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The Other Side

Dir: Roberto Minervini
Year: 2015
Country: France/Italy
Duration: 92mins

Official Selection: Cannes
Best Cinematography: Montreal International Documentary Film Festival.
Best  Cinephile: Pusan international Film Festival.
Best Cinematography and Best Director: Seville European Film Festival. 

Australian Premiere

Premiering at Cannes, 2015, The Other Side isn’t for the faint of heart. The film offers a harrowing-yet-poignant portrait of rural Louisiana.

This beautifully lensed documentary chronicles a world of drugs and guns, of anti-government militia prepping for the end-times, and of drug users struggling to make a buck.

These appear to be hard lives, but under Minervini’s careful direction a more complex picture emerges. His vérité filmmaking style offering his subjects the space to breathe and their stories the opportunity to slowly unfold.

This is not easy viewing, and there are no pleas for sympathy, but there is no judgement either, instead The Other Side offers a portrait of those who are forgotten by the world.

Winning awards at the Pusan International Film Festival, Montreal International Documentary Festival, Seville European Film Festival, St Petersburg Message to Man Film Festival, amongst others, the film has been described by Variety as a “beautifully disquieting immersion in Louisiana lives.”

The Other Side will stay with the viewer long after the credits have's really a very strong documentary with real spine.

Read the Variety review here.

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