Revelation Film Festival 2014

2017 Films


Where is Rocky II?

Australian Premiere

Is it possible for internationally recognised artist Ed Ruscha to have created a mysterious work of art and hidden it in plain sight nearly forty years ago? Is it possible to have a movie that’s simultaneously a documentary, comedy, and mystery?

Director and artist Pierre Bismuth, aided by a private detective and two screenwriters, wants to unravel the mystery and find the unknown, long lost artwork in this gloriously strange and endlessly entertaining movie that will have everyone talking long after the credits have rolled.

Bismuth, who previously won an Oscar for co-writing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, creates a perfectly realised work that shifts between multiple layers, each offering more tantalising possibilities. Where Is Rocky II? is a film that re-imagines the nature of cinema and traces the parallels between detective work and documentary research and between fantasy and art history.

Screens with the short film Woman With An Editing Bench.

Sun 9th, 1pm, Luna Leederville
Mon 17th, 8.45pm, Luna SX