Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Der Bunker

Dir: Nikias Chryssos
Year: 2015
Country: Germany
Duration: 85mins

Fantastic Fest Next: Wave Award Winner 2015
Ithica International Fantastic Film Festival: Jury Award Winner 2015

Australian Premiere

When a physics student (played by Pit Bukowski) takes a room at a remote, countryside residence located in a concrete bunker his life takes a turn for the darkly surreal.

Sharing the concrete home of a small, close-knit family – the Father (David Scheller) and Mother (Oona von Maydell) and their son, Klaus (Daniel Fripan) – the student soon finds himself working as a private tutor to their strange home-schooled child. But the longer he spends in the bunker with the increasingly demanding family the weirder existence becomes…

Der Bunker’s mood shifts between comedy, drama, and even horror. At points it evokes the mood of television’s The League of Gentlemen and auteurs such as David Lynch and Luis Buñuel. But Der Bunker is its own peculiar beast: a surreal hybrid of genres, an examination of family, isolation and the expectations placed on children.  

A dark fairy tale of sorts with everything from darkly throbbing Lynchian undercurrents, outré touches of scifi and more than a soupcon of camp a la John Waters” – Hollywood Reporter.

Read The Hollywood Reporter review here.

Screening with: Ophelia

Tue 12, 9pm, Luna Leederville (Buy Tickets)
Sun 17, 9pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)