Revelation Film Festival 2014

2016 Films


The Jim Henson Legacy: Jim Henson Behind the Seams 

Dir: Various
Year: Various
Country: USA
Duration: 84mins

Unclassified: All ages

This combination of documentary clips, interviews and fantastic behind the scenes footage provides a rare glimpse into the science (and ambitious madness) behind the great puppetry works in Henson’s TV and feature film production.

It’s a joy to watch the ensemble prepare and execute the behind the scenes choreography that make these unique characters come to life in a way that has made them such an important part of childhoods across the globe, across economic differences and across language and cultural divides.

This is a rare and very enjoyable look at the science behind Henson's unique work and allows you to appreciate his wonderful work in a whole new light.

Fri 8, 5.15pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Wed 13, 6.45pm, SX (Buy Tickets)
Unclassified: All ages


Photography courtesy of The Jim Henson Legacy, The Jim Henson Company, Disney, and Sesame Workshop.

This series is produced by The Jim Henson Legacy. Tour Executive Producer Irena Kovarova. Film and program notes courtesy of The Jim Henson Legacy.
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