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Canyon Cinema Retrospective Pt 1: Always Something There to Remind Me

All films rpesented on glorious 16mm!

From the earliest days of Rev, Canyon Cinema has always been one of our close friends. 

One of the great adocates and archives for international independent, underground, avant garde and experimental cinema their catalogue is home to filmmakers the caliber of Greta Snider, Bruce Conner, Shirley Clarke, Craig Baldwin, Jackie Leger, Kenneth Anger, Les Blank, Stan Brakhage and..well..need we go on?

These two specially curated programs look at some of the most lovely and lively parts of their collection - and are presented for you here on their original 16mm formats.

Both programs feature an introduction, commentary and Q&A with Canyon Cinema curator and rev guest direct from San Francisco Denah Johnston.


Always Something There to Remind Me

Exploring an array of approaches to filmmaking technique, structure, subject and style Always Something There to Remind Me is the result of a passionate wander through 60 years of the Canyon collection, specifically considering work made by women. Found footage, optical printing, documentary, dance, performance, repetition, time-lapse and other approaches engage in human folly between the sexes, the Anthropocene, cosmic strip tease and various issues related to agency and representation. An example of the diverse interests and talents from Canyon – this program scratches the surface of the wealth of work made by women distributed by the 50-year old organization. This program aims to crack open the vault and encourage interest in exploring the various worlds and wonders within.

Duration: 82 min
Screening Club Rev @ Babushka
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This program includes:

  • What is a Man? (1958) Sara Kathryn Arledge 10 min. color, sound 16mm
  • Roseblood (1974) Sharon Couzin 8 min. color, sound 16mm
  • Miss Jesus Fries on Grill (1973) Dorothy Wiley 12 min. color, sound 16mm
  • Removed Naomi Uman (1999) 6 min. color, sound 16mm
  • Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabon) (1992) Cauleen Smith 13 min. color, sound 16mm
  • Lie Back and Enjoy It (1982) JoAnn Elam 8 min. b&w, sound 16mm
  • Take Off Gunvor Nelson (1972) 10 min. b&w, sound 16mm
  • You and I Remain (2015) Kate McCabe 15 min. color, sound 16mm


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  • Director:Various
  • Year:Various
  • Country:USA
  • Duration:82mins
  • Rated:Unclassified 18

Session Times

  • Sun 9th, 7pm, Babushka

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