Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Paths of the Soul

Dir: Zhang Yang  
Year: 2015
Country: China
Duration: 101mins

Official Selection: Toronto Film Festival
Official Selection: Rotterdam Film Festival

Australian Premiere

Unclassified: 15+

This is an epic tale in anyone’s language.

Paths of the Soul is a beautifully poetic, deeply affecting and brilliantly simple odyssey of devotion seen through the eyes of a group of pilgrims from a small village deep in the isolated Tibetan countryside.

The film unfolds in such a wonderful way from the opening moments. What starts out as a chance conversation about the possibilities of a pilgrimage between two men herding their Yaks soon filters through the village and becomes a fait accompli involving young, old, male and female, able and not so able.

But the pilgrimage is more difficult than anyone can imagine as the small group must traverse 1200kms of inhospitable territory, blizzards, rockfalls, floods and all manner of misfortune - all the while having to prostrate themselves to the ground every few steps in prayer.

Paths of the Soul is magnificent in its big screen scale and scope and in this cinematic world it’s hard to know what is documentary and what is actually not - giving the film a stunning authenticity and honesty.

A very rare and lovely film.

"an extraordinary chronicle" Variety

Read the Variety review here.

Tue 12, 6.45pm, SX (Buy Tickets)
Sat 16, 12.30pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Unclassified: 15+