Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films


Dir: Stephanie Maxwell
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Duration: 10mins

Australian Premiere

River presents a unique perspective on the exquisite beauty that is present in infinite abundance when one focuses attention on the intimate motions of river water and its animated reflections and refractions of sunlight and sky. Image sequences of the river and the interplay of river motion and the changing patterns of light on the water are merged into a playful choreography with the music score. What culminates is to marvel at the natural splendor of distinctively subtle but profound impressions of a river.

River was filmed on the Chetco River and Moolack Creek in Oregon, and the Smith River in Northern California. 

The work was shot digitally using a Canon Mark III 5D camera and an iPhone 4s.

Screens with: Ettrick

Sun 10, 10.45am, Luna Leederville
Sat 16, 11.15am, Luna Leederville