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Mondo Teen

16mm Education extravaganza!

Club Rev @ Babushka
742 Newcastle Street
Fri 14th, 7pm-8.30pm
Screening followed by DJ

As part of our Club rev program we're bringing back one of our favourite and early programs featuring to strangest and most riotous teen education films we can lay our hands on.

Be transported back to the classroom circa 1955 and experience with your very own eyes what teenagers at the time were subjected to - and we're only bringing you the good ones! at our disposal were such nuggets as Drawing a Square, Making a Salad, A Day at the Poultry Farm, Toilet for Teeth, Pints and Gallons and a myrid of others. Luckily for you we'll be presenting the creme-de-la-creme from our own personal collection that has been amassed over two decades of film collecting.

Films will also include 16mm TV commercials from the 50s, 60s and 70s that will have your jaws on the ground.

For your viewing pleasure we'll be screening the following films on glorious 16mm for one night only:

  • Personal Hygiene For Boys - make sure you wipe down that toilet seat!
  • The Story of Menstruation - this famous film was made by Disney!
  • How Do You Do? - classic to the last, this beaut teaches you how to introduce to yourself to each other and behave around adults.
  • Shy Guy - this beauty feature a very young Dick "Bewitched" York as he tries to fit into a new school
  • Are You Popular? -
  • How to Get a Job - it's funny how what's old is new don't you think?
  • A Day in Perth - a really great snapshot of Perth in the early this is amazing!

All films are projected from the back of the room by a real live person.

Mondo Teen banner
  • Director:Various
  • Year:Various
  • Country:USA
  • Duration:90mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 18

Session Times

  • Fri 14th, 7pm to 8.30pm, Babushka, 742 Newcastle Street

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