Revelation Film Festival 2014

2017 Films


The Bomb

Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection: Berlin Film Festival

Using archival footage and a powerful, evocative soundtrack, this experimental documentary tells the story of the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons, and their spread to a handful of nuclear states.

Through an incredible, visually dense montage of images, the film emphasises the danger of these weapons of mass destruction and, more importantly, the ongoing danger the world faces even following the end of the Cold War.

The Bomb is a film of scale that that takes the viewer from early atomic test footage at Los Alamos and civil defence films into deep space in what is an always visually stunning symphonic documentary that calls into mind other big screen essay films like Koyaanisqatsi and the found footage classic The Atomic Café.

The Bomb is a film which reminds the audience that the threat of nuclear war is not something from the past, but something that is very much part of our world.

Screens with the short film Driving to the Ends of the Earth.

Sat 8th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville
Sun 16th, 3pm, Luna Leederville