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Experimental Showcase

This year we are proud to present two separate selections of experimental films – The World And Everything In It (Experimental Showcase One) and Myths and Structures (Experimental Showcase Two).

Through a wide range of techniques this selection of films explores the personal, the family, the urban, the suburban, the transformation of the self, the micro-apocalyptic, and more. Please note this programme features strobing images.

Unclassified 18+

Dir: Ian Haig/Aus/2min/2016

The mutating conditions of the human body
noun-analogue, plural noun-analogues, noun-analog, plural noun-analogs
1. a person or thing seen as comparable to another – an interior analogue of the exterior world
2. an organ or part similar in function to an organ or part of another animal or plant but different in structure and origin
3. Biology-an analogous part or organ

Dir: Jeff Zorilla/Argentina/6min/2016

The form of the sunflower divides our view of city life, juxtaposing three moments in time that create a dialogue with one another.

Dir: Cecilia Araneda/Canada/4min/2016

With intricate hand-printed 16 mm footage, Before is a dark ode to the possibility and impossibility of love. It reflects on time, inner worlds and soft landings we find in desolate moments in life.

Dir: Erin Coates, Neil Aldum, Simone Johnston/Aus/4min/2016

Shot on a freight highway outside of Perth at night, Eternal Boglap represents the West as an endless roadtrip, where the only element is a halo of bitumen lit by the car headlights. As the car hurtles down the highway, figures appear on the road, moving toward the windscreen at odds with the speed of the road. Spectres of ecological disaster and harbingers of resource depletion, they swagger, hover and shuffle towards the screen. Grim as they sound, these are not joyless figures, instead they revel in the chaos, riding tidal waves by kayak, glowing in atomic glory and teetering in high heels and absurd salvaged assemblage couture.

Dir: Kristen Reeves /USA/8min/2016

Feel the sensation of becoming suspended between pleasure and a reverse soundtrack of desire when intimacy is coupled with dysfunction. Produced through a media art residency at Signal Culture using real-time analog video processing tools and found media.

Dir: A film by Ethan Folk in collaboration with The House of ia, Devin Mcdermott, and Tyler Wardwell/USA/28min/2016

An arresting and immersive inundation of transgressive images and hypnotic sound. Vernae examines the ideas of human sacrifice - particularly the death dance of Le Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky's iconic 1913 ballet) to examine violence arising from communal constructs. 

Dir: Janelle Vanderkelen/USA/12min/2016

A diaristic exploration of intimacy forced through sonic bleed, this piece explores the blurring of public/private boundaries and details an individual’s honest attempt to foster relationships. Agency is asserted as aural pollution is subverted. The subjunctive turns into reality.

Dir: Josh Weissbach/USA, SWITZERLAND/7min/2016

The voice of a figureless character is heard. The figure of a voiceless character is seen. A sequence of estranged voicemails are framed by unidentified events. Fear resides in the gesture of a telling.

Dir: Jeff Zorrilla/Argentina/2017/4min

The crudity of hand developed and painted 16mm invades and transmutes the flesh of the human form.

Dir: Emma Penaz Eisner/USA/7min/2017

Up is down, and inside turns out. Who are these men that embody and fuel our collective existential upheaval? What are they to you: heroes, anti-heroes, villains? Or something else altogether? This award-winning experimental work intermixes original cinematography and archival film along with contemporary found footage to draw viewers into these questions.

Dir: Patrick Tarrant/UK/19min/2016

The Trembling Giant is an experimental nature documentary that remediates the iconic landscape of the American south-west by filming through the take-up reel of a 16mm film projector.

LONG YEARNING - Modern China Ancient Poems

Dir: Elliot Spencer/Aus, China/25min/2017

“Long Yearning” is a cinematic exploration of the lives of Chinese factory workers and the nature of repetitive industrialised work. The film is intermixed with written excerpts of traditional Chinese poetry, creating a surreal merging between modern and ancient China.

Sun 9th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville
Sun 16th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville

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  • Sun 9th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville
  • Sun 16th, 10.45am, Luna Leederville

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