Revelation Film Festival 2014

2017 Films


Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Official Selection: Toronto Film Festival
Official Selection: IDFA
Official Selection: Sydney Film Festival

As our cities grow the way we interact with our urban environment has become a more and more important consideration in urban planning and the architecture therein.

Crossing decades but culminating in the 60’s this engrossing documentary chronicles one of the turning points in the realisation where the needs of people epitomised by urban activist Jane Jacobs clashed head-on government urban planner Robert Moses.

Moses - an enormously influential and powerful person – literally reshaped the New York urban landscape and was responsible for the destruction of entire working-class neighbourhoods and the migration of the evicted to huge brutal housing projects. Jacob’s approach on the other hand came from the perspective of interaction and community not isolation and expediency.

In a titanic struggle with the streets of New York City as the battleground, Tyrnauer’s documentary is packed with Jane’s architectural and social observations that are both philosophical and prophetic and fired directly at city hall in the most inspiring of ways.

The movie is scored like a thriller, seemingly building to some terrifying conclusion” Washington Post

“As the world's urban population grows by more than one million every week, so does the resonance of this documentary” The Times

Screens with the short film Metro.

Fri 14th, 6.45pm, Luna SX
Sun 16th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville

Wed 19th, 4.45pm, Luna Leederville