Revelation Film Festival 2014

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The Decline of Western Civilization Pt 1

Fringe World Film Program

Dir: Penelope Spheeris
Year: 1981
Country: USA
Duration: 100mins

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Part One of Penelope (Wayne's World) Spheeris' brilliant trilogy is a fantastic look at the LA punk scene of the late 70s. Very different to their counterparts in the UK, there's a whole different feel - this picture being an excellent companion piece to Lech Kowalski's D.O.A.

In the making of this picture, Spheeris threw herself head-long into the scene and as a result captures moments few filmmakers (or musicians!) could possibly dream of. The resulting picture is about as authentic as you can get - one of the reasons this series has become so famous (and newly restored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).

It's wall-to-wall music with multiple tracks from X, Black Flag, Germs, Alice Bag Band, Fear, Catholic Discipline and Circle Jerks.

It's a most excellent film and a most excellent series.

Date: Fri Feb 12 
Time: 8pm 
Place: Perth Backlot
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