Revelation Film Festival 2014

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We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!

Fringe World Film Program

Dir: Andrew Horn
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Duration: 135mins

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This new doc is way, way more than a history of the famed glam rockers Twisted Sister. What we see throughout this engrossing and hilarious piece is the determination it takes to get where you want. Spiced with great live footage and great interviews, it's one of best rock docs of recent years.

Via what seems like all the members of the band being interviewed (and there's been a few of them) we get a very different side of the band that we may have ever thought existed.

Surprisingly the film ends on the verge of Twisted Sister's monster success rather than the whole story and instead charts a course across many hundreds of touring miles, even more venues and through the "at-all-costs" attitude of what we come to see as an incredibly smart outfit.

Rooftop Date & Time: Thur 11, 8pm 
Perth Backlot Date & Time: Sat Feb 13 
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