Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Duration: 101mins

Try these names on and picture what might be coming your way: Jake Gyllenhall, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper, Judah Lewis, Director of Dallas Buyers Club Jean-Marc Vallee, Producer John Malkovich, great music from Heart, The Animals, Gil Scott-Heron and...well do we need to go on?

Davis (Gyllenhall) is an extraordinarily successful business man with everything that he wants at his fingertips...except emotions...but he seems OK with that.

Life isn’t going to let him off the hook that easily though and after a terrible accident a strange kind of long distance pen-pal relationship emerges between him and a young woman on the other end of his letters to a vending machine company - one of whose machines refused to give him a candy bar in a hospital.

It’s really quite lovely as we see things unfold and as Davis’ communications become more and more and unintentionally personal and poetic, but this poetry is still kept well hidden. That is until Davis’ long stifled feelings fight to come to the surface in always surprisingly deadpan and honest ways.

Great performances all round, tons of humour and small moments filled with surprises throughout, Demolition is very much Vallee’s film and as such is directed with clarity and precision. 

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Wed 13, 7pm Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)