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Jeff Keen Retrospective

Film Synopsis

One Screening Only!

Dir: Jeff Keen
Australian Premiere

Jeff Keen is a legend of avant-garde cinema and fine art. He started filmmaking in the post-war Britain of the late 1950s and continues to work nearly sixty-years later. Keen’s movies emerge from a unique visionary sensibility, an interest in comic books, pop culture, Hollywood ephemera, westerns, melodramas, science fiction and everyday art placed him as a contemporary of the Pop Artists but his filmmaking defies ready categorisation. Mixing rapid-fire animation, live action, home movies and occasional performance interventions, Keen’s movies offer a visually rich, rapid paced, often loud and lurid, celebration of all that is cinema!

This retrospective comes direct from acclaimed London, Paris and New York screenings and features the key Keen titles: Wail (5 mins) 1960, Flik Flak (3 mins) 1964-65, Marvo Movie (5 mins) 1967, White Dust (33 mins) 1972, The Dreams and Past Crimes of the Archduke (7 mins) 1979-84, Omozap + Omozap 2 (1 min each) 1991, Artwar (6 mins) 1993, Plasticator (2 mins) 1990s, Joy Thru Film (20 mins) 2000.

This special program introduced by Keen’s daughter Stella Starr who appeared in many of his movies and grew-up in the bohemian world of the avant-garde cinema.

Screening Times

Sat, 14, Jul, 2012
12:00 pm


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