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Night of the Living Dead Re-Composed

New live score and FX by local outfit Genrefonix.

This is not the complete film - just the juciest bits!

Perth zombie lovers and movie buffs are invited to a musical celebration of arguably the most influential zombie movie of all time. The Night of the Living Dead!

George A. Romero’s 1968 classic will never sound so good, with experimental arts/music collective Genrefonix unleashing a rockin' set of original horror music and soundscapes sync'd to a mash up of the best movie scenes and zombie action.

Back in '68 the film's original producers failed to file for copyright correctly, allowing the movie and themes to be copied, repackaged and resold by anyone and everyone. The result was the birth of the modern zombie, including many of the shuffling, groaning, flesh eating traits we've come to love. Where would the The Walking Dead be without George A. Romero?!

Come in costume. Come in make up. Come and get your zombie fix back where it all began.

Sat 15th, 11pm, Luna Leederville - Selling fast

Night of the Living Dead Re-Composed banner
  • Director:George A Romero
  • Year:1968
  • Country:USA
  • Duration:45mins
  • Rated:R

Session Times

  • Sat 15th, 11pm, Luna Leederville

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