Revelation Film Festival 2014


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Laurent is quite a number, having worked every other job in the world, claiming to have done well over 150 in his 62 years of existence. From prison guard, calendar salesman, waiter or welder, he has jumped from one to the next, never fearing anything new.

He eventually met Donald Lévesque (also appearing in two of Pat Tremblay’s films, including Atmo HorroX), who was directing movies in his early days. He got to be an assistant director on his works and was eventually introduced to Pat Tremblay this way. An event that forged a bond with him leading up to being involved in all of his film projects ever since (actor in his 3 features, film festival ads and other videos, as well as taking part in the production aspect of Atmo HorroX too).

Throughout the last decade, Laurent has also appeared in an ad for the United Nations as a Nazi Officer, as a contestant on a Canal Zest TV show (along with Donald and Atmo HorroX actor Roch Desrosiers) along a brief appearance in a reality show on speed dating.

Laurent deeply wants to pursue his filmic ventures as he describes the experiences as being very therapeutic.