Revelation Film Festival 2014

2017 Films



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Australian Premiere 

Official Selection: SXSW

Every once in a while a movie comes along that utterly defies belief.

The SXSW award winning Assholes is such a film. Self important assholes Adah and Aaron spend their time being assholes, and when they discover their love for each other (and shared love of poppers), their asshole behaviour just increases. They are, after all, assholes.

Definitely not for the sensitive, Assholes is a comedy about selfish assholes that goes where few other films have. In terms of sheer audacity, shock value, and inventive humour there’s few comparisons, although the work of filmmakers such as John Waters and David Cronenberg would offer a starting place, but Assholes exists in a world of its own.

You will be joyously offended.

Vack’s impressively disgusting Assholes is the kind of movie that you wish you could un-see, one you have to watch in your peripheral vision because straight-on viewing would be way too nauseating.” Indiewire

Screens with the short film Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters

Fri 7th, 10pm, Luna Leederville
Sun 9th, 8.45pm, Luna Leederville
Sat 15th, 8.30pm, Luna Leederville