Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films

Get Your Shorts On!

Dir: Various
Year: 2015/16
Country: Aus
Duration: 53mins

Thu 14, 7pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)

Our local short film showcase is always one of the most popular sessions of the festival - and this year's set to be no different. With a fresh crop of brand spanking new short films come along and see what the local industry is up to, meet the filmmakers and be part of the local industry which is building a mighty good head of steam.

(documentary – 5min)
Producer: Nicholas Dunlop
Director: Perun Bonser
Writer: Perun Bonser

Invisible Light renders the hidden world of infrared and ultraviolet light visible, through specialised camera equipment and the lyrical movements of a single interpretive dance.  A story is told in three self-contained chapters using cutting-edge Infrared and Ultraviolet light photography to reveal the secrets hiding amongst our most familiar surroundings.  These visually stunning scenes are playful, frightening and at times awe-inspiring.  They force us to question what we think about our environment, to remember our suppressed fears and to witness events beyond our own earthly realm.

Part of the ScreenWest & ABC short documentary series initiative ‘Light’

(documentary – 5min)
Producer: Nicholas Dunlop
Director: Ashley Spratt
Writer: Ashley Spratt

For photographer Tash Nannup, light defines everything she does.  As child she was a successful athlete with Olympic aspirations but she was forced to re-evaluate her goals after a congenital heart condition struck her down at the age of ten. Her world suddenly changed; as she looked in the lens, a world, hidden in plain sight was revealed.  Tash would go on to become a professional event photographer, developing a quiet, observant method of work that allows her to capture intimate and unaffected moments in time.  But it is her affinity with children and her understanding of childhood ambition that has driven her to pursue a deeply personal photography project that challenges the stereotypes of Aboriginal children.

Produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a part of the ABC short documentary series initiative ‘Light’


(animation, comedy – 3min)
Producer: Lauren Elliott
Director: Matt Lovkis & Henry Inglis
Writer: Matt Lovkis & Henry Inglis
Music & lyrics: Matt Lovkis & Timothy Nelson

The Shapes is an animated musical comedy series showcasing music videos from raucous cartoon band ‘The Shapes’. COOLROCKVIDEO sees the band rock out while explaining just what it takes to make an awesomely cool music and I’M A GENIUS sees Red Triangle swagger his way through a song all about his own brilliance.

The series was produced thanks to ScreenWest’s Elevate initiative and premiered on ABC3 TV in January 2016. The cartoon voices are provided by local singers Timothy Nelson (Red Triangle) and Odette Mercy (Yellow Circle), alongside local actress Gemma Sharpe (Blue Square) and the creator of The Shapes, Matt Lovkis (Pink Oval)


(comedy – 7min)
Producer: Jenna Dimitrijevic
Director: James Pontifex
Writer: James Pontifex

Zoe arrives at cocktail party to find she has misread the invite and is the only one dressed in costume.

Feeling like an outcast in her Panda suit, she seeks solitude from the other partygoers and drinks alone in the backyard. The night takes an interesting turn when Peter arrives dressed in a penguin suit and suddenly Zoe does not feel so alone! As the night progresses however, Peter the Penguin is not all he seems and his secret begins to unravel. Zoe realises that Peter’s secret may be too much to handle.

Normal People received RAW Nerve funding from the Film and Television Institute WA in 2015. Aa part of the RAW Nerve initiative, Normal People will be screened on ABC2 in 2016.


(drama – 13min)
Producer: Glen Stasiuk
Director: Nathan Mewett
Writer: Nathan Mewett

Sol Bunker is a successful yet eccentric sound designer who searches for the elusive ‘frequency of life’ to help save his dying wife. Whilst Sol progressively falls deeper into obsession, it is up to his son Addie Bunker to take on the role of parent and to help Sol.


(drama – 6min)
Producer: Jess Parker
Director: Cody Cameron-Brown
Writer: Cody Cameron-Brown

A grieving young artist seeks redemption in an unlikely place, her loved one's crime scene. Visiting the last place they were alive and using her craft as a coping mechanism, this artist expresses her unconditional love through a unique passion-driven project. Obsessed with perfection, she’s determined to create an accurate representation, but is faced with a number of obstacles that will ultimately put her willpower and artistic skills to the test.

The girl featured in the photographs in the film was a family friend of Director Cody Cameron-Brown who passed away in a car accident as a teenager.

The art shown in the film is by Perth artist, Steve Browne 

The film screened in the Short Film Corner at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival


(documentary – 5min)
Producer: Renee Kennedy
Director: Perun Bonser & Renee Kennedy
Writer: Perun Bonser

The world of shadows of puppets is monochromatic – a stark environment contained within a light box.  Government policies and political discourse is laid bare in this black and white world, revealing a brief history of displacement and marginalisation of the Aboriginal people in the North-West of Australia.  What is exposed is a pattern in the language that has not greatly changed since the time of colonisation, which is still used to manage Aboriginal people and their affairs.  The consequences of which, leaves shadows of displacement across the land.

Produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a part of the ABC short documentary series initiative  ‘Light’

Selected for competition at Hot Docs 2016 – Best Short documentary and Audience Award categories


(drama – 8min)
Producer: Lauren Curtis-Power
Director: James Broadhurst
Writer: James Broadhurst

A young couple go on a camping trip to get away from the struggles of married life. Against the advice of locals they head out to a mysterious lake in the middle of nowhere. As the initially serene environment takes a turn for the eerie, the lake seems to be revealing hidden truths. Will their time together help mend their broken marriage or will it bring it to a final conclusion?

Written and filmed as part of the FTI/City of Perth "Carnival Macabre" festival.

Thu 14, 7pm, Luna Leederville (Buy tickets)


Get Your Shorts On! films have received funding support from ScreenWest, Lotterywest and/or the Film & Television Institute (FTI).