Revelation Film Festival 2014

2017 Films


King of the Belgians

Winner KNF Award Rotterdam International Film Festival

Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth (both known to Rev audiences for The Fifth Season) return with King of the Belgians. This off-beat satirical comedy/drama follows the Belgian King Nicolas III on a state visit to Turkey. Here he discovers his country is facing a constitutional crisis, with Wallonia announcing its independence. Worse, the King finds out that he can’t return home as a solar storm has stopped all planes and telecommunications. Thankfully British filmmaker Duncan Lloyd offers to help smuggle the King across the border to Europe and travel back to Belgium, overland, through the Balkans.

Although made before Brexit, with its themes of travel, migration and political crisis it’s hard not to see similarities to contemporary political debates in King of the Belgians. With its timely release, tight and well-observed script, and perfect performances from the cast, the film is a joy to watch.

"An enormously appealing mockumentary blending gently satirical humour with deeper underpinnings, 'King of the Belgians' is a delightful, surprisingly respectful ribbing of the incongruity of monarchy, Belgium, and the Balkans." Variety

Screens with the short film Fox and the Whale.

Sun 9th, 6.30pm, Luna SX
Wed 12th, 6.45pm, Luna Leederville
Fri 14th, 4.15pm, Luna Leederville