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Workshop: So You Want to be a Film Critic?


Everyone’s got an opinion about movies. Some of those opinions are worth money. Is yours? No, probably not – but nobody’s is these days. Still, there’s merit in applying critical thought to film, and Travis Johnson is here to show you how.

Currently the News Editor of Filmink, Travis is a veteran of the Australian film industry, having worked for years for a number of outlets including X-Press Magazine and The West Australian. One of the few fulltime film critics left in Australia, he is in a prime position to teach not only the art, but the business of film criticism in the digital age. In this free-roaming seminar, you’ll learn the nitty gritty of reviewing, the dos and don’ts of good criticism (and when to ignore them) and how to make, if not a living from film writing, then at least the ability to claim popcorn as a tax deduction.*

Participants are asked to bring one piece of film criticism that they have written of about 500 words length for discussion.

*Don’t do that.

Venue: The Old Laundry, 22 Angove St, Nth Perth
Date: Sun 16th
Time: 3-5pm  
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  • Director:Travis Johnson
  • Year:N/A
  • Country:Aus
  • Duration:120mins
  • Rated:N/A

Session Times

  • Sun 16th, 3-5pm, The Old Laundry, 22 Angove St, Nth Perth

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