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Magnolia's Revelation Show V

742 Newcastle St, Leederville
Sun 16 July, 6:00

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Magnolia’s returns for its fifth entry in the franchise, promising to be better than Rocky V (the worst of the Rockys) and Star Trek V (aka Don’t Let Shatner Direct) combined!  Don't think of it as Magnolia's Rev Show 5 then, think of it as our 4 & 1/2. Like if Fellini was alive today, but spent his time reflecting on DeNiro's last five films on a podcast in a dusty garage.

Yes, North Perth's most iconic live DIY talk show is back at Rev to celebrate its 20th anniversary as the film festival of choice! Like a tasteful reboot of The Dick Cavett Show with the dining ambience of Casablanca and the exuberance of Zabriskie Point, Magnolias engages in fun, loose and thoughtful convos with great guests in front of an intimate audience.

Hosted by Tristan Fidler (RTRFM’s Movie Squad) and Matt Aitken (Paddle Clubb), this is chance to ‘Rupert Pupkin’ local champions and visiting talents on behalf of the Revelation Film Festival.  All the bonus DVD features are here as well - Mystery Drinks with Nick Odell, Amber's Love Seat, the nonsensical interruptions of "Jimmy's Choice", Brett "he's the Gladiator again" on the music cues and SFX, and a whole lot more!

Grab a drink and enjoy big (hearted) (future) film "stars" live on the couch for a chat, some anecdotes and some reflections on the "silver screen". It’s the Fast Five of Magnolias: less about cars and explosions, more about chinwagging and quality snacks, contemplating the big cinematic questions we all ask ourselves, “Who would be a better friend to hang out with - The Rock or Vin Diesel?”

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  • Sun 16 July, 6:00, Babushka

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