Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films

Magnolia's Revelation Special

Sunday 10 July 6:00pm
742 Newcastle St, Leederville
$10 or free on presentation of Revelation film ticket

What’s better than a trilogy? A quadrilogy! For the fourth year, Magnolia’s Late Night Live IV: The Voyage Home returns to Revelation Film Festival to ask probing questions like “Which was better – Highlander IV: Endgame or The Next Karate Kid?”, “Will Jason Bourne continue the franchise magic?” and “Should Coppola have made a Godfather IV?”

The lo-fi talk show that began in 2012 inside a North Perth backyard shed, Magnolia’s has travelled far and wide including all the way to shows for National Science Week (2013-2014) and Fringe World (2013-2016).

Hosted by Tristan Fidler (RTRFM’s Movie Squad reviewer) with help from Matt Aitken (Paddle Clubb and Swamp Clubb) and “Jimmy’s Choice” (the show’s answer to Red Symons), Magnolia’s engages in fun, loose, and thoughtful conversations in front of an intimate audience. Past guests have included John Safran, Costa Georgiadis, Rachael Dease, Andrea Gibbs, Kirin J. Callinan, just to casually drop a few names there.

Alongside such enlightening discussion, audience favourite segments are performed such as Amber’s Love Seat (musician Amber Fresh asks questions pertaining to love and romance) and Mystery Drinks (Nick Odell selects a drink for guests to taste and talk about).

For this year’s Revelation Film Festival, Magnolia’s looks forward to chatting to visiting international guests as well as spending time with WA-based members of the film industry. For film buffs and casual viewers alike, smash your choc-bomb into your box of popcorn and strap yourselves in for a true 4-D experience. Magnolia’s Revelation Special is back ... and to quote the poster for Lethal Weapon 4, the gang’s all here.