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Canyon Cinema Retrospective Pt 2: Stinky Wieners and Dreamy Beavers - a collection of Curt McDowell

All films presented on glorious 16mm!

From the earliest days of Rev, Canyon Cinema has always been one of our close friends. 

One of the great adocates and archives for international independent, underground, avant garde and experimental cinema their catalogue is home to filmmakers the caliber of Greta Snider, Bruce Conner, Shirley Clarke, Craig Baldwin, Jackie Leger, Kenneth Anger, Les Blank, Stan Brakhage and..well..need we go on?

These two specially curated programs look at some of the most lovely and lively parts of their collection - and are presented for you here on their original 16mm formats.

Both programs feature an introduction, commentary and Q&A with Canyon Cinema curator and Rev guest direct from San Francisco Denah Johnston.

Stinky Wieners and Dreamy Beavers - a collection of Curt McDowell films b&w/color, sound, 16mm

(content advisory, sexually explicit material*)

Duration: 74 min
Screening Club Rev @ Babushka, above Bill's Bar and Bites, 742 Newcastle St
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Beginning with a trailer for midnight movies at "this theater" Stinky Wieners and Dreamy Beavers contains seminal early films made by San Francisco-by-way-of-Indiana wild child Curt McDowell. Oscillating between family friendly and overtly sensual, purely musical and overly dramatic here you get a full spectrum experience of the world-renowned McDowell charm. Confessions is a special jewel in the program that was produced while Curt was a student at the San Francisco Art Institute studying with George Kuchar who quickly became a long-time friend, lover and collaborator.

As an openly gay and truly pansexual filmmaker Curt celebrated sex, intimacy and human connection. He was as comfortable playing with genre as reveling in melodrama via camp aesthetic and counterculture bohemia. Several films star George and Mike Kuchar along with frequent collaborators Mark Ellinger and Ainsley Pryor. His sister Melinda stars in the epic fever dream Beaver Fever opposite a philandering George, which also includes a rarely seen bad girl performance by Donna Kerness. As portrayed in True Blue and Dreamy "dreams don't just come true they are true." This is the sweetest sentiment one could relate about McDowell’s fearless, heart-felt and funny work.

This program includes:

  • Ainslie Trailer (1972)
  •  Confessions (1971)*
  • Wieners and Buns Musical (1972)
  • True Blue and Dreamy (1973)*
  • Dora Myrtle (1973)
  • The Mean Brothers "Get Stood Up" (1973)
  • Stinky-Butt (1974)
  • Beaver Fever (1974)


Canyon Cinema Retrospective Pt 2: Stinky Wieners and Dreamy Beavers - a collection of Curt McDowell  banner
  • Director:Curt McDowell
  • Year:Various
  • Country:USA
  • Duration:74mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 18

Session Times

  • Mon 10th, 7.30pm, Babushka

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