Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films

The Arms of Venus de Milo

Dir: Andréas Giannopoulos
Year: 2016
Country: Aus
Duration: 13mins

World Premiere

The Arms of Venus de Milo is a short drama/mystery/sci-fi film written, directed, and produced by Andréas Giannopoulos. 

The film tells the story of Wyler, a sculptor moving into a studio apartment in the city to lock himself away and work on what he hopes will be his first masterpiece. 

He begins work but becomes constantly distracted by news reports over the radio ofmysterious objects sighted in the skies. As he fights between inspiration and distraction, the reports eventually grow to detail a full-scale alien invasion. 

Fearing irrelevance more than oblivion, Wyler must decide what direction he now takes his artwork in… 

A science fiction B-movie told from the perspective of a struggling artist, The Arms of Venus de Milo is a film about art, relevance, and self-indulgence. 

Screens with: Art of the Prank

Sun 10, 2.30pm, SX
Mon 11, 9pm, Luna Leederville
Sun 17, 4.40pm, Luna Leederville