Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Iranian Film Festival: I Am Diego Maradona (Man Diego Maradona Hastam)

Dir: Bahram Tavakoli
Year: 2015
Duration: 85min

I am Diego Maradona rotates around the domestic problems of two married sisters who are now situated in very different social circles and economic levels.

One couple tries to hash out what actually went wrong, as the surrounding family members point fingers at one another. Tension builds as all of their other problems seem to bubble to the surface at the same time.

This latest film from acclaimed director Bahram Tavakoli, who masterfully directs this ensemble with charm and cinematic ingenuity, is a very black comedy, quite different from his previous works.

It won four awards, including best director and best actor (for Saeed Aghakhani) at Fajr, and was nominated for another eight. 

Sun 10, 1.15pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)
Wed 13, 6.45pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)