Revelation Film Festival 2014

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The Indigenous Community Stories (ICS) ‘100 Stories for 100 years and Beyond’ records and preserves Western Australia's Indigenous oral histories and cultural expressions on film.  The initiative aims to record and archive ‘100 stories for 100 years and beyond’ so it can be accessed by future generations.  ICS has created an invaluable record that contributes to Australia's national cultural identity. Stories include creation stories, biographies, and recollections of events and aspects of social history, they include traditional song, dance and language.

“ICS stories are an incredibly important part of Australia’s history." -  Manager, Michelle Broun. 

Tue 12, 7pm, Luna (Buy Tickets)
Unclassified: All ages

Laurel Nannup    
(Documentary - 13min)
Director: Mitch Torres
Location: South West-Perth and Pinjarra 

Born in 1943 at the Carrolup Native Settlement, Laurel worked as a domestic servant until the age of 16, she went on to study printmaking at Curtin University and is now a highly regarded artist who recalls her childhood experiences through her art.  


Paul Hansen (RIP) - Legendary Nyoongar Warrior     
(Documentary - 12 min)
Director: Mitch Torres
Location: Perth

In 1970 Paul joined the Australian Royal Army Service and served in the Vietnam War. This is his story of survival and how he and his family coped with his post-traumatic stress disorder and journey of healing.   


Bigali Hanlon    
(Documentary - 15 min)
Director: Mitch Torres
Location:  Pilbara-Roebourne, Mulga Downs and Perth

In 1947, Bigali aged 6, along with her younger brother, were stolen from their family the East Pilbara.  Separated from her brother and sent to Sister Kate’s in Perth, this story celebrates Bigali's remarkable journey which reconnected her with family.   


Cedric Jacobs    
(Documentary - 15 min)
Director: Karla Hart
Location: Southwest & Perth  

Cedric and his siblings were stolen whilst his parents were working picking grapes.  He tells about the harsh life growing up at Mogumber Mission and how he found solace in his love for family and church.


Gunada Band     
(Documentary - 22 mins)    **Premiere**  
Director: Mitch Torres
Location:  Kimberley, Broome.

In the late 1980’s, two Broome-based musicians broke new ground and formed an original multi-cultural band.  Band members explain their creative and cultural influences and how Gunada became one of Broome's most iconic bands.


Tue 12, 7pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Unclassified: All ages