Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Dir: Ben Sharrock
Year: 2015
Country: Spain/UK
Duration:  98mins

Critics’ Choice Award: Zurich Film Festival

Australian Premiere

Combining drama and deadpan comedy Pikadero explores the relationship between two twenty-somethings, the ever- stoic Gorka (Joseba Usabiaga) and art student Ane (Barbara Goenaga).

The couple long to be able to consummate their love, but with the country gripped in economic crisis neither have their own apartment and both are forced to live in the family homes with no space for privacy. The only opportunity the couple have is to find a quiet ‘picadero,’ a public hot spot where young people can try and snatch a passionate moment.

With a deadpan observational humour, that has drawn comparison to Jacques Tati’s sense of visual style, this multi- award winning film examines the lives of those unable to get on with their lives. A generation living in cramped apartments with extended families, hoping to find their place in a world in which they have so few opportunities.

A deft balance of the pessimistic and the playful.” Hollywood Reporter

Screens with: Abe & Ike

Sat 9, 6.45pm, Paradiso (Buy Tickets)
Sun 10, 8.50pm, SX (Buy Tickets)