Revelation Film Festival 2014

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It's Not Just Me

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Australian Premiere

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It’s Not Just Me follows four young Australians as they embark on the process of transitioning from female to male. Under Jonathan Messer’s careful direction the subjects discuss their lives and experiences with an emphasis that is nuanced and considered.

A rare insight into what can be a confusing and physically and emotionally demanding time for those transitioning and their family and friends, this film’s approach provides great warmth and humanity and its participants must be saluted.

Messer’s debut feature documentary is an open and honest film, a mature work and valuable contribution to the ongoing contemporary debates around human rights.      

Made in WA, this film is a testament to both the vision of local filmmakers and to the growing film industry in the state.

Screens with the short film Blight.

Sun 16th, 1pm, Luna Leederville (Q&A) - Tickets selling fast
Mon 17th, 6.45, Luna SX (Q&A)

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