Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Iranian Film Festival: Risk of Acid Rain (Ehtemal-s Baran-e Asidi)

Dir: Behtash Sanaeeha
Dir: 2015
Duration: 105min

Manouchehr still insists on going to work at the Iranian Tobacco Company, although he has retired long ago. When his mother passes away, he embarks on a journey to Tehran to find an old childhood friend. But on arrival in Tehran he checks into a hotel staffed by eccentrics. He is finally in his element…

Risk of Acid Rain is a minimal, poetic story that addresses the human condition - the complexities of love, death and sexuality - with subtle and laconic humour.  This strong (and charming) debut feature, which won the Netpac award at IFFA in 2015, is anchored by a strong lead performance from famous poet Shams e Lageroodi.

And, a piece of trivia, it is probably the first Iranian movie where an old man smokes marijuana…

Wed 13, 8.45pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)
Sun 17, 3.15pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)